• February 21, 2019
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Christian Books on Being Creative: How to Create Culture

Western culture today is drowning in creative endeavors from television and Netflix to social media and business upstarts. Should Christians sit on the sidelines as others create new cultural elements such as stories and products? How can we show off our creative side as believers? Thankfully there are more than a few Christian books on being creative to help us understand what our role is in the world. If you’re looking to spread out your wings and try something new or if you feel like you’re not finding your purpose as a creative person, here are a few of the Christian books on being creative we recommend.

“Do Over” - Jon Acuff

If you’re in the market for Christian books on being creative, there’s a good chance you are wanting to do something big and different with your life. Author Jon Acuff has written a number of books in this field, from “Quitter” to “Finish.” All of these books can help you on your journey of starting a business or writing that great American novel, but “Do Over” is a clean and concise program to help you make the big leap. We’ve all felt at times we are in desperate need of a fresh start. Why not try that today with the help of Jon Acuff?

“Created and Creating” - William Edgar

There is a temptation for Christians to run away from culture and barricade ourselves within the church, but there is at least an argument to be made defending our ability to impact the culture by taking part in it. In “Created and Creating,” William Edgar states we have a compulsion to not only take part in the culture, but to create in whatever way God has gifted us. The author pulls from a variety of theologians and creative people to craft the strategy for Christian culture and the part it plays in winning the lost to Christ. The best Christian books on being creative show us how to fulfill our gospel calling while using the creative drive within us all.

“Culture Making” - Andy Crouch

Instead of constantly complaining about secular culture and the ways in which Christians feel left behind in today’s world, what if we began making our own culture? No, not the parodies or Christian versions of popular products, but original ideas. For some people, completely withdrawing from popular culture might make sense, but there are plenty of other Christians who want to engage and tell stories of faith. “Culture Making” is a great book detailing the necessity for Christian culture and how to accomplish it.

“Just Do Something” - Kevin DeYoung

You may be searching for Christian books on being creative simply because you feel lost, like you have no purpose. When we feel rudderless, it’s a good idea to seek the will of God. Sadly, this isn’t always easy to discern. Kevin DeYoung’s book wants us to free ourselves from the prison of waiting forever on God’s will and instead forging ahead with the simple mindset of glorifying the kingdom of God. As you pursue creativity, move in freedom and don’t strenuously worry about whether your project is the ultimate will of God. He will either bless it or give you a different kind of feedback.

“How to Get Unstuck” - Matt Perman

Productivity is an important part of the creative process. If you call yourself a writer, but never really write anything, that kind of defeats the purpose. “How to Get Unstuck” is for anyone in ministry, business, or the arts who feels like he can’t make it out of his present rut. The Christian life is full of pitfalls and hindrances, so why not shake off the rust and excel at whatever God has called you to do?

“Reset” - David Murray - Christian Books on Being Creative

Whether you are a creative person or simply someone with a fair amount of responsibility, burnout is a real possibility for which you should be on the lookout. When we neglect rest and push beyond our limits, we can hurt our careers, or families, and our own health. David Murray’s “Reset” addresses these worries and gives us strategies to fight against burnout. Set yourself up for success in your creative pursuits by taking heed of this powerful advice.

“Finding Your Voice” - Natalie Grant

Since most of the authors on our list of Christian books on being creative are male, here’s one book specifically for the women. Natalie Grant is one of the biggest artists in Christian music today, so she has plenty to say when it comes to pursuing creativity. For women yearning for an opportunity to share their gifts, this is an empowering book written by someone who has been in their shoes. Find your voice and get busy changing the world.

“The Call” - Os Guinness

We are a people striving for purpose in a world that cannot satisfy us. Os Guinness’ classic book, “The Call,” declares we have a unique purpose handed down to us by our Creator. Although creative projects can help us find fulfillment, they pale in comparison to the ultimate purpose given to us by God. If you want to make an impact through your work, don’t neglect the path to which God has called you.

“Created to Thrive” - Matt Tommey

Sometimes Christian books on being creative can come from famous theologians or social media experts, but you may just want to hear from a fellow creative person who focuses on Christian artistry. Matt Tommey has written several books on this subject, including “Created to Thrive.” We may be capable of great things on our own, but these accomplishments pale in comparison to what can be done with God at our side. Let your life work thrive by following the road down which God has called you.

“Called to Create” - Jordan Raynor

If we are made in the image of God, the One who crafted our universe and everything in it, we can safely assume that being creative is in our blood. In “Called to Create,” Jordan Raynor invites us to take part in culture for the glory of God. All that we do is to be for His name’s sake, so why should our artistic endeavors be any different? Drawing from the experiences of dozens of creative Christians, Raynor paints a picture of what Christian artistry is all about.

“Do More Better” - Tim Challies

Unbridled creativity can lead you to work on a lot of projects without ever accomplishing much. When you learn to channel your creativity and set parameters for your work, your productivity should go through the roof. “Do More Better” is a book seeking to save you from flailing artistry so that you can better handle a multitude of tasks. Don’t let your work suffer by missing out on these useful words of advice.

“Create” - Stephen Altrogge

If you’re anything like us, it’s much easier to read about creativity than to actually do the work. For people who don’t have that much time to commit to reading or who want to get the ball rolling ASAP, we would like to suggest this short book from Stephen Altrogge. Quit talking about how you want to craft, write, or paint and just get on with it.

There’s no better time than right now for you to start creating. These Christian books on being creative can help you engage with the culture and infuse your work with faith values. No matter what your favorite pastime is or how serious you want to be with it, what we believe is an important part of the creative process.

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