Where Can I Find Christian Music Online?

Are you tired of listening to the same old music that’s been in your CD player? It’s time to find some new songs to add to your personal playlist. But where should you go? You go to the Internet for everything else, so you might as well head there now. You can find all kinds of new Christian music online.

We know how hard it can be to find all of the great music that’s out there. It can be even harder to get ahead of the curve and hear the best songs before they blow up. No matter what you’re looking for in Christian music online, we’ve put together a few options of places you can go to hear your new favorite song.

K-LOVE & Air1 - Christian Music Online

Sure, there’s already a good chance that you go to one or both of these Christian radio stations when you’re in the car, but did you know that you can take those stations with you on your computer or smartphone?

We talked about the different ways that K-LOVE can help with the search for family music for the daily commute previously, but we’ll recap briefly here as well. When you listen to Christian music online through the K-LOVE website or apps, you can find out more information on your favorite artists (like concert dates in your area) or read the bio on a musician you’ve never heard of before. With all of the different ways to connect deeper with new and exciting music, you’re bound to add the K-LOVE website to your list of must-visit websites.

Air1 is not only one of the biggest Christian radio stations, but they also allow you to listen to their music online and through their smartphone app. Take your Christian music listening to the next level with either of these companies.


Perhaps you want to look for some new Christian music online that hasn’t quite made it to the radio stations yet. Fortunately for you, there are a few websites that help independent artists release their music for eager listeners.

The first of these that we’ll discuss is Bandcamp. In an age where artists are making absurdly low income from streaming services, sites like this one allow artists and fans to do business in a simple way that treats everyone fairly. You are sure to find a wealth of artists whose work you’re unfamiliar with on Bandcamp, not because of any lack of talent but because there is just so much music out there that listeners haven’t gotten around to hearing yet.

You won’t find much free music on Bandcamp, but the prices are pretty fair for any albums that you wish to buy. Think of sites like this one (and one or two others on this list) as if they were some kind of organic grocery store or local bookshop. It may not be your number one shopping destination, but you love to go there for new and interesting things.


If the prices seem a little too steep for you at Bandcamp, you might try to find some new Christian music online through Noisetrade. This website offers free downloads of albums and singles from a variety of bands and genres.

Yes, free. You may have to send out a tweet or Facebook post declaring your newly found download, but your bank account will be left untouched. For many listeners this may seem like a much friendlier way to find new music than to gamble on a purchase. There’s an added bonus with Noisetrade that if you love the music you find, you can send the musician a tip to thank them.

The artists on this site will probably be more familiar to you, though. You’ll see many new and interesting bands, but lots of well-known acts also post their stuff on Noisetrade. For starters, Christian musicmakers like Audrey Assad, MercyMe, and Matt Redman have all had music featured on the site.

If you happen to be a reader as well, you’ll be interested to know that the website also has free ebooks that you can download. Just like with their music selections, Noisetrade has a suggested tip amount for each entry, but you are able to download your choice for free if you wish.


You can find some similarities between Soundcloud and Bandcamp, but the main difference is that Soundcloud is more of a streaming site. Just like Bandcamp, this website is designed to make it easy for people to create music, podcasts, etc. and get it out on the Internet.

At the same time, though, there are also a lot of popular artists whose music is available for streaming on the site. Hollyn, Skillet, and Danny Gokey are just a few examples of what this site offers for Christian music online.

One negative thing about Soundcloud is that it doesn’t have a genre designation for Christian music. This means that you’ll have to search for artists individually to find their music. Seems a little silly considering the site has made it easy to find the biggest hits in Reggae, EDM, and Dancehall music, but at least Christian music is available on the service.

There is also a Soundcloud app for $10/month that allows you to download music to listen to offline. Members of the site can put together playlists and listen to stations similar to those available with other services.

It may not be the most practical outlet for finding Christian music online, but it’s nice to have options.

Where Can I Find Christian Music Online?

Amazon Prime Music

One last way to find your favorite artists online is the new service from Amazon Prime. For those who are unaware, the online retailer has a special membership available for $99/year. This allows you to receive free shipping on many products, stream movies online, and other features.

Prime Music is a way to stream albums, songs, and playlists consisting of today’s biggest artists. What this means for Christian music fans who are Prime members is that you can hear the new Casting Crowns song on K-LOVE, then go home and hear what other great songs are available on the band’s album.

While $99 is a little steep for previewing an album you want to buy or listening to a Chris Tomlin playlist, fans who already have Prime may want to take advantage of something you’re already paying for.

As music genres continue to grow and the Internet expands, there will be a growing list of other options for finding Christian music online. The great news here is that more and more talented Christian artists are being discovered each year and their music is becoming more available as we press on. For you that means more God-honoring, powerful music at your fingertips. What else could you want?

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