9 Christian Books for Your Daily Devotions in 2018

A new year means it’s time for new habits and making changes. While we’ve all bought new gym memberships or started a new diet, flipping the calendar over also leads to new reading choices when it comes to daily devotionals. Whether you’re trying a new Bible reading plan or adding new devotionals to your quiet time, we’ve got a few options to help you kickstart the new year. And if you’re reading this in March, long after you gave up on your New Year’s resolution, today’s just as good a day as any to mix things up. Here are a few popular and new Christian books for your daily devotions.

“Jesus Calling” - Sarah Young

Let’s start with one of the most popular methods for daily devotions in America. Sarah Young’s devotional book is easily among the best-selling books of its kind. For those of you who are Amazon shoppers, you’ll recognize how notable it is that “Jesus Calling” has over 16,000 reviews and 4.9/5 rating. This just goes to show that the book is both easy to read as well as inspiring. “Jesus Calling” is a 365-day devotional that categorizes each entry by date on the calendar. As the name of the book suggests, this is an invitation to understand Christ better and to seek His presence.

“Awaken” - Priscilla Shirer

Maybe you don’t like to commit an entire year’s worth of daily devotions to one devotional book. That’s where shorter plans like “Awaken” from Priscilla Shirer can come in handy. The author, speaker, and actress is a trusted source for Godly wisdom as she has had many popular books and studies like “The Armor of God” and “Fervent.” This devotional book is Shirer’s first journey into such daily reading plans, but she hits the ground running with great insights. Seeing how most people conduct their daily devotions in the morning, “Awaken” may be the perfect way to prepare for the day. If you’re looking for a 90-day experience that will energize you for spending time with the Lord, this just might be your next reading choice.

“God is with You Every Day” - Max Lucado

Max Lucado has been a calm, reassuring voice to Christian readers for years. One of his most recent books, “Anxious for Nothing,” solidifies this role that he has established through his writing. Knowing that, “God is with You Every Day” seems like a perfect theme for daily devotions. This 365-day reading plan is bursting with encouragement and peace that will help you face whatever the day has in store for you. Knowing that God is with us has the ability to change our attitudes and grant us the proper frame of mind to handle any task.

“A Moment to Breathe” - Various Authors

Have you ever read a Christian book that was encouraging, but you grew tired of hearing from the same first-person perspective? “A Moment to Breathe” is a year-long devotional for women that was compiled from dozens of different authors. Although many women face the same issues at work, home, or church, hearing stories from different perspectives may help give you the strength to handle whatever challenges are headed your way. Comparison, identity, busyness, and family struggles are just a few of the topics covered in “A Moment to Breathe.”

9 Christian Books for Your Daily Devotions in 2018

“Every Day in His Presence” - Charles Stanley

Following a similar theme to Max Lucado’s book from earlier, “Every Day in His Presence” seeks to accomplish the purpose of every great devotional: to deliver us a sliver of God’s love and guidance in a concise daily reading. Charles Stanley is one of the United States’ most renowned preachers of God’s Word. At 85 years of age, the veteran pastor has more than enough wisdom to share in these short passages. “Every Day in His Presence” is a great read for those seeking a 365-day regimen of daily devotions.

“Then Sings My Soul (Special Edition)” - Robert Morgan

Many of the Christian books that we use for daily devotions have a tendency to sound alike. That’s why it’s nice to break things up and hear something different for a change. Robert Morgan has authored a series of books that carry the title “Then Sings My Soul.” Each of these books chronicles the stories and people that inspired many of our favorite hymns. Music is an excellent companion of Bible study for those who are more musically inclined. After reading from the Bible, learn more about great hymns and see how the Lord worked in the lives of their authors.

“New Morning Mercies” - Paul David Tripp

Paul David Tripp has made a long career out of exploring the intricacies of faith within the family unit. With several books on parenting and marriage, the author and speaker has tapped into the needs and desires of those engaging in family life. “New Morning Mercies” offers a full year’s worth of encouragement that will help you to calibrate before heading out the door each morning. Leave the struggles of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow alone and focus on how God is speaking to you right now.

“Unto the Hills” - Billy Graham - Daily Devotions in 2018

There have been very few men through the years who could simplify and communicate the gospel as effectively as Billy Graham. That’s what makes “Unto the Hills” such an exciting addition to your daily devotions. Hear from one of history’s greatest evangelists and discover the wealth of wisdom that decades of “crusades” and other experiences have accrued. This 365-day devotional features Graham’s thoughts on a myriad of topics that concern the believers of today.

“God’s Wisdom for Navigating Life” - Timothy Keller

Another famous preacher, and one of the most prolific Christian authors of our time, Timothy Keller has spent the years illuminating passages of scripture and imparting Godly wisdom. This 365-day devotional is yet another time when Keller has been able to deliver powerful teaching for the family of believers. We all need God’s help when it comes to choosing the right path and walking in faith. Using this study of Proverbs along with God’s Word for our daily devotions, we can learn more about what it means to have wisdom from God.

No matter what you use for your devotions, we can all agree that the Bible is the best book for learning more about God and the world we live in. If you want to make a reading plan of scripture your method for daily devotions, check out what we wrote here. There are many great authors and theologians who have worked to help us understand the Bible and they have presented these truths in a bite-size format for our daily consumption. Check out these and other books to find the best fit for your daily devotions.

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