Christian Movies on Netflix: What to Watch

As our entertainment options grow and diversify, there are a lot of Christian families out there wondering how they can stay up to date on what films are good for their family to watch. Fortunately, services like Netflix keep a pretty wide array of genres and titles available for streaming. For the believers out there that use this product, here are a few of our recommendations for Christian movies on Netflix that are worth looking at.

To make things a little simpler for you, we’ve decided to break these films into smaller categories. For example, the Classic Hollywood sub-group may be one that the millennials want to pass over. In all seriousness, we hope you find a couple of faith-based films that become new favorites.

Recent Films - Christian Movies on Netflix

The Case for Christ

One of the most popular Christian movies on Netflix is this biopic of author Lee Strobel and his search for truth surrounding the story of the Bible. Strobel's books have been instrumental in the area of apologetics and have led a number of people to pursue a life of faith. The film covers his journey from skeptic to believer while working as an investigative journalist, during which time he came to write his bestseller. "The Case for Christ" received the rare blessing of good reviews from secular critics and went on to win the Film Impact Award at the 2017 K-LOVE Fan Awards.



Son of God - Christian Movies on Netflix

Another Biblical enactment, this one much more financially successful, “Son of God” tells the story of Jesus’s life and his ministry. You may remember this one hitting theaters a little while back after the success of “The Bible” mini-series. Made from clips of that same show, this film gives the Biblical account a higher production value than many similar movies.

While both of these stories about Jesus are based on the Bible, you may find different things to like about them. Every director leaves their impression on a film, so there’s a good chance you could enjoy them equally for very different reasons.

The Masked Saint 

“The Masked Saint” is based on the true story of a wrestler who became a pastor. When his wrestling career tanks, Chris becomes a pastor in a struggling neighborhood. After seeing how the local crime is affecting the community, he becomes a vigilante to try and stop the violence.

About as close as you can get to a Christian superhero, this film features a few more action scenes than your typical faith-based movie. What some may notice as lackluster in writing, others will enjoy for being a little different than most Hallmark-like Christian films. Whether it’s your kind of thing or not, “The Masked Saint” does show a diversity in faith filmmaking that we can all appreciate.



Unconditional - Christian Movies on Netflix

After her husband is murdered, a woman randomly encounters her best friend from childhood who gives her the hope to move on. This movie asks a lot of tough questions, but it also provides a good story with strong characters. That’s not something you get out of every Christian film.

Starring Michael Ealy and Lynn Collins, “Unconditional” is about overcoming tough times and having the strength to help others.



Little Boy - Christian Movies on Netflix

A popular source for filmmaking, “Little Boy” is set during the days of WWII. When his father is sent off to fight, a young boy is desperate to do anything he can to get him home safely. After a magician’s act convinces the boy that he can do anything through belief and willpower, he sets out to bring his dad home.

Another family film that features a strong cast, “Little Boy” is beautifully shot and captures the innocence of its young protagonist.



Heart of the Country - Christian Movies on Netflix

Less of a faith movie and more of a romantic drama, “Heart of the Country” is about a hopeful singer (country music artist Jana Kramer) who returns to her home in the South after her husband is arrested. The film isn’t quite a faithful adaptation of the Prodigal Son story, but there’s plenty for an audience to identify with here.

Kramer is an accomplished musician and has some acting chops as well. Her father is played by veteran actor Gerald McRaney, which never hurts. It’s a cute movie for people who like to watch the latest from Hallmark.



23 Blast - Christian Movies on Netflix

No list of Christian films would be complete without a sports movie. While there are a couple of Christian sports films on Netflix, this is probably the best of the bunch. After a high school football star loses his vision, he learns to cope with his new situation.

The Christian football genre has been thriving lately with films like “Woodlawn” and “Greater.” This time, talented actors like Stephen Lang, Fred Thompson, and Alexa PenaVega support a solid film.



Christian Movies on Netflix: What to Watch

Kids - Christian Movies on Netflix

The Prince of Egypt

Arguably the most popular Christian animated film of all time, “The Prince of Egypt” tells the story of Moses from birth to the crossing of the Red Sea. While it takes a few liberties with the story, there’s still enough of the original Bible text to enjoy.

An animated classic in its own right, the film features some wonderful songs including the famous “When You Believe,” from Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.


Joseph: King of Dreams 

Riding off of the success of “The Prince of Egypt,” this other Dreamworks cartoon was quickly greenlit. Covering the story of Joseph, this film dives into his account in Genesis with the added bonus of music and a few laughs. With Ben Affleck and other famous actors voicing the characters, the production is a worthwhile film for you and your kids.

TV & Home Video - Christian Movies on Netflix

The Bible 

In 2013, “The Bible” miniseries premiered on the History Channel. The most-watched cable miniseries of that year, it pulled in over 12 million viewers.

The series chronicles the Old Testament up to the birth of Jesus. It was succeeded by the “A.D.” miniseries and the feature film “Son of God” which appeared near the top of this list.



VeggieTales - Christian Movies on Netflix

As one of the most beloved Christian animated series of all time, “VeggieTales” has taught kids about Biblical stories like the battle of Jericho as well as a number of important lessons involving original characters.

While the entire library of the show’s work doesn’t appear on Netflix, they do have several seasons of the new installation “VeggieTales: In the House.” 



The American Bible Challenge - Christian Movies on Netflix

If you’ve been waiting for a game show that dives deep into Bible trivia, today is your lucky day. This recent show is hosted by Jeff Foxworthy and features mini-games, challenging questions, and inspiring music from Kirk Franklin and others. Not a bad way to kill some time if you need to.



We’d like to tell you that these Christian movies on Netflix will be around forever, but the streaming site is constantly adding and losing shows as different contracts expire or change. We’ll try to put out an updated list from time to time, though. If nothing else, you can check out What’s New on Netflix to see the daily additions.

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