Christian Magazines: Comparing Five of the Biggest

When it comes to spiritual reading options, there is a multitude of Christian books that teach us about different aspects of faith. Others share the stories of Christian icons that came before us. As great as these books are, we might need a source that speaks into the things that we read and listen to each day. With how fast a news cycle can move these days, even books that sit under the label of Current Events at the bookstore can be a little dated by the time you get to read them. Christian magazines offer an analysis of the culture through world news, entertainment, theology and more. The best part is that these publications are typically offered monthly or quarterly, so the information is fresh. Let’s say you’re interested in finding out which of the most popular Christian magazines is best suited for your needs. Lucky for you, we’ve compared five of the most well-known magazines complete with what they primarily focus on and where they are different from the others. Find out which is right for you.

Christian Magazines: Comparing Five of the Biggest

Relevant Magazine

For Christian readers on the younger side, Relevant Magazine offers a youthful take on current events, pop culture, and issues related to the church. Started in the early ‘00s, the magazine has a strong emphasis on social justice and the entertainment industry. Aimed at twenty- and thirty-somethings, it is different from some other Christian magazines in that it asks questions and presents ideas that might be a little uncomfortable for the old school status quo.

Although the magazine focuses on issues facing Christians, it often features secular icons on the cover and in its featured content. Many of these celebrities are starring in films about faith (Andrew Garfield in “Silence”) or have been influenced by a spiritual moment in their life. By reaching outside of the Christian bubble, the magazine starts a larger conversation on culture and faith. The Relevant Recommends section is also great for Christian music reviews and finding a new movie to watch.

As far as the content goes, a lot of its writing outside of entertainment and current events is about marriage and singleness, two of the biggest issues facing young adults. You can also find a great deal of material on life decisions, learning who you are, and what faith looks like in our time. Relevant Magazine publishes a new issue in print and on the iPad every two months. An annual subscription costs $21.99 for print + digital and $9.99 for just the iPad version. The publication’s website also has a lot of free content for those who want to give it a try and see if they like the writing.

Christianity Today

If you’re looking for a magazine that has a little something for everyone, Christianity Today just might be for you. The magazine has been around for over 50 years, providing commentary on world news, entertainment, and theology along the way. When it was first published, Christianity Today focused more on delivering Biblical truth to the present culture. Over time, the focus remains the same, but the message has spread to a number of other subjects.

The reason why we say that the magazine has a little something for everyone is because its content stretches from the usual things you would hope to find in Christian magazines and beyond. Within the magazine you can find information about Christians worldwide and the struggles they face. You can also find informative book reviews and cultural analysis that will leave you feeling informed. When you travel over to the website, things get really diverse. If you want to learn more about church history, women in ministry, Christianity and science, and other interesting subjects, there will be something for you.

Subscribing to Christianity Today is as affordable as most other Christian magazines. The publication releases 10 issues each year with a yearly subscription costing $24.99. If you really want to commit, you can even sign up for three years of content (30 issues) for $59.99. There’s also a digital subscription for your tablet at $19.99/year or $49.99 for three years. One cool feature of these subscriptions is that you get access to their records of church history.

World - Christian Magazines

Celebrating just over 30 years in publication, World is a magazine that seeks to translate global issues into a Christian perspective that will leave its readers feeling informed. Focusing less on pop culture, World is more interested in hot button and complicated issues that affect real lives. Political commentary, human rights issues, the economy, and religion are what receive the majority of attention. You can still find some other material, though, as the site has book and movie reviews, marriage advice, and more on the side.

Although World places a lot of emphasis on its website, there is also a bi-weekly magazine that features top content. You can get a print + digital subscription for around $5/month or a digital only track for $3/month. Like the other Christian magazines on this list, there are also podcasts and exclusive web content for readers to check out.


As the name suggests, Charisma is a magazine that gives a more charismatic approach to the Biblical worldview. The website features many of the same discussion topics that you would get from other Christian magazines. There are articles on faith and family, current events, and more, but the magazine is a little less focused on world news. In fact, the majority of this publication deals with personal testimonies and interviews.

With stories from real Christians working in music, ministry, and more, the magazine seeks to give hope and breathe life into its readers. You can also find Biblical commentary, entertainment news and reviews, and Scriptural advice that is informative. For $15, you can get an annual subscription to Charisma which includes 12 issues. You can also pick a two or three year option priced at $24 and $36 respectively. When you subscribe to Charisma, you’ll also receive a subscription to SpiritLed Woman for free. Not a bad deal if you want to give it a try.

CCM Magazine

If you’re needing to cut back on the clutter created by your many magazine subscriptions, you’ll be happy to know that CCM Magazine is a digital only publication. Created in the ‘70s as a printed magazine, the company made the tough choice for digital a few years back. One major difference between CCM Magazine and the other Christian magazines on this list is that it doesn’t cover news, politics, and other hot button issues that you might be sick of hearing about.

Focusing on all things Christian music, the magazine features interviews with your favorite artists, reviews of the newest albums, and other exclusive content. For those who want to dive into the Christian music scene without all of the doom and gloom of “regular news,” CCM is an alternative that will give you some light reading that keeps you in the know. The magazine launches a new issue every two weeks and allows you to read the articles for free on its website. If you would like to do some offline reading, every issue can be purchased as digital downloads for $1.99 through the CCM store.

These are just a few of the Christian magazines that are out there for you to read. Some focus on Christian music, others on politics, and still others on theology. Whatever your reading pleasure, you can find just the right fit if you look for it. Christian audiences are always looking for new and better content that will meet their needs spiritually and personally. The K-LOVE Fan Awards gives fans the ability to celebrate the movies, artists, authors, and sports figures who influence them. This annual experience offers the biggest names and the hottest shows in Christian music. Find out how you and your family can get in on the action by clicking below.


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