9 Christian Wedding Songs for the Big Day

Summer is a time for new beginnings and big changes. What could be bigger than your wedding day? Once you’ve figured out the important details like the venue, the date, and (hopefully) who you’ll be marrying, it’s time to think about the music. Your big day is coming up and you’re wanting to have some good Christian wedding songs to add the playlist. Over the years there have been a few great ones that have been pretty popular. Here are some that we think of when we think about Christian wedding songs.

“I Will Be Here” - Steven Curtis Chapman

As one of the most popular Christian artists of all time, Steven Curtis Chapman has developed a large catalog of music that covers faith, love, and family. The singer/songwriter put together an album full of love songs in 2002 and has recorded several romantic songs on other albums. “I Will Be Here” is one of the classic Christian wedding songs because it is timeless and endearing. Some of Chapman’s other work that could be considered for this list is “We Will Dance” and pretty much any other song from “All About Love.”

“Boat Song” - JJ Heller - Christian Wedding Songs

We featured JJ Heller and a couple other musicians from this list on our Best Christian Love Songs post. This singer has a soft, lovely voice that makes her a natural for Christian wedding songs. While we could have gone with “When I’m With You” or “Until You Came Along,” our choice is the catchy “Boat Song.” While a lot of Christian love songs are more about having faith through difficult circumstances, sometimes you just need a breezy romantic tune to put you at ease and look fondly on your relationship. On top of being a fun love song, it also has a music video that’s fun to watch.





“Made For Me” - TobyMac

Speaking of fun Christian wedding songs, TobyMac has a great one in “Made For Me.” One of the biggest artists in Christian music, TobyMac has a long history of making energetic music. This love song is no different. When you want a song that encapsulates romance but also has a good beat, this might be the right choice. WIth the current trend of couples doing a choreographed dance at their wedding, “Made For Me” could be a good idea to provide your backdrop.

“Hundred More Years” - Francesca Battistelli

Going back to Christian wedding songs that are more on the sentimental side, Francesca Battistelli has a fantastic one in “Hundred More Years.” The song tells the story of love over time. Romantic love eventually becomes the beginning of new families which in turn starts the cycle all over again. Wedding days are, in a way, about families breaking up to form new families. It’s a really big occasion, but the day can go by very quickly. Like the song states, there are some days where you wish you could slow down time.

“World Traveler” - Andrew Peterson

Few Christian acts can do storytelling quite like Andrew Peterson. Each one of his songs weaves a rich tapestry with lyrics that share insight on small-town life, the nature of God, romantic love, and more. “World Traveler” is a beautiful song that tells the story of a young man who is eager for adventure and travel but realizes that you don’t have to see the far corners of the world to fully enjoy the human experience. It’s a great song about romantic love and the lives that God has planned for us, a great thing to think about on your wedding day.

9 Christian Wedding Songs for the Big Day

“When I Say I Do” - Matthew West

Matthew West has written several good love songs in a partnership with K-LOVE, any of which could be considered Christian wedding songs. “When I Say I Do” is especially fitting because it walks through the vows that occur during the traditional wedding ceremony. It’s easy to simply repeat the words that a pastor says during a ceremony. When we actually consider what we are signing up for, we realize how complex marriage is and how important that bond can be. “The Day Before You” is another Matthew West love song you should check out.

“I’ll Wait for You” - Moriah Peters

If you want an example of romantic love in the Christian entertainment world, you should check out Joel Smallbone and Moriah Peters. The two musicians were married in 2013 and part of their romantic journey was the writing of this song. It’s a fun, romantic song that would make a great addition to any wedding day. In fact, the music video is actually the wedding footage from the couple’s big day.





“Butterfly Kisses” - Bob Carlisle

We thought we’d throw out an old favorite in Christian wedding songs. Mostly used for daddy-daughter dances, this tearjerker of a song is popular for its sentimental approach of parents sending off their kids to get married. The heartfelt lyrics follow the story of a father and daughter as they spend the years together and she eventually grows up. Wedding days are a cause for celebration, but we won’t blame you if there’s a tear or two along the way.

“Good Day for Marrying You” - Dave Barnes

One of the most fun Christian wedding songs out there, “Good Day for Marrying You” is great for dancing or just some feel-good background music. Dave Barnes has many love songs in his collection including “God Gave Me You” and others. If you’re looking for something upbeat to add to the wedding day playlist, we submit this catchy tune.

No matter what music you decide to play on your wedding day, we hope that it is a happy occasion that leads to a long life together. Music may just be window dressing at a wedding, but music can also have a powerful effect on our lives. With Christian music, we often see that songs can bring encouragement or push people deeper into their personal relationships with Christ. At the K-LOVE Fan Awards, we want to highlight the music, films, books, and athletes that are making an impact in the Christian community. By bringing all of these areas together, we are able to deliver the ultimate fan experience. Find out how you can attend this amazing event by clicking below.


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