Best Christian Podcasts for Women: Listen and Laugh

One of our favorite new choices for entertainment these days is podcasts. There are many different Christian podcasts out there featuring quality teaching, great interviews, and more. While we all have different interests when it comes to listening habits and entertainment choices, there are certain podcasts aimed at a specific demographic. For this post we want to highlight some of the best Christian podcasts for women. Some of the following options are aimed at singles, parents, newlyweds, and beyond. We can all learn and enjoy a laugh from these programs as they discuss some of the big ideas which we are all thinking over in our own minds. See if some of the best Christian podcasts for women have something to offer you.

That Sounds Fun

Annie F. Downs is the author of Christian books like “Looking for Lovely” and “100 Days to Brave” as well as a popular speaker and podcast host. That Sounds Fun is a weekly podcast that covers everything under the sun concerning the Christian life. Much of the program is aimed at the perspective of singles, but there is plenty of crossover material for married couples to take in also. Each week features interviews with authors, pastors, musicians, bloggers, and other Christian thinkers. Women can learn more about important topics like advent, planning devotionals, practicing lent, engaging in community, and observing the sabbath all while listening to a pleasant conversation to pass the afternoon.

Heart Lessons

The Heart Lessons podcast was first released in the spring of 2016 by Sarah Rieke, a blogger, mother, and wife. The podcast is one centered on the struggles of women and how God uses those trials for His glory. Rieke herself found her voice as a writer after suffering the loss of two children over the course of just a few years. Her experience in pain is a recurring theme in the podcast, but you won’t necessarily need tissues for every single episode. Heart Lessons is somewhat irregular when it comes to release dates and length, as episodes range from 10-15 minutes to as long as 90 minutes depending on the guest.

Wire Talk - Best Christian Podcasts for Women

Another one of the best Christian podcasts for women that focuses on family life is Wire Talk with Karen Stubbs. Stubbs is the founder of a ministry for moms called Birds on a Wire. The organization equips mothers with bible studies, support groups, and more to help Christian motherhood more navigable. The podcast, hosted by Sunny Williams, tackles a new issue each week that women of a certain age or demographic faces. These episodes tackle spiritual life, practical tips, and important life stages.

Cultivating the Lovely

No matter what kind of family or work life you have, it’s probably easy to get lost in the daily grind of life. Given how mundane or routine life can be, we often lose sight of the things that are important. Cultivating the Lovely is a podcast about recalibrating our minds to look for the moments of beauty and passion in life. Mackenzie Monroe is a mom and homemaker who wears a number of creative titles, including the host of this podcast. Listen in and hear her takes on everything dealing with the roles of women and how you can cut through the noise to enjoy them each and every day.

The Boundless Show

So many of the best Christian podcasts for women revolve around being a wife or mother. How about something for the single people? Focus on the Family has a singles podcast hosted by Lisa Anderson that is great for everyone. Each episode presents a roundtable discussion between people of different demographics and stages of life, answers questions from listeners, and has an interview with a prominent author or pastor talking about an important subject. More than simply a show on dating, Boundless covers the importance of singles to the church and reminds them of ways in which they can affect their communities.

The Busy Mom - Best Christian Podcasts for Women

The Busy Mom is one of the most popular podcasts for Christian women and author Heidi St. John is a big part of that. Her book, “Becoming MomStrong,” was one of the top Christian books of 2017. As you can imagine, many of the episodes of this podcast deal with motherhood, but there’s a lot more to enjoy as well. In fact, most of the topics are things that we all deal with in living a Christian life. Whether you are a mother who’s looking for childcare tips or an older single who wants to understand the life that God has called you to, you’ll find plenty of good stuff here.

Glorious in the Mundane

The K-LOVE Fan Awards is all about Christian music, so we might as well plug a podcast hosted by one of the genre’s best voices, right? Glorious in the Mundane is an hour long program where Christy Nockels interviews popular Christian musicians and authors while discussing a variety of topics that listeners will find intriguing.

Inspired to Action

Some of the best Christian podcasts for women are about entertainment and laughs while others are meant to be a call to action. In Kat Lee’s Inspired to Action, moms will get the latter. If that sounds exhausting, we should tell you that most of the topics and behaviors discussed are small things that can make a big difference. Find tips for family dinners, thoughts on how to serve in ministry, or ways to manage time through conversations that Lee has with fellow writers, musicians, and ministry leaders.

Grit ‘n’ Grace - Best Christian Podcasts for Women

Not everyone wants to listen to an hour long podcast that is broken down in segments or speaks on several topics. Sometimes it’s nice to hear two friends talk about a single topic for as little as 15-20 minutes. Grit ‘n’ Grace: Good Girls Breaking Bad Rules is a podcast featuring author/blogger/speakers Cheri Gregory and Amy Carroll. Each week the pair tackles difficult topics that women face, from perfectionism to dealing with tragedy. Approaching life with a Godly perspective, the women’s conversations are therapeutic for the soul and help us to think about hard subjects often lingering in the back of our minds. Although they aren’t scared of a tough discussion, most episodes feature more laughs than tears, just like any chat with friends should.

God Centered Mom

God Centered Mom is hosted by Heather MacFadyen, a wife and mother of four boys. As you can imagine from the name, this podcast is all about helping moms embrace the spiritual in their lives. Life can get busy no matter how many children or what kind of job you have. That’s why it’s important to use Christian books, music, podcasts, etc. to help you center yourself around the truth of who you are in Christ. This podcast features interviews with powerful women from the entertainment industry, the nonprofit world, and more. Learn how to focus on God as you enjoy this weekly program.

Mud Stories

We all have our personal stories of grief pain. The natural reaction to these trials is to hide them and continue to act like we’re perfect. Mud Stories is a podcast devoted to walking through these difficult times and seeing how the Lord works. It’s a time of honesty and reflection that reminds us that God is constantly at work, no matter how painful our current situation may be. Host Jacque Watkins interviews people from all walks of life and talks about the struggles, both great and small, that they have faced.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Jamie Ivey’s program is definitely one of the best Christian podcasts for women, especially if you’re just looking for a quality program that doesn’t specify on motherhood or a similar subject. Ivey is a blogger and speaker who also authored “If You Only Knew.” Her podcast is all about encouragement and speaking to the issues that women face in all aspects of life. Hear great interviews with authors and singers who each bring a unique story to the table.

We could easily keep going with the best Christian podcasts for women, but this is a great start. There are at least another dozen great programs from Lifeway, Proverbs 31 Ministries, and beyond. You can also look for sermon podcasts for great content that works for everyone. Podcasts are just one of the many ways that we can pass the time while growing in our faith. The K-LOVE Fan Awards is all about celebrating Christian entertainment that is impacting the community of believers. Each year we bring together the biggest names in music, movies, and more for the ultimate fan experience. Click on the link below to find out how you and your family can be a part of the action.


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