First-Time Nominees at the 2018 K-LOVE Fan Awards

As we get closer to another year at the K-LOVE Fan Awards, we know that there are a few first-time nominees this year with whom people may or may not be acquainted. Voting is currently underway for the 2018 K-LOVE Fan Awards and we’re excited to have so many great artists, both the well-known and the emerging, on the ballot. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to make sure you vote for this year’s awards even if you aren’t joining us in Nashville. Here are some of the popular singers and films nominated at this year’s show.

Cory Asbury

Unless you’re a big fan of Bethel Music, your first exposure to Cory Asbury was likely the release of “Reckless Love” in the fall of 2017. Long before this song catapulted the worship leader into the national spotlight, Asbury was a worship pastor in a few different churches and ministries. His first album came in 2008 when the singer was only 22 years old. In each ministry position he has held, Asbury has had increasing exposure in the music industry. Last year’s “Reckless Love” has basically been at the top of the Hot Christian Songs chart for six months straight. The song’s success doesn’t stop there, either, as it has also hit the top of the radio charts and for digital song sales. At this year’s K-LOVE Fan Awards, Cory Asbury and “Reckless Love” will be up for Song of the Year, Worship Song of the Year, and Breakout Single.

Jasmine Murray

We’re so excited to have Jasmine Murray back with us this year at the K-LOVE Fan Awards. This young singer is one of the many talented voices to appear on “American Idol” through the years. Not only that, but she also competed for the title of Miss America just before she began to pursue a career in Christian music. At 26 years old Murray is the youngest nominee at this year’s show, beating Lauren Daigle for the title by three months. Jasmine Murray rose to fame from her debut single, “Fearless.” Later in 2017 her self-titled EP came out and with it a new hit titled “No Other Love.” Jasmine Murray is nominated for both Female Artist of the Year and Breakout Single at the 2018 K-LOVE Fan Awards.

Film Impact Nominees at the 2018 K-LOVE Fan Awards

The last year has been great not only for the Christian music industry, but the film market as well. We’re proud to showcase five Christian movies that tell powerful stories of faith and bring tales of the Bible to life like never before. Our nominees brought a total of nearly $120 million to the worldwide box office! In case you weren’t able to see all of these films, we wanted to provide you with a short synopsis of each.


“Samson” was the first Christian film to be released in theaters in 2018. Following the story of the strongman found in the Old Testament book of Judges, this film was hailed as one of the first action epics of the recent Christian film movement. “Samson” featured a few well known faces in Rutger Hauer as Samson’s father and Billy Zane as King Balek.The film was produced by Pure Flix and managed to pull in around $5 million from its run in theaters.

“All Saints”

A life in ministry never goes exactly how we planned it. “All Saints” deptics the real-life journey of Rev. Michael Spurlock, a man of faith who was brought in to close a dying church but found a way to breathe new life into it instead. Veteran actor John Corbett plays the reverend who discovers that his church land is ideal for growing crops to feed the local immigrant community. “All Saints” is a great family film that teaches us how to listen to God even when His plan is different than our own.

“Paul, Apostle of Christ”

One of 2018’s most popular Christian films is “Paul, Apostle of Christ.” Have you read through the account of Acts and wished you could see what was happening outside the margins of the text? This film follows the journey of Paul’s redemption and shows how he became a leader in the early Christian church. “Passion of the Christ” actor Jim Caviezel plays Luke, the disciple of Christ who spent much of his time with Paul during his later years. “Paul, Apostle of Christ” was able to make nearly $20 million off of a $5 million budget, making it one 2018’s most profitable Christian films.

“Same Kind of Different As Me”

Another true-to-life adaptation is the story of Ron Hall (played by Academy Award nominee Greg Kinnear) in “Same Kind of Different As Me.” After volunteering at a homeless shelter, Ron meets a man named Denver Moore (played by Academy Award nominee Djimon Hounsou) who helps him get his life back on track. In the process Denver Moore also learns how to live again and the two men form a lasting friendship. In case the two highly-touted actors already listed aren’t enough to gain your interest, we’ll also throw in two Academy Award winners in Renee Zellweger and Jon Voight.

“I Can Only Imagine”

Lastly, the year’s biggest Christian movie has proved to be “I Can Only Imagine.” Premiering in March 2018, the film has grossed over $82 million, making it the sixth highest earning Christian film of all time. For those who haven’t seen the film, it follows the life journey of MercyMe singer Bart Millard and his inspiration for the worldwide hit song “I Can Only Imagine.” Millard’s father is portrayed in the film by Golden Globe nominee Dennis Quaid and Hollywood legend Cloris Leachman makes an appearance as well.





Tauren Wells

Getting back to the music side of things, Tauren Wells is another promising singer who has earned his first nomination at the K-LOVE Fan Awards. His first introduction to the music scene was as the frontman for Royal Tailor from 2004 to 2015. A little over a year ago Wells released the single “Hills and Valleys,” a song which peaked at #3 on the Hot Christian Songs chart. Since then he has also released a full-length album and appeared on hit songs with Social Club Misfits and Crowder.

Micah Tyler

Another male singer who has been making waves over the last year or two is Micah Tyler. After signing with Fair Trade Services, Tyler released his first studio album in 2017. “Different” had a few hits to its name, including a great title track that showcases the artist’s voice as well as “Never Been a Moment.” Both singles performed well on the charts and each broke the Top 20 Christian songs in digital sales. The 35-year-old’s perseverance paid off and he now has a best selling album and his first nomination at the K-LOVE Fan Awards for Breakout Single.

Kim Walker-Smith

A longtime collaborator with Jesus Culture, Kim Walker-Smith released her third solo studio album last spring. The project, titled “On My Side,” is a worship experience heavily influenced by her other musical pursuits but one that stands well on its own. The album peaked at #1 on the Top Christian Albums chart and found similar success with its main single, “Throne Room.” Joining the ranks of Mandisa, Lauren Daigle, and Natalie Grant, we’re happy to have Kim Walker-Smith up for Female Artist of the Year at the 2018 K-LOVE Fan Awards.

We wish all of our nominees the best and hope that you, the fans, will do your part in voting for your favorites. If you’ve never been to the K-LOVE Fan Awards, we’d encourage to click the link below to find out how you and/or your family can make it to the ultimate fan experience. You can see the year’s hottest performances, meet many of your favorite artists, and enjoy a night of worship and Christian entertainment at the K-LOVE Fan Awards. Come join us!

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