• September 25, 2017
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Christian Books on Business: Prospering with a Purpose

As an employee, we can often fall into the trap of simply punching a clock and drudging throughout the work day. As a boss or owner, we sometimes feel like we are constantly putting out fires, consulting with “experts” and trying to figure out how the company is spending so much money on toner. The truth is that all of us have to work in some form or fashion. This leads to a variety of complications, problems to solve, and unique circumstances that make our lives more difficult. Whether you are part of a financially successful company or you’re just starting out on your own, you need to have the right perspective to be both good at your job and remembering to honor the Lord. There are a number of Christian books on business that help you to answer these problems and more. Here are a few worth checking out.

Christian Books on Business: Prospering with a Purpose  

“EntreLeadership” - Dave Ramsey

You already know him from hosting a popular radio show that helps people get out of debt, but Dave Ramsey has a lot to offer when it comes to running a business too. Part of Ramsey’s story has to do with rebuilding his business after losing it all, something that might relate to your own story. The radio host has written many Christian books on business to help you combat whatever is ailing you. “EntreLeadership” is for leaders who want to take their business by the reins and inspire those working around them.

“Do Over” - Jon Acuff

There have been a few great writers to pop out of the Ramsey Solutions brand, one of which is Jon Acuff. Over the last few years the author has written several great books for people who are trying to branch out and try something new. The business landscape is constantly changing so books like “Quitter” and “Start” are good for people looking to start a new chapter. “Do Over” and “Finish” are Acuff’s two newest books that will help you knock out exciting goals and escape that boring cubicle.

“Spiritual Leadership” - Henry and Richard Blackaby

Leadership and business go hand in hand because a business that doesn’t rely on solid principles in leadership is doomed for failure no matter how great of a product they sell. This popular book by Henry and Richard Blackaby helps business owners cast a vision for their companies that honors God and set up the best opportunity for success. This is also a great tool for those involved in ministry whether by vocation or as a volunteer.

“Every Good Endeavor” - Timothy Keller

One of the most prolific writers in the faith community, Timothy Keller has written one of the best Christian books on business with “Every Good Endeavor.” What this book, as well as a few others on this list, does is outline the idea of work from a Biblical standpoint. From that understanding we can create a new routine and pursue objectives that will address the spiritual side of our careers. Instead of compartmentalizing our lives to work, home, school, etc., we need to accept our spiritual calling in all aspects.

“How to Lead When You’re Not In Charge” - Clay Scroggins

Have you ever worked a job where you were forced to frustratingly watch a vacuum of leadership lead to more problems than there ever should have been in the first place? It’s not easy to enact change when you don’t have the authority, but those of us who are not our own bosses are still meant to lead in some capacity. Clay Scroggins, the lead pastor at North Point Community Church, illustrates through this new book that lacking a corner office doesn’t mean you get a pass when it comes to leadership.

“Business Boutique” - Christy Wright

Another talented voice to come from the Dave Ramsey people is that of Christy Wright. Her debut book, “Business Boutique,” came out in Spring 2017. Like we said earlier, the business world is constantly changing these days and people are starting their own small businesses every day. While plenty of men have answered the entrepreneur call in recent years with businesses that handle everything from construction and lawn care to building websites, women are also getting in on the action. Find out how you can make your hobby into a source of income by reading one of the year’s hottest Christian books on business.

“Anointed for Business” - Ed Silvoso

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your business is to accept that your faith life is separate from your work life. If you’re checking your faith at the door for 40 hours a week, you’re robbing yourself of some interesting possibilities. There are several early church members mentioned in the Bible who used their profession as a means to better share the gospel. Follow author Ed Silvoso as he highlights the ways in which your business can be a calling for Christian ministry.

“Lead Like Jesus” - Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges

If we ever need to reassess our behavior to see which changes could improve our lives, looking at the ministry of Jesus is surely the best place to look. Only one person has ever lived a perfect life and made such a profound impact. Through this book, Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges share with the reader how to consider the mindset and enable the discipline of Jesus in order to lead more effectively. By studying the life of Christ we will see where we fall short and how to correct our course.

“More Than Just Making It” - Erin Odom

A large part of our working lives is dealing with money: having it, needing it, wanting it. For many of us, there will be times when we feel desperate. Erin Odom’s book is aimed at getting you and your family out of this dark period while coming to understand what it takes to appreciate where you are. In order to say goodbye to failure, you’ll need to know which habits to drop and which to double down on. Find out how you can be successful at home, work, and life in general.

“The Call” - Os Guinness - Christian Books on Business

Whether you’re newly unemployed, a college graduate, or just frustrated with where you are, there’s a good chance you’re asking existential questions like “What is my calling?” Each of us has unique qualities that make us suited for different types of work. When we consider what God has gifted us with it makes that question easier to answer. There is no one else exactly like you, which makes your potential truly one of a kind. Find what addresses your skills and desires while also making you useful to the kingdom of God.

“How Successful People Think” - John C. Maxwell

If you are an entrepreneur or otherwise business-minded person, there’s a strong possibility you’ve already been recommended one of the many Christian books on business written by John Maxwell. The author has written several books on leadership, communication, vision casting and more. Maxwell has developed a winning curriculum for running a successful company through a combination of spiritual wisdom and effective business strategies.

“Love Your Work” - Robert Dickie III

We all enjoy some deserved relaxation, but the walk into work on Monday morning shouldn’t mirror the march to the gallows by a condemned prisoner. There has to be a better way to make it through the work week than by simply counting the minutes. Robert Dickie III has a few practical steps for us to take so that we can find a career that fulfills us or to better approach the job that we have now. Instead of wasting through your workdays, look for methods to make the most of your time.

Christian books on business come in all shapes and sizes. Some are an intense study of scripture while others take common wisdom and give it a twist of the gospel. No matter what kind of encouragement you need, there are likely a few Christian books on business to ease the search.

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