12 Female Christian Authors in Fiction

C.S. Lewis. Ted Dekker. Frank Peretti. There have been many great male authors of Christian fiction throughout the years. You may not, however, be aware of some of the most popular female Christian authors in fiction. With novels ranging from historical fiction to suspenseful romance, these female Christian authors will take you through stories that touch your heart, engage your brain, and remind you of the faith that ties us all together. We hope that these writers have made an impact on your life, even if it was just by providing a fun read. Here are some of our favorite female Christian authors in fiction.

Karen Kingsbury

If we were to name a queen in the court of Christian fiction, there’s no doubt that Karen Kingsbury would be a contender. When she was just starting out in her 20’s, the author specialized in crime novels full of grit and mystery. By the late 90’s Kingsbury had changed course by becoming a romantic fiction author. Since making that decision, she has written dozens of novels over roughly two decades. Among her most popular books are the Baxter Family collection (featuring “Love Story” and “To the Moon and Back”) and the “Angels Walking” series.

Jan Karon

Author Jan Karon has lived a long and complicated life. From family drama to a long line of different occupations, her journey to becoming a writer hit more than a few bumps. Her first major work, “At Home in Mitford,” was published when Karon was in her late 50’s. The novel turned into a long-running series about an Episcopal priest in a small town. There are now over a dozen books in the Mitford Years series and the author has released several related works as well.

Beverly Lewis

With many female Christian authors in fiction, one setting or group of people may come to dominate their work. For Beverly Lewis this area of focus is the Amish community and similar folks. The author has been transporting readers to this simpler setting for more than two decades. Mystery, romance, and coming of age tales are all part of the stories that Lewis has written in series like the Rose trilogy.

Priscilla Shirer

Our next author is known more for her non-fiction than her literary works, but Priscilla Shirer recently joined the ranks of the other female Christian authors in fiction on our list. Her epic series “The Prince Warriors” has already released a number of installments with more on the way. The books follow a group of young people who are transported to an enchanted world where they must fight evil. Of course if you want some good non-fiction content, you can also check out books of Shirer’s like “Fervent” and “God is Able.”

Francine Rivers

If you were to poll readers on the ten most popular works in Christian fiction, Francine Rivers’ “Redeeming Love” would be on the list. The author has always specialized in romantic historical fiction, be it in the early days of America or all the way back to Biblical times. Her most recent book, “The Masterpiece,” was a bestseller that received rave reviews from fans. The book's story is closer to a present day setting but still has the themes of redemption and romance that readers have enjoyed for years.

Lynn Austin

Like many female Christian authors in fiction, Lynn Austin started her writing career while she was raising her kids. The long years of work paid off with the publication of Austin’s first book series in the mid-to-late 90’s. The Refiner’s Fire series which won multiple Christy Awards for its effort is among her most famous work. The collection of books follow a variety of women as they navigate the Civil War.

Rachel Hauck - Female Christian Authors in Fiction

For fans of contemporary Christian romance and Hallmark films, author Rachel Hauck is one you’ll want to look for as soon as possible. The recent wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Harry and Meghan for those of the lay person.) may inspire you to pick up the author’s Royal Wedding series that features a trio of love stories fit for a princess. If you're not into the royalty thing you can also check out “The Writing Desk” and “The Wedding Dress” for stories that span decades and speak to the heart.

Kristen Heitzmann

Untangle a mystery with author Kristen Heitzmann when you take on the Michelli Family trilogy. These stories, much like the writer's other work, are all about understanding the past in order to make sense of the present. Readers can also bond with Morgan Spencer in the Rush of WIngs series, as the character deals with tragedy, romance, and finding himself. If you don’t want to commit to a whole series, “Freefall” gives you a self-contained story about a young woman who can’t remember who she is and the man investigating her past.

Colleen Coble

Colleen Coble is another one of these prolific female Christian authors who began her writing journey well into her adult life. Having married and raised kids at a young age, Coble decided to fulfill her dream of writing a book. More than two dozen titles later, Coble is a respected author who has served as the CEO of American Christian Fiction Writers. Among her bestselling works are installments from the Rock Harbor mystery series and “Tidewater Inn.”

Terri Blackstock

Author Terri Blackstock has been writing romance and mystery novels for decades. Her most recent series kicked off in 2016 with the publication of “If I Run.” The books follow a woman wrongly accused of murder as she attempts to find the real culprits. Blackstock’s main focus is on suspense novels, but if you’re looking for something less squeamish, check out “Covenant Child” or the romance anthology “Chance of Loving You” which she co-wrote with Susan May Warren and Candace Calvert.

Lynette Eason

Another great writer of suspense is Lynette Eason. Her work often revolves around law enforcement and other groups designed to protect. One of her most popular book series is the “Elite Guardians.” The books are about a bodyguard agency fully staffed by women. Readers can also look for the “Women of Justice” series that follows (as you can imagine) different women in law enforcement and related fields. Eason's work is great for fans of female characters and mystery/suspense.

Patricia Bradley

The last entry on our list of female Christian authors in fiction is Patricia Bradley. The writer keeps up our list’s current trend of suspenseful authors. Bradley is behind the successful Logan Point series. It tells a variety of tales involving the events of a small Mississippi town. Criminal profilers, women on the run, and private detectives tracking missing persons are just some of what the series has to offer readers. Staying in the South, the author’s current series follows the cold case files of the Memphis police. It all begins with “Justice Delayed,” a story about finding a killer before the wrong man is given the penalty of death.

We know there isn’t any shortage of great female Christian authors in fiction as there are many other storytellers would could go on about, but these 12 writers are a strong representation of the talented individuals who are creating fun and captivating reading material for faith-based audiences. The K-LOVE Fan Awards is all about celebrating entertaining music, films, and books that are making an impact on Christian communities. Find out how you can be a part of the ultimate fan experience by clicking on the link below.

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