Best Christian Podcasts for Sermons and Teaching

Many years ago, pastors learned that they could take their messages to an even bigger audience by starting a radio show. Less of a “show” and more a broadcasting of old sermons, these programs took the potential audience from hundreds or thousands to tens of thousands or more. While there are still many Christian radio shows in existence today, the new medium that churches are running with is podcasting. Much like the radio programs of old, some of these entities are simply a collection of older sermons. There is much broader potential with podcasting, though. Some of the best Christian podcasts for sermons and teaching aren't just from Sunday mornings.

For those who enjoy hearing from several different preachers, podcasts allow listeners to create a collection of different Christian minds from around the world. If you find a new preacher who you really enjoy, you can even go back and listen to hundreds of sermons on demand. If you’re looking to get into podcasts or you just want to hear from some new speakers, here are some of the best Christian podcasts for sermons and teaching.

Pastor Rick’s Daily Hope

Rick Warren, the founder and senior pastor of Saddleback Church in California, first hit the national stage in the early 2000's with his bestselling book, “The Purpose Driven Life." Having been in ministry for decades, Warren is a highly respected teacher who offers practical advice and spiritual insight in a daily podcast. These lessons are typically taken from his sermons at church and cover topics from relationships to healthy living and more. Through his books and ministry Warren has developed a well-rounded message that speaks to millions.

Love Worth Finding

Dr. Adrian Rogers was the pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN, for over 30 years before passing away in 2005. Rogers belonged to an older generation of Christian leaders long before the time of podcasts and other tech innovations that we use today. His ministry at Love Worth Finding still has a powerful presence in radio and TV. You’ll want to listen for the insightful teaching and common sense analogies that made Dr. Rogers one of the most well-regarded pastors in the US. With a voice like his and sound Biblical teaching, it’s one of the best Christian podcasts for sermons and teaching.

Let My People Think - Best Christian Podcasts for Sermons and Teaching

One of the greatest Christian apologists working today, Ravi Zacharias is an intellectual teacher who answers questions in theology and philosophy like no one else. Most Christian pastors focus on studying scripture in order to translate it to our lives today. Zacharias, on the other hand, tries to get to the bottom of hard questions like “Why is there evil in the world today?” and “How can we know that the God of the Bible is real?” Teaching and appearing on panels across the globe, the India-born scholar is a respected thinker who doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Follow his podcast and get ready for some deep thinking.

Daily Radio Program with Dr. Charles Stanley

Dr. Charles Stanley has been the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta for over 45 years. During that time he has written many Christian books and started InTouch Ministries. Dr. Stanley was also one of the pioneers of both radio and TV ministry. Through this podcast you will hear many of the preacher’s sermons from throughout the years. Coming in around 24 minutes, each of these episodes will address common issues like finances, anxiety, prayer, and other relatable topics.

Best Christian Podcasts for Sermons and Teaching

North Point Community Church

Dr. Charles Stanley's son Andy is another great option on the list of best Christian podcasts for sermons and teaching. As the pastor of North Point, Andy Stanley has carved out a strong ministry of his own. Like most of the entries on this list, the North Point Community Church podcast is simply a list of past sermons. This can include guest speakers and other staff from the church who step in from time to time. Andy Stanley also has a leadership podcast of his own where you can go for more content of that variety. Whether he is speaking on a specific story in the Bible or more of an abstract idea like fear or purity, Stanley has a great delivery that is rooted in sound theology.

Passion City Church Podcast

Louie Giglio is a well-known speaker for people in the 40 & under crowd. This is because the pastor of Passion City Church was one of the founders of the Passion movement that began roughly 20 years ago. The pastor's reach is far beyond those in the college age bracket, though. Giglio is a preacher whose sermons are delivered in an emotional, hope-filled way. If you take the time to check out the best Christian podcasts for sermons and teaching, you’ll see that Giglio is a great communicator who can convey ideas that are simple but powerful. This podcast is very similar to most traditional church podcasts in that it is a collection of sermons preached at Passion City by Giglio and others.

Life.Church w/ Craig Groeschel

Life.Church is very different from the traditional church model in that it has satellite locations in several states around the country. Senior Pastor Craig Groeschel is a popular teacher who heads one of the biggest churches in the country. The author of many books, including “Altar Ego” and “The Christian Atheist,” Groeschel is a great pastor to listen to if you enjoy longer series. Some of his most recent multi-week messages are on purity and marriage, leadership, and God’s will.

Grace to You

Another pastor with a long history of service is John MacArthur. With 50 years behind the pulpit, this accomplished author is one of the most respected Christian speakers around today. Like a few other pastors on this list, MacArthur started a radio program back in the 70’s which paved the way for this very program. While the podcast is lifted from sermons at Grace Community Church, there are introductions at the beginning of each episode where listener emails are read and each sermon is set up. All episodes come in just under 30 minutes but this means that sermons are usually broken up into multiple parts. This is a great option for a long trip as one sermon series may last several hours.

Gospel in Life 

One of the best Christian podcasts for sermons and teaching comes from Timothy Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. A gifted communicator, the New York-based theologian has written dozens of books and ebooks on a variety of Biblical topics. The length of the podcast episodes varies from around 20 minutes to nearly an hour and the topics are mostly concerned with dissecting stories from the Bible. Not as many of the sermons listed are part of a series, but rather the majority of the messages are self-contained. Sadly this podcast hasn’t been updated in a while, but there are over 100 sermons available as of now.

Ask Pastor John

Not all of the best Christian podcasts for sermons and teaching are directly lifted from Sunday morning messages. In the Ask Pastor John series, John Piper answers questions from listeners who are needing guidance on specific issues. The great thing about these episodes is that they address topics that are often never discussed from a pulpit. While some of the problems discussed are fairly common, others present complex situations that we wouldn’t always think about. This program is an interesting way to mix up your list of podcasts and with the episodes only being around 10 minutes in length, it may be worth investigating.

Sometimes there is a feeling that the best Christian podcasts for teaching and sermons are a suitable alternative to going to church on Sunday mornings. We want to express the importance of not only attending a local church but being actively involved. Podcasts like these are a great way to kill time during a commute, wind down an evening, or enjoy an afternoon in the sun, but church membership cannot be neglected.

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