What are the Benefits of Topical Bible Studies?

Each of us is looking for news to look at the Bible. When we look at God’s word, we want to find something fresh and exhilarating, something that will give us a new perspective. The Bible is full of both practical advice and the path to better understanding a relationship with Christ. The Bible is a well of wisdom that never runs dry, but we can at times be in need of something new to study. Topical Bible studies allow us to look at specific themes and events in scripture to better understand their importance in the greater scheme of God’s story. In addition to a daily reading plan and quiet times, studying scripture in these topical Bible studies gives us a well-rounded education when it comes to the Bible. Let’s look at a few of the ways in which these studies help us develop in our Christian walks.

Learn More About Unique Biblical Ideas

Have you ever sat in a class or Bible study and heard theological buzz words like justification and propitiation thrown around so often that you kind of lose track of their meaning? The gospel is both incredibly simple and amazingly complex. We can identify with the fact that we are imperfect people created and loved by a perfect God, but sometimes the details on what it all means can get a little fuzzy. What can we do to more fully understand the terms and ideas that are presented in scripture?

One advantage of topical bible studies is that they can help us explore these complex issues so that we have a better grasp on what our faith truly means. Take the “Armor of God” study by Priscilla Shirer for example. Through this series of videos and questions you can capture all that Ephesians 6 is talking about when it encourages us to fully arm ourselves with the tools that God has given us. When we read the Old Testament we also come across the idea of “covenant,” especially as it relates to God’s plan for Abraham’s people. While we know that this word boils down to “promise,” there’s a lot more to investigate. That’s why the “Covenant” series by Kay Arthur might be one of the topical Bible studies you should check out. Any time you are wanting to go deeper with concepts like grace, forgiveness, God’s will, etc., there are probably a few topical Bible studies to help you out.

Explore the Lives of Biblical People

When you’re done digging to the roots of Biblical concepts, you might want to get a better look at the people in scripture in order to understand who they were and how they fit into God’s story. If you were to list off the heroes of the faith whose story you think you totally understand, how far would you get? Abraham, Moses, David? No matter how many times you have read through the Bible, there is always something new to learn about the people who lived in these times. By understanding the context of these situations and the motivations/background of people like Hosea or Timothy, it brings the Bible to life in a new way.

Even the most well-known Biblical characters are ripe for topical Bible studies to pick and enjoy. One popular example would be Beth Moore’s study of David entitled “Seeking a Heart Like His.” One of Moore’s earlier group studies, it has become a favorite among many women as both the reading materials and video lessons get to the core of David’s pursuit of the Lord. You can also search for more information on less popular characters from God’s word. Priscilla Shirer has a study on Gideon that is great for learning about the leader’s life and how God used him to lead the Israelites in harrowing times. If there’s a person who played an important part in the Bible, you’re likely to find some good topical Bible studies on his/her life.

What are the Benefits of Topical Bible Studies?

Topical Bible Studies Provide a Good Outline for Study

Do you ever think about starting a new Bible study, but don’t know where to begin? A good place to look is at your local church. Depending on the size of your church and the resources it has, you might find something great there. If not, other churches in your area might have some better options that work with your schedule. Even if you can’t find an ongoing study in your area, you can always purchase a workbook or video series and enjoy your own topical Bible studies.

It can be difficult sometimes to start a new Bible study that is anything more than a daily devotional book or a simple reading plan. That’s what makes topical Bible studies so great, you can find new material all the time. The studies don’t have to be on one specific person or event. Many times they pull information from throughout different parts of the Bible. One of the biggest studies around today is the longer form of Henry Blackaby’s “Experiencing God.” This study will take you through what it means to personally connect with God and how that will shape the rest of your life. Other popular series come from Jen Wilkin who has covered 1 Peter, the Sermon on the Mount, and other Biblical texts.

When you have a good, consistent study outline, you have the best chance for gleaning something new and profound from the Bible. Topical Bible studies allow you to dive deep on very specific topics which can lead to a wealth of wisdom on any subject.

Bible Studies Bring Community and Discussion

We’re always looking for new ways to bring about natural community in the church. Bible studies just so happen to be one of the best outlets for making new connections. If you are new to a church or looking to get more involved, small groups help to develop intimacy and spur on discipleship. When you join in on topical Bible studies with friends, the material creates the opportunity for discussion and sharing. One advantage of topical Bible studies is that you can get a group of people together from a similar background or facing a similar situation and have a deep study on a subject that relates to everyone. A group of moms, for example, might really enjoy the Priscilla Shirer study “Breathe.” This study explores the idea of taking the time to enjoy your daily activities instead of constantly feeling stress.

There are many applications for topical Bible studies and so many different kinds that you’ll likely never complete them all. Take advantage of the topics that interest you and check your local area to see if there are already some exciting studies underway. Any opportunity to dive deeper into the word should at least be considered. While the power of each study’s message comes from the authority of scripture, it helps to have some of the best authors in the business penning the supporting material in these lessons. Topical Bible studies, just like most Christian books, can have a profound impact on our Christian walks. That’s why the K-LOVE Fan Awards is thrilled to crown the books making the biggest waves with the Book Impact Award. In 2017, Levi Lusko’s “Through the Eyes of a Lion” took home the prize and we can’t wait to see what comes next. Come be a part of the year’s biggest event, the K-LOVE Fan Awards! Find out how you and your family can get involved by clicking on the banner below.


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