Where Can I Find Family Music For My Daily Commute?

Every parent has dealt with the frustration of having to pick family friendly music in the car that everyone can enjoy. Do you pick the least offensive “grown up” music or the nursery rhymes? What about a Kidz Bop CD? To save you from shooting steam out of your ears, here are a few suggestions on how to find the best family music.

Before we go any further, it's important to take into consideration what kind of music you want your family to listen to. While there is nothing wrong in and of itself with secular music, there can be many benefits of listening to Christian music. There are more genres of music than days in the year, so you have a lot to choose from.

With Christian music, there are many artists and church worship teams releasing new music all of the time. K-LOVE and Air1 encompass the vast majority of that music and help you find the good stuff so you can spend your valuable time doing other things. These two radio networks provide the best family music and DJ interaction.

Where Can I Find Family Music For My Daily Commute?

K-LOVE and Air1 - Family Music

"I'm not sure if my city has K-LOVE or Air1" may be your response right now. Unless you've done your research, though, there's a good chance you have missed an Air1 or K-LOVE affiliate in your area that would be perfectly suited for family driving time.

No matter what state you live in, there's likely a K-LOVE or Air1 station in your area that's got you covered. However, with Christian music there are many more benefits than just pure entertainment. We feed our mind with the music we meditate on. You wouldn't put bad food in your mouth so why put bad music in your mind? If you're a parent, you understand the importance of giving your kids good food as well as fitting their minds with positive messages. For Christians, there is nothing better for the entire family to listen to than music that honors God and provides that positive message.

We encourage you to hop online (you're already here) and check out the station listing at K-LOVE and Air1.

K-LOVE and Air1 Mobile Apps - Family Music

Every year we are amazed at the new things our phones can do. Remember when the word "selfie" wasn't in Webster's Dictionary? Anyway, let's talk about the new family music possibilities your smartphone gives you.

The popular phrase "there's an app for that" is constantly becoming truer and truer. For Christian music, Air1 and K-LOVE have great apps to download and use for free. The great news about these apps is that you even if you don't live in a city that carries K-LOVE or Air1, you can stream their broadcast through your phone.

Here is a synopsis of the K-LOVE apps:

K-LOVE Radio App

With the K-LOVE Radio App, listeners are able to follow along with live broadcasts even away from the radio. On top of this basic feature, you can also view artist bios and find out about K-LOVE’s Encouraging Word of the Day. Since you’re listening to the radio, you probably want to know about the latest contests, too. Luckily, the app lets you view those as well.


This app still lets you listen to your favorite K-LOVE songs, but also plugs you into the community of listeners that share a desire to impact their communities. From this app, you can lift up the prayer requests of others or list a prayer need of your own (these can be anonymous).


My K-LOVE also provides articles and scripture readings that will challenge your daily walk and strengthen you for the day. Head over to the “Go Local” section to find events in your area that you can participate in as well.

Next Radio

If you want a more basic way of listening to K-LOVE on the go without using up all of your data plan, Next Radio may be the option for you. While not specifically at K-LOVE app, this program uses the FM transmitter found in most smartphones to tune a station of your choice.

Find K-LOVE under the "Adult Hits" tab and give it a listen. This app will save you significant battery life and data.

More Applications

Another way to find these stations is through the IHeart Radio and TuneIn apps. These are similar to Next Radio, but they aren’t as kind to your phone’s battery and data plan. For those with a Roku device attached to your TV at home, find the K-LOVE application and listen to your favorite radio station from your own TV.

Listen Via The Web or Smart TV

Many times when you're not in your car it's easy to forget that you can listen anytime to K-LOVE or Air1 virtually anywhere that has access to the internet. Nowadays many homes have a family computer. This is typically placed in a center room and is a great way to program the house with the best of today’s Christian music. Remember, as long as you're connected to the Internet, you can listen from an iPad, laptop or a smart TV. It may actually be harder to find ways that you cannot connect to K-LOVE and Air1 than to think of ways to connect to them. They really do make it quite easy.  


We know that not everyone is eager to try out new technology. For those listeners, there are still plenty of K-LOVE and Air1 affiliates as well as each of their smartphone apps to make the day music-filled.

Christmas Stream - Family Music

If you are like many people, the holidays only come once a year. Wouldn't it be nice to listen to Christmas music around the clock 24 hours a day? K-LOVE happens to agree with you.

Whether you're baking Christmas cookies, watching football, or wrapping Christmas presents, the K-LOVE Christmas stream is the best way to hear great Christmas music that'll keep you in the holiday spirit. While they play contemporary Christmas music by the best Christian artists, they also play many of the traditional classics as well.

It can be tough to find just the right music for families to listen to throughout the week, but technology is making it easier. That’s a good thing because music is a great way for families to bond. For this reason, the K-LOVE Fan Awards is an experience for the whole family to come together and listen to the best Christian music of the year. Meet your favorite bands, see many live performances, and learn how God is moving in the Christian music scene.


For more information on how you and your family can attend the ultimate fan experience at the K-LOVE Fan Awards, click on the banner below.

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