Where Can I Find Christian Movies Online?

Movies are a huge part of the culture in the world we live in. Whether it’s the latest Oscar nominee or superhero blockbuster, Hollywood is one of the biggest entertainment resources for Americans. The problem can be finding movies that are safe for your whole family and promote positive values. With the rising cost of theater tickets and concessions, a movie night at home may be more of your style. So where can you find Christian movies online? Turns out there are a few answers to that question.

We’ve compiled a list of websites and services that provide a pretty wide array of entertainment options for you and your family. Some of these companies provide 100% Christian content, others are a mix of general “family” programming, and one or two feature Christian entertainment as a minor part of their business. Let’s check out your options.

Netflix - Christian Movies Online

This company has quickly become one of the biggest names in entertainment. Originally started as a DVD-by-mail business, Netflix really took off once they put an emphasis on online streaming. Since then, they have gone on to create original programming that has won dozens of Emmys and even contended for a few Academy Awards.

As far as Christian movies on Netflix go, you’ll have to do a little bit of searching to find them. Fortunately, the service does have a search function you can use to find actors, directors, or (for our purposes here) genres. Just use words like “Christian” or “religious” in the search bar and you should be on the right track. If that sounds like too much work, we actually put together a list of some great Christian movies on Netflix as of October 2016.

Since Netflix is the biggest name in streaming, they do often have Christian movies online that no one else has. The down side to their having a diverse audience is that they also have a lot of content available that is not suitable for families. Your profile on the site will reflect your viewing choices, though. If you’re only ever watching family programming, your profile should offer you less secular choices over time.

As far as pricing goes, there are streaming subscriptions available from $7.99 to $11.99 per month. The more expensive plans allow you to watch from multiple TVs at one time and offer HD programming. Netflix does offer a free trial month if you want to check them out before handing over your money.

Where Can I Find Christian Movies Online?

Pure Flix

If Netflix sounds like it might involve too much pick-and-choose for Christian movies online, there is a relatively new company that only offers family-friendly content. Pure Flix is co-founded by David A.R. White, a Christian actor and filmmaker that you may have seen in films like “God’s Not Dead.”

Only offering Christian and family-friendly programming, Pure Flix is a service where you can turn the remote over to your kids and not worry about what they’ll come across when you’re out of the room. The website for Pure Flix advertises “No Language, Sex, or Violence Surprises.”

If the company’s name sounds familiar to you, that’s because they also own a production company by the same name. On top of producing films like “Woodlawn,” “Do You Believe?,” and “I’m Not Ashamed,” the company decided to get in the streaming business as well.

Featuring hundreds of titles to pick from, Pure Flix also has a homeschool aide for parents hoping to show educational content to their school-age children.

The service is available for $10.99/month or just under $100 for an annual subscription. Just like Netflix, they also offer a free one-month trial.

Dove Channel

If you own any Christian movies at your home, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen the small icon on the corner of your DVD that has the Dove rating for family friendliness. The same people that pass out those ratings have also come up with a streaming service of their own.

Similar to Pure Flix, the Dove Channel only features content that is good for families. Each film even has a rating for elements like sexuality, language, violence, and more.

Since the Dove Foundation has been around for a while, they have some older entries from iconic personalities like Abbott and Costello, Shirley Temple, and John Wayne. This streaming service doesn’t have the most diverse lineup, but there are hundreds of choices to look over.

As far as subscription rates go, the Dove Channel has a nice setup. You can either subscribe on a monthly basis for $4.99, quarterly for $11.99, or yearly for $39.99. They also have a 30-day free trial.

UP Faith and Family

If you’re a TV-watcher that likes family entertainment, there’s a good chance that you’ve come across the UP channel. Like many channels and production companies these days, the folks over at UP decided to make their own streaming service.

UP Faith and Family features many of the channel’s original programming like “Heartland” and “Bringing up Bates.” The service is somewhat limited in options but there are plenty of TV shows, documentaries, and family movies to keep you busy for a while. As one of the newer streaming options to come out, UP Faith and Family should be expanding as time goes on.

This company certainly won’t break your piggy bank with their prices, as a monthly subscription will only cost you $4.99. Comcast and Dish subscribers should speak to their providers about adding UP Faith and Family to their services.

Christian Cinema

Christian Cinema is a slightly different way to view Christian movies online. Whereas most of the companies so far have conducted business on a subscription model, Christian Cinema is more of an online movie rental store.

Originally started as a disc service, the company switched over to streaming in recent years.

Featuring popular Christian movies like “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry,” “23 Blast,” and “Do You Believe?,”this service allows you to rent films whenever you want without a monthly subscription.

For families that don’t often watch movies, it might make more sense to rent a film for $3.99 than to pay $7.99 for a subscription you only use sparingly. Even if you rent several movies a month, it would most likely still be cheaper than one date at the movies.

Prices on Christian Cinema fluctuate between which films you are wanting to watch, but most will be in the $3-5 range. You can also purchase a film if you’d rather go that route.

Where Can I Find Christian Movies Online?


The last option for finding Christian movies online is most likely a name with which you’re already familiar.

YouTube has been around for over a decade and has been one of the biggest additions to the Internet in recent years. Did you know there was more to it than cat videos and movie trailers?

While it may take you some digging, there are actually several family options that can found on YouTube. There are countless sermons and cartoons for kids available, plus a few feature-length movies. These options can be a little hard to find due to the volume of content on YouTube, but at the very least you can find inspiring Christian videos.

While it may not be the best option for finding Christian movies online, YouTube is a free service. It never hurts to look and see if there are some family-friendly entertainment options available.

There may be a company or two that we left out on our list, but these are some of the most common names you’ll come across when looking for Christian movies online. From subscription services to pay-as-you-go rentals, these companies provide some diversity that should make you a better informed customer.

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