10 Christian Artists to Enjoy On a Road Trip

We live in a diverse and divided country that is full of different interests, beliefs, and dreams. One thing that unites us all, however, is a love for traveling. One of the many great things about the United States is that the country is so large and offers a variety of landscapes and climates. If you live in the country, you can find a big city within a reasonable driving distance. If you call the big city of Chicago home, you can visit the beach or the mountains within a day’s travel. Pretty much anywhere you live in the U.S., you can find somewhere totally different within a few hours. Even better, you won’t need a passport or a pocket translator. If you’re making a trip that will last you a few hours, you’re doing to want some great Christian artists to listen to along the way.

The perfect mix for a road trip can be exclusive to each person, but there are certain bands that translate well to the open road. Here are a few Christian artists that we recommend for driving long distances.


As one of the top Christian musicians of all time, TobyMac has essentially set the bar for what it means to entertain for a Christian audience. Not only does his music hit all the right notes, but his live shows are jam-packed with excitement. TobyMac is one of those Christian artists who writes on a wide range of topics. Some songs are strictly worship, others are about social issues, and then are the songs that are just pure fun. You can add just about anything from “This is Not a Test” or “Eye On It” to your playlist and get something good, but we suggest the title track or “Backseat Driver” from the former and “Me Without You” or “Favorite Song” from the latter.

Rend Collective

You would be hard pressed to find a band that inspires more joy than these guys. We all love slow worship songs that build a powerful atmosphere, but that’s not what Rend Collective is going for with their music. Each track is a toe-tapping jam that will get you singing in no time. You’re going to want some upbeat music to make the time go by during your road trip, but a lot of that pop/dance music can get repetitive. Break up the monotony with these Christian artists. A few of our recommendations would be “Build Your Kingdom Here,” “More Than Conquerors,” and “My Lighthouse.”

Mandisa - Christian Artists to Enjoy on a Road Trip

Another singer who is all about joy is Mandisa. One of the most encouraging acts in Christian music, Mandisa has been an inspiration for those who are struggling at work, in ministry, and in their personal lives. You don’t have to be having a bad day to enjoy her music, though. Songs like “Overcomer” and “Stronger” are fun to listen to anywhere, anytime. Since the singer just released a new album this summer, you have plenty to catch up on. Grab a hairbrush or whatever you have handy and (responsibly) unleash your inner karaoke superstar.

Chris Tomlin

Once you’ve cooled off from that Mandisa-inspired dance session, it’s time for some soulful reflection and worship. Who better to get you there than Chris Tomlin? With so many amazing songs that have touched lives across the globe, Tomlin is one of the biggest worship leaders of all time. Since most people have sung several of his worship songs in church services, this is a great opportunity to sing along together. If you’re driving by yourself, this is an especially good time to let it all hang out. Sing for fun or really take advantage of the moment and spend some time with the Lord (while keeping your hands at 10 and 2, of course).

Britt Nicole

When you’re ready for some more upbeat tunes, turn the dial to Britt Nicole. As one of the best female pop voices in Christian music, the singer is a great addition to your road trip playlist. Many of Nicole’s songs are about remembering who you are in Christ and the plans that He has for you. Songs like “Gold” are an encouragement to those who are struggling with self-worth. Her latest album, a self-titled record, has a great single in “Be the Change.” The song was the subject of a strong performance at the 2017 K-LOVE Fan Awards.


If you want something that blurs the lines between worship and a more soulful rock experience, Crowder is a great way to go. We’ll even cheat a little bit and include the work from his previous band here as well. The early days included a lot of passionate jams that are similar to those of Rend Collective. Over time David Crowder has found a slightly different attitude, but it still has the passion. For the more worshipful tracks, we suggest “How He Loves,” “Everything Glorious,” and “O Praise Him.” Modern Crowder musts for the road are “Run Devil Run,” “My Victory,” and “Lift Your Head Weary Sinner.”

Hillsong United

There are few Christian artists that have influenced today’s worship movement quite like Hillsong United. Although part of a larger network of Christian musicians, United itself has created many popular worship songs and influenced the way in which we conduct worship in church services. A good portion of the band’s newer music is more still and introspective, but there have also been some energetic songs as well. Depending on which of those you’re looking for, we’d suggest classics like “Lead Me to the Cross” or “Take It All.” You can also check out the new album, “Wonder,” which has a great title track.

10 Christian Artists to Enjoy On a Road Trip


Maybe you’re not looking for traditional worship songs for your road trip. Everyone’s got different music preferences, so that’s fine. How about some Christian rock to keep you awake? Not only is Skillet one of the biggest Christian rock bands out there, but the group is also among some of the most successful Christian artists when it comes to building a crossover audience. Having made music for over 20 years, the band has a large catalog of music with a few different sounds. If you’re not into headbanging, we recommend “Stars” and “Lions” from the “Unleashed” album. For true Panheads, you’re going to want something more like “Hero,” “Savior,” or “Awake and Alive.”

Steven Curtis Chapman

In case the music of Skillet is a bit too strong for you, we suggest a different sound altogether. Steven Curtis Chapman is one of the most celebrated Christian singers of all time with over 50 Dove Awards among his many honors. As arguably the biggest singer/songwriter the genre has ever had, Chapman has a lot of great music to add to your trip. Go retro and pull up some oldies-but-goodies like “The Great Adventure” and “The Lord of the Dance.” Younger audiences might be more appreciative of “Live Out Loud,” “Dive,” or “Love Take Me Over.”


Speaking of younger audiences, we want you to enjoy some newer Christian artists along with these more established acts. Though she doesn’t have the discography of Skillet or Hillsong United, Hollyn is an up-and-comer who shows great promise. After being featured in a few songs with TobyMac, the singer got her chance to shine with her first EP. She has since released her own full-length album. There are plenty of good songs to add to your road trip playlist, but we’ll recommend “Alone,” “Love With Your Life,” and “Can’t Live Without.”

This is the starting point for your own travel mix, but you can choose from so many other great Christian artists to help you get to your destination. Music always helps to pass the time and Christian music gives you the added bonus of being both encouraging and God-honoring. Music and other forms of entertainment have an impact on our lives, which is why the K-LOVE Fan Awards exists to celebrate these Christian artists and connect them with the fans who follow them. Find out how you can be a part of the celebration by clicking on the banner below.

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