15 Christian Authors for Spring Break Vacation Reading

As the weather improves and we trade in our earmuffs for sunscreen, it’s time to think about fun trips and the great Christian books we’ll be reading along the way. No matter what genre or length of book you care to read, there’s likely a few Christian authors who have you covered. You may be headed for a fun spring break vacation or perhaps you just need something new to enjoy during your lunch break. We’ve got recommendations for readers of all ages and preferences. See which Christian authors have your next favorite book!

Lysa TerKeurst

Lysa TerKeurst has become one of the most popular Christian authors in recent years. While the vast majority of her work is aimed at women and the issues that they face, she has plenty of wisdom for the opposite sex as well. When she’s not writing her next best-seller, TerKeurst serves as the president of Proverbs 31 Ministries and travels to speak at conferences around the country. Her most popular books include “Uninvited” and “Made to Crave.”

Louie Giglio

Probably best known for his work in the Passion movement, Louie Giglio is a renowned speaker who has been an important voice in the Christian lives of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of young people. His books take much of the same tone that the Passion events do, meaning they are meant to inspire a change in how we view God or how that faith is lived out. His newest release, “Goliath Must Fall,” is all about how we can find victory and slay the giants who torment us. “Indescribable” and “The Comeback” are some quick reads that might be perfect for your next trip.

Tony Evans - Christian Authors

Having been in ministry for 40 years, Dr. Tony Evans has more than a little wisdom to share. His Kingdom series (“Kingdom Man,” “Kingdom Woman,” Kingdom Marriage,” etc.) is a great examination of what it means to live life in a Biblical manner and according to the position in which you have been called in a family. Outside of his writings on marriage and family, Evans also has books on spiritual warfare, the names of God, and more.

Billy Graham

Sadly the world recently lost the presence (but certainly not the influence) of Reverend Billy Graham. He is certainly best known for his heavily attended rallies where thousands would come to Christ, but he was also one of the most famous Christian authors during his time here on earth. If you want to delve into the supernatural, you can check out Graham’s classic book, “Angels.” For those who simply want to celebrate or learn more about the man, we suggest “Nearing Home” or “Where I Am.”

Karen Kingsbury

After these first few Christian authors you might be thinking “Can we please get some fiction to read?” Lucky for you there are some really good stories out there and quite a few have been written by Karen Kingsbury. If you enjoy light hearted fiction that is full of romance and warm characters, we know there are at least a dozen books from Kingsbury that you will enjoy. Some of her most popular works are “Angels Walking” and “The Chance.” If you want her latest release, look for “In This Moment” or one of the other entries in the Baxter Family series.

Max Lucado

Aside from simply spending time with family or friends, one of the main reasons why we take vacations is because we are in search of rest or peace. Few Christian authors can deliver on those ideas better than Max Lucado. The writer has made a career out of speaking peace into readers lives through books like “Fearless” and “God Will Use This for Good.” His most recent hit has been “Anxious for Nothing,” a book that teaches us to rely on God rather than to live in a constant state of worry. What could be a better idea to grasp while on vacation?

Priscilla Shirer

Speaking of encouraging Christian authors, Priscilla Shirer reaches millions of women each year through her conference appearances, simulcasts, and bible studies. There are a few different ways to enjoy her writing while soaking up some sun on your vacation. For starters, you could go through one of her studies, like “The Armor of God.” If you’re looking for something not so involved, we suggest “God is Able” or “Fervent.”

Mark Batterson

Every now and then a Christian book takes a national audience of readers by storm. From the “Left Behind” series in the 90s to Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life,” these books will be the ones you see everyone from old men to teenage girls reading. For Mark Batterson that book was “The Circle Maker.” While this is a great book which we recommend, the author also has titles like “Chase the Lion” and “All In” you should add to your queue.

Jenny B. Jones

Most of today’s Christian authors are great theologians who can unlock mysteries of the Bible or powerful teachers who know how to express deep truths in the clearest of ways. What about books that are simply fun to read? That’s where an author like Jenny B. Jones comes in. Ranging in genres from Young Adult to Romance, her novels could be just the fresh breeze you need in between burdensome old books that can make your brain hurt. A good place to start would be the Katie Parker series.

Beth Moore

Perhaps the most-read author in modern Christian literature, Beth Moore is a quick go-to if you are looking for a simple read that can really make an impact. Like Priscilla Shirer, much of Moore’s work comes in Bible study format, but you can also find plenty of books covering specific characters from God’s Word or the many aspects of God. Two of Moore’s most popular books are “Breaking Free” and “Believing God.”

Timothy Keller

One of Christian America’s most published theologians is Timothy Keller. If you’re looking for some very short reads, Keller’s 10-part “Encounters with Jesus” series is a great collection of essays on different gospel stories. About 50 pages each, these short publications cover the life of Jesus through the eyes of supporting characters like Mary Magdalene and the woman at the well. For something a little lengthier, you can check out “The Reason for God” and “The Meaning of Marriage.”

Ted Dekker

Perhaps you want a little Christian fiction that takes on supernatural dangers and makes you think twice about whether you locked the front door. Ted Dekker is a novelist who has taken up the mantle of “Christianity’s closest response to Stephen King” from Frank Peretti. Some of his stories are darker or stranger than others, but Dekker certainly has some interesting titles with the Circle series and “A.D. 30.”

Kyle Idleman

Kyle Idleman is another one of the Christian authors like Mark Batterson who has been very busy over the last few years. Idleman serves as the pastor of a Kentucky church when he’s not spending his time writing Christian bestsellers. “Not a Fan” was one of the author’s first big hits. The book examines our personal relationships with Jesus to see if we are followers or just simply fans. For other recommendations from his body of work, we think “Gods at War” and “Grace is Greater” could certainly meet your needs.

C.S. Lewis

How could we write a list of Christian authors to read on your next vacation and not remember one of the most influential writers of all time? No matter what kind of trip you’re taking (even a staycation), there’s likely a C.S. Lewis book to enjoy. Fiction lovers can rekindle their love for the Chronicles of Narnia series while deep thinkers can ponder the wonders of life and mysteries of God with short books like “The Abolition of Man” and “The Screwtape Letters.” If you want a deep dive into theology, you can also go for “Mere Christianity.”

Francine Rivers

If “Redeeming Love” were the only novel by Francine Rivers, she would still be one of the most popular Christian authors around today. The book, a 19th century retelling of the story of Hosea, is one of the best-selling Christian fiction books of the last 20 years. If you’ve already read this classic or want to try something different, the author did just release a new novel in 2018 titled “The Masterpiece.” Between these two works of fiction and a host of other stories, Francine Rivers is definitely one of the Christian authors to check out on your next vacation.

There are so many great Christian authors to read, we could hardly get to them all here. A.W. Tozer, Charles Stanley, Beverly Lewis, Matt Chandler, and so many other wonderful writers are out there waiting for you to find their words. For now, these recommendations will have to suffice. Whether you’re heading to the beach or simply looking for a new book to fill your Saturday afternoon, we hope this list has been a help.

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