• November 21, 2017
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9 Contemporary Christian Songs on Thankfulness and Gratitude

We learn a lot about people in the time between Halloween and the first of December. Some are more than a little eager to start the Christmas celebration while other people are adamant about making room for Thanksgiving. Both of these holidays deserve their due diligence as each plays an important role in reflecting on our own lives as well as in connecting with family and friends. That being said, we are called to be thankful each and every day. Our gratitude is not limited by the days on calendar or by what kind of bird we are serving at the dinner table. Each moment is a gift from God and we can never over appreciate the wonder of His love for us. Here are some great Christian songs on thankfulness and gratitude that will help us to remember what really matters.

“Exalted Over All” - Vertical Worship Band

A common theme you will find in many of these Christian songs on thankfulness is one of praise and surrender. When we come across an amazing God who created the world and sent His Son to die for our sins, It’s kind of hard to respond in any other way. This worship song from the people over at Vertical Worship is a great way to kick off a spirit of thanksgiving as we put Him who is highest in His rightful place.



“Once Again” - Matt Redman

In addition to respecting God’s place on the throne, we should also reflect on what it is exactly that God has done for us individually. This early song of Matt Redman’s is powerful as we all come to a place where we are simply amazed at God has done for us. No matter how selfishly we sometimes live, we will always be pulled back to the cross in some way or another. If we acknowledge this sacrifice that God made for us, the rest of our lives should fall right into place.

“All I Can Do (Thank You)” - MIKESCHAIR

Have you ever had to write a thank you card to someone who has been there for you through thick and thin and meant more to you than you could ever express? It can be hard to put down exactly how you feel. Now dial that up 1000% and imagine what you could possibly say to God for all that He’s done. That’s the simple mindset of this hit song from MIKESCHAIR. Between salvation and the daily things that the Lord provides, all we can really say is thank you.

“Shoulders” - for KING & COUNTRY

Christian songs on thankfulness stress that our help comes from somewhere other than our own strength. That idea is fleshed out well in this popular track from for KING & COUNTRY. We don’t always feel very thankful when tragedy or trials come our way. In fact, we tend to go the opposite direction and start questioning God’s path. Songs like “Shoulders” remind us that God is still fighting for us even in the darkest of times. He is the source of our strength and He hears our cries. No matter what happens in life, we have a God who cares for us and has a plan. For that we can be grateful.



“How Can It Be” - Lauren Daigle - Christian Songs on Thankfulness

As we can see from the story of the woman anointing Jesus with perfume in Luke 7, love and gratitude are reflected by the amount of sin or debt that has been cancelled for us. This moving song by Lauren Daigle is an examination of just how much God has done for His children. It starts with the acknowledgement of sin and just how desperate we are for forgiveness and ends with the simple question of “How can it be?”



“Praise You In This Storm” - Casting Crowns

Like we mentioned with the “Shoulders” song earlier, sometimes we are called to be thankful even when life doesn’t make sense. This Casting Crowns song properly summarizes the feelings we go through during difficult times. We can often feel like the father of a possessed boy in Mark 9 who says “I believe; help my unbelief!” What makes this one of the most powerful Christian songs on thankfulness is that it accepts that life isn’t always easy while still proclaiming that God is good and worthy of praise.



“Thank You God For Saving Me” - Chris Tomlin

The difference between a life in Christ and a life where we try to take the throne ourselves is like day and night. When we think about what the Lord did for us and how undeserving we were of it, you can’t help but be humbled and grateful. Chris Tomlin and Phil Wickham come together for this wonderful song that expresses a simple line of gratitude. For other good Christian songs on thankfulness, check out Tomlin’s other work like “Forever” and “How Can I Keep From Singing.”

“Thank You Jesus” - Hillsong Worship

Another song with simple but powerful lyrics is this stirring ballad from Hillsong Worship. As you would expect from a band built on live performances, the group does a fantastic job creating a worshipful atmosphere with this song. No matter what circumstances we endure in this life, we know that the coming life is more than enough to be thankful for today. What Christ did on the cross has given us a hope and a future.



“Top of My Lungs” - Phillips, Craig & Dean

Lastly, let’s look at a song that encourages vocalizing our gratitude for the Lord. We often get complacent in our day to day lives, leaving God on the sidelines (or so we think) until an emergency arises. The truth is that God is guiding us each and every day, so we should be giving Him the praise he deserves each day. On top of paying the ultimate price for our sins, God has given us life. We should never forget what has been done for us.

We know there are so many more Christian songs on thankfulness that could be submitted for this list. In truth, essentially every worship song is saying “thank you” to the Lord in some shape or form. These are just a few of the songs we think of when Thanksgiving rolls around.

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