Favorite Christian Songs for the Summer

Summer is a time for family, new adventures, and getting outdoors. Whether you’re traveling across the country, going on a mission trip, or starting a new career, summer brings with it an exciting atmosphere that requires a fitting playlist for the road. We’ve put together a few of our favorite Christian songs for the summer that we think can brighten your day and get you in the right frame of mind. Although a few of these favorite Christian songs have been around for a while, many have only come out in the last few months. Take a look and see if you can’t find a couple of new tracks to add to your favorites.

“Good Morning” - Mandisa

If you’ve been listening to Christian music for the last few years, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard this classic Mandisa song a time or two. As the singer’s fans are probably aware, Mandisa has a new record coming out any day now that will introduce us to some more of her uplifting hits. “Good Morning” is an upbeat way to start the day, but the new album also features some new tracks like “Unfinished” and “What You’re Worth” that might serve your summer needs just as well.

“Old Church Choir” - Zach Williams

Williams breakout single, “Chain Breaker,” was one of 2016’s biggest songs of the year. Later this month, the song will be up for Song of the Year and Breakout Single at the fifth annual K-LOVE Fan Awards. If you’ve always wanted to hear more from Williams, his new song “Old Church Choir” is a great place to start. Featuring more of the singer’s Southern sound, “Old Church Choir” has a great beat that will lift up your spirits on a long drive.

“Love With Your Life” - Hollyn - Favorite Christian Songs

Speaking of songs with a great beat, Hollyn has been delivering some powerful songs through her first EP and full-length album. One of the hit songs to come off of that 2017 album was “Love With Your Life.” As you can probably infer from the title, the song is about how we need to show the love of Christ through more than just our words. If our actions don’t match the gospel that we’re preaching, then our message will be lost.

“Do Something” - Matthew West

Summer is a good time to find service opportunities where you can help others or maybe even go on a mission trip. Like the lyrics of Matthew West’s “Do Something” say, how can we expect God to do something if we don’t even care enough to make a difference ourselves? One of the great things about the work that God is doing in the world is that we have the opportunity to be a part of it as well. On top of this powerful message, the song is a fun listen in its own right. If you’re joining us in Nashville for the K-LOVE Fan Awards, you’ll see Matthew West as he hosts with Elisabeth Hasselbeck again this year.



“This is the Stuff” - Francesca Battistelli

When you’re making a list of summer songs, you typically want a few entries that are light and breezy. Francesca Battistelli has you covered. “This is the Stuff” is a fun song about not getting lost in the minor setbacks because God is at work. This is an important lesson to remember because many people out there don’t get to experience the joys of summer like others. The summer can be an amazingly fun time for adventure for some while others are too bogged down by daily struggles to really enjoy it. We could all use the reminder to not get lost in the noise. Enjoy today as much as you can and trust in God.

“Happiness” - Needtobreathe

If your favorite Christian songs tend to be a little more rock and roll, then “Happiness” by Needtobreathe might be a great addition to your summer playlist. This band from South Carolina has had many great songs over the years that range from fun and upbeat to introspectively soulful. Some of those hits include “Brother,” “Multiplied,” and “Lay ‘Em Down.” The song we’re talking about here is a great one that also has a wonderful acoustic version you can check out.



“Beautiful Day” - Jamie Grace - Favorite Christian Songs

Coming from the singer’s 2014 album “Ready to Fly,” this track has the bubbly sound that you love to listen to on a warm summer day. If you want to hear more music like it, we also suggest you listen to the new Jamie Grace single, “The Happy Song,” The young singer should be showing us all some more new music soon, but these are two great songs to get you through the summer.

“Hills and Valleys” - Tauren Wells

Although he may not have the most extensive discography out there, Tauren Wells has had plenty of time to find his voice through his years spent in Royal Tailor. “Hills and Valleys” is the artist’s biggest song to date, but he has some other good jams in “Undefeated” and “Love is Action.” There are actually a few different versions of “Hills and Valleys” too, so you might consider trying them all out and seeing the different ways the song presents itself.

“Be the Change” - Britt Nicole

When it comes to Christian pop, few singers are doing it quite like Britt Nicole. After dropping her self-titled album last fall, the artist has fully embraced the sound of the day to make an album distinct from her previous work. Aside from the single “Through Your Eyes,” one of the album’s best contributions is “Be The Change.” Both are good additions to this list of favorite Christian songs for the summer.





“Joy of the Lord” - Rend Collective

Rend Collective has mastered the sound of joy in their music. They even have an album titled “The Art of Celebration” that will get your feet moving for a solid half hour. When you’re looking for some good summer songs, you want to have a little fun. “Joy of the Lord” is just one of the great songs this band has to offer. If you’re going on a family road trip this summer, you might want to check out the album “As Family We Go.” There’s not much room for picking the wrong song with these guys.

“Now” - Mallary Hope - Favorite Christian Songs

After a stint in country music, Mallary Hope recently cut the track “Now” that combines the best of that genre with a CCM sound. The single is everything you’d want in a summer song: upbeat, encouraging, and fun. With a message centered on God’s faithfulness and omnipresence, “Now” is an uplifting song that you’ll enjoy all summer long.

“Throne Room” - Kim Walker-Smith

One of our favorite Christian songs in the worship category this summer is Kim Walker-Smith’s “Throne Room.” Taken from the singer’s brand new album “On My Side,” this song is powerful and moving no matter how many times you listen to it. Best known for her work in Jesus Culture, Walker-Smith has taken a big step in the solo direction with this album.



“Still” - Hillary Scott & the Scott Family

Like Zach Williams and “Chain Breaker,” Hillary Scott received a warm welcome to Christian music with the single “Thy Will.” Previously having been a part of the country sensation Lady Antebellum, Scott is no stranger to hit songs or big stages. Aside from the massive hit that her first Christian song was, the singer has another great one in “Still.” Coming from a similar theme of waiting on God and trying to understand His plan, the song is soothing like a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

“Home” - Chris Tomlin - Favorite Christian Songs

It’s almost a rule of Christian music that you can’t write a full piece on favorite Christian songs and not mention Chris Tomlin, but we promise it is well-deserved here. “Jesus” and “Good Good Father” are two of the singer’s biggest recent hits, but “Home” shouldn’t fly too far under the radar. This is a great worship song that is also packed with joy for your listening pleasure. When we think about the coming reality of our Heavenly home, it’s hard to not get excited.

“Fearless” - Jasmine Murray

One of the year’s biggest surprise hits is this song from newcomer Jasmine Murray. Following the path of groups like Hillsong Young & Free and others, Murray has put together a song with a great beat that also delivers an empowering message. “Fearless” is a fun track to add to your playlist this summer. We look forward to hearing more from Jasmine Murray in the future.

Favorite Christian Songs for the Summer

“Prove It” - Crowder, KB

For a song that really packs a punch, we recommend “Prove It” from Crowder featuring KB. This is one of our favorite Christian songs for the summer because it combines so many great elements from different areas of music. Hip hop, blues, Southern rock, and a number of other influences make this song one to play any time you need boost in energy this summer.

We hope these songs become some of your favorite Christian songs this summer too. You can’t go wrong with any of these choices or the different acts’ other work. Christian music gives us an outlet for entertainment as well as a source of encouragement. That’s why the K-LOVE Fan Awards celebrates the crowning achievements in Christian music each year. Bringing together the hottest bands and their biggest fans, this is the ultimate fan experience. Find out how you can attend by clicking below.


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