Where Can I Go to Find Christian Music News?

We live in a society that is saturated with pop culture and entertainment. Take the average evening indoors for example: in between multi-million dollar television shows we are sold laundry detergent by a famous actress and the newest touch screen gadgets by this year’s biggest rapper. This is, of course, after we just made dinner using our favorite talk show host’s cookware and a recipe from the Food Network. Every aspect of our public lives is permeated with music, TV, film, and more. If you’re a Christian music fan, however, you don’t always get access to the entertainment about which you want to know more. Let’s fix that. You can actually find a good bit of Christian music news if you know where to look. Between magazines, websites, and social media, you can stay in the loop for all of your favorite artists. Here are a few places we recommend for finding Christian music news.

Christian Music News on the Radio

If you’re looking for Christian music news, there’s a good chance that you are already listening to Christian radio stations like K-LOVE and Air1. While these stations are full of great music, you can also hear about concerts coming to a location near you as well as other exciting news. As you travel on your morning commute and listen to the K-LOVE Morning Show, you’re likely to hear many of the day’s top headlines on top of exciting Christian music news about the biggest artists. This is a great way to stay connected to the music you love while also enjoying spiritual content that can really bless your day.

And since we’re living in the 21st century, you can get even more Christian music news by visiting the websites of these radio stations. Read bios on your new favorite artists, see interviews, or just enjoy the archive of lyrics and other information.

Christian Music News in Magazines

Over the last few decades, magazines have played an important role in keeping music fans up to date on the biggest tours and letting them take a peek behind the showbiz curtain. Just like the rest of the world has Rolling Stone and other publications, listeners can find Christian music news in magazines that shine a light on all that God is doing in the world of entertainment.

One of the most popular Christian magazines engaging in culture and Christian music is Relevant Magazine. Aimed at twenty- and thirty-somethings, this publication seeks to uncover the things that need to be discussed in both the secular and Christian world. Although the focus isn’t solely on Christian music, Relevant does feature interviews, news, and reviews on the subject. If you want to get your Christian music news from a magazine designed just for music, we can also recommend CCM Magazine. Like Relevant and others, CCM does print physical issues while also having great digital content. In recent months the magazine has done exclusive interviews with artists like Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North and Chris Llewellyn of Rend Collective that fans will enjoy. What makes magazine features like this so great is that the longform allows readers to see more than the basics you would expect from red carpet interviews or brief social media posts. One more Christian magazine to consider is Christianity Today. Like Relevant, but without the focus on millennials, this magazine covers everything from culture to church history. You can find some content for Christian music news even though the magazine doesn’t wrap its identity up in this field.

Websites Dedicated to Christian Music News

If you prefer to get your music news online, we can help you out there as well. As previously stated, the websites for K-LOVE and Air1 have a lot to offer when it comes to learning about artists and finding concerts in your area. You can also find articles on Christian music on the websites for the magazines we’ve already listed. Aside from these great stops on the internet you can find a number of good Christian websites for just about anything.

One website we like for Christian music news is New Release Today. Here you can find out which albums are dropping when and occasionally find reviews too. As far as interviews and special articles, the site doesn’t have much beyond a few 500-word backgrounds on artists. Despite this, it’s still a good place to check to find out when a particular album is being released. Today’s Christian Music is another location where you can find news on your favorite Christian artists. As part of the Salem Media Group, they have a lot of connections and even link to CCM Magazine. You can find out about new music videos and tour dates, possibly gaining an edge when it comes to seeing your favorite artist when they come to your town.

Secular Websites and Social Media with Christian Music News

Christian websites, radio stations, and magazines surely have the most to offer someone who wants to receive Christian music news, but there are other places where you can learn as well. If you want to find out which songs and albums are trending right now, you can go over to Billboard and see what’s getting radio play, selling online, and more. You can find Christian music news from time to time on some other music websites as well. Just be sure to look for a tab that says Christian, Religious, or something similar. The world isn’t too worried about covering Christian music news, but artists like Switchfoot and Lecrae have shown that religious bands can catch a break every now and then.

Social media has really changed the game when it comes to following your favorite artists. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter we can interact with popular musicians every day. Many artists will also debut new music videos or tour information through their social media accounts. When Joel Smallbone of for KING & COUNTRY had to send his child into surgery, he shared that news with his fans on social media. Britt Nicole likes to post her favorite pictures from photo shoots and family occasions on her Twitter page. Not every artist is the same, but our culture today is all about sharing your life online. What better way could there be to stay up to date with your favorite band than checking a feed that is updated multiple times a week or more?

These are some of the best places to go for Christian music news. It never hurts to be informed, and staying up to date ensures that you don’t miss out when your favorite singer drops a new album or announces a comeback tour. You can also find Christian news when it comes to national stories, politics, and more. Look for trusted voices to give you a Godly perspective on what’s happening around the world.

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