Christian Radio Stations

Imagine you’re driving in your car one morning, taking the kids to school, and you realize you forgot your favorite Christian CD at home. Not only that, but your smartphone’s data plan is drained. “No problem, I’ll just find the local Christian radio stations.” Crisis averted.

But what if you didn’t have the option of Christian radio stations? All doom and gloom aside, we know that these stations are providing a great service for families and others who want to hear encouraging CCM or worship songs. For all the times you’ve enjoyed listening to a station like K-LOVE, you may have thought to yourself, “How can I help ensure that these stations stay on the air?” We’ve got four ways you can help.

Spread the Word

“Awareness” is a word that is often tossed around when it comes to important causes like fighting cancer or ending human trafficking. The funny thing is that no matter how great a product a business creates or how amazing a scientific breakthrough can be, it can fizzle away if no one ever hears about it. Likewise, your favorite Christian radio stations need for people to be aware that they exist if they are ever going to help anyone.

As someone who already listens to the station, you are the ideal person to spread the word about this amazing source of Godly music. Word of mouth can do a lot for any business and loyal consumers make the best salesmen. It may sound like a lot of work, but honestly it can be as simple as having the radio playing on a certain station when other people ride with you in the car. Another easy way you can spread the word is by putting a sticker on the back of your vehicle that shows off the station’s name and channel. There are so many easy ways to let your friends and family know just how much your favorite Christian radio stations mean to you. You can even share your favorite songs with friends or tell them about an inspirational story you heard.

Interact with Your Favorite Christian Radio Stations

Radio stations have always had a connection with their audience. Whether it’s reporting the local news or taking callers during a show, these stations have been known to interact with the public all the time. This connection has only been multiplied in today’s world of social media. Even if a station isn’t based in your hometown, you can head over to its Facebook page and comment on whatever you like. When the morning crew talks about a crazy story they found, there’s a good chance you can pop over to the website and find the exact link they used. There may even be an opportunity for you to meet your favorite DJ at a local event or concert. Using this chance is a great way to put a face to a voice you often hear.

Following Christian radio stations isn’t just the habit of a consumer, but a fan. By listening to inspirational stories and laughing along to a conversation, we become attached to our favorite show hosts. It may be something you never thought about, but you can influence your favorite show, ask questions, and receive shoutouts just by connecting with your favorite station on its website or social media page. Not only does this help the station create the best show it can, it encourages the people there by letting them know that people care about the product and service they are working so hard to provide. Even if you can't interact with your favorite stations in person, a great way to support the people you love listening to is through prayer.

Donate to Christian Radio Stations

*Gulp* People have a funny problem with donating money to causes they believe in. Not because they are selfish or mean, but simply because we want to believe someone else is going to take care of it. Sadly this even translates over to our tithing at church. Before we go any further, there are a few things we want to get out of the way. When money is involved, people get agitated quickly, so let’s dispel a few items. Of course taking care of your own family is a priority over giving money to groups or organizations with whom you agree. No one is saying you have to sacrifice your own loved ones’ health and happiness. That being said, we can probably often find some areas in which we are being poor stewards of the money God has given us.

Christian radio stations are not supported by selling advertising space in the same way that a classic rock station might. Places like K-LOVE and Air1 need the generosity of their audiences to pay the bills. That’s why you will occasionally tune into the station and hear about a pledge drive or something similar. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense for these stations to ask the listening audience to provide the funds. If anyone cares about the survival of a radio station, surely it’s the listeners. This is the most tangible way you can support Christian radio stations.

Support Christian Music

Although we’ve been fairly direct in our previous ways to support Christian radio stations, this last option is more of a mindset than a checklist. Christian music is an industry that employs thousands of people and affects (at least) tens of millions of people worldwide. That means each time you buy a CD at your local bookstore, purchase a concert ticket, request a song on the radio, etc. you are helping to keep the music going. Thanks to new technology and a rapidly changing world, many musicians, Christian and secular, could use your support now more than ever.

Apart from taking care of your family and being a healthy part of your church (which should be a priority for you), maybe one of the causes you could care about would be to support Christian music wherever you can. As they say: every little bit helps.

We know that many of today’s Christian radio stations are loved by many as they deliver encouraging, Biblical content to families, commuters, workplaces, and more. Christian music has a way of speaking into our lives and lifting us up, thanks to the Power behind the lyrics. The K-LOVE Fan Awards is all about celebrating the music and other Christian entertainment that is making an impact in the religious community today. Each year we bring together the biggest fans and the artists whose work they love for the ultimate fan experience. Find out how you can be a part of it all by clicking on the banner below.

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