How to Get the Most Out of Christian Music

Whether it’s at church on Sunday morning or listening to K-LOVE in the car on the way to work, Christian music can play a big part in the lives of believers. We all enjoy listening to music to some extent or another, but what if we could use the music we hear every day to positively impact the world around us? It may sound crazy, but we already know that music can affect our mood throughout the day. When we think about Christian music, that power is exponentially greater because of the Biblical truths that are often contained in the lyrics.

So what are some ways we can get the most out of Christian music? And how can that be used to help improve the lives of those around us? Let’s talk about a few things you can do, starting with the obvious.

Listen to Christian Music

We know, that’s a little on the nose. It’s true, however, that you won’t get a lot out of Christian music if you aren’t actively engaging with it. One of the worst things you can do is to talk bad about the kinds of Christian music that you don’t enjoy rather than focusing on the stuff that really connects with you. Perhaps you prefer praise and worship music over the more pop-sounding radio tunes. That’s totally fine, but there’s no need to write off an entire genre of music because of it.

Get out there and explore some of the new Christian songs and artists that are making waves. You might find a new favorite that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. When we’re willing to try new things, it’s rarely a negative experience.

We’ve already mentioned how music has the power to put you in a better mood. Listening to Christian music is going to do the same thing while also putting positive, Christ-filled words and thoughts on your heart. There’s a reason why K-LOVE promotes the 30-Day challenge to its listeners. When you listen exclusively to Christian music for 30 days, you just might notice a change in your attitude and demeanor.

Listening to Christian music is the first and most basic step for getting the most out of your Christian music. Now, to go a little deeper.

Examine the Lyrics

When we’re listening to music, Christian or not, how often do we think about the words that are being delivered to us? Think about who you’re with when you listen to music. Do you always feel comfortable with those people hearing the same lyrics? One of the great things about Christian music is that we don’t have to worry so much about the lyrics. That’s why it’s the best family music.

Examining the lyrics is the next level of listening to Christian music. There’s nothing wrong with simply enjoying the beat to a catchy song, but music that reflects our faith can be so much more interesting when we actually think about what is being said. Plus, music is usually more fun when you know the words well enough to sing along.

How to Get the Most Out of Christian Music

Pray for the Musicians

It’s probably not much of a reach to say that many listeners don’t think to pray for the Christian musicians who are out there creating today’s most popular songs. That’s a mistake because the lives of Christian celebrities can be tough. Living under public scrutiny is part of the job whenever your work puts you on a stage or gives you a platform, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

On top of the normal problems that any person might have, these musicians are also constantly challenging themselves to come up with inspired original music that will be able connect with millions of listeners. When they’re not writing or recording, they also travel to dozens of tour stops throughout the year to perform live shows and visit with all their fans. To be fair, that’s just part of the gig when you’re a musician, but that doesn’t make it any easier on families that have to work their lives around a tour schedule.

When you pray for Christian artists, you are giving them an extra level of support that buying a song on iTunes simply can’t compare to. This will also connect you more personally to the music you hear on the radio. Praying for someone builds a deeper understanding for their wants, needs, and dreams. In Christian music, it helps to think of these musicians as brothers and sisters in Christ rather than some far-off celebrity whom you will never meet.

Buy Albums, Not Just Singles

Another way you can support Christian music is to financially back these artists by purchasing their work. There’s nothing wrong with simply listening to the radio or only buying singles that you like, but these artists are recording 10-12 songs per album. For many artists, only two or three of those will make it to the radio, and even that’s only for the most famous acts. When we pay for music, especially with full albums, we are supporting our favorite artists in a way that streaming can never compare. On average, streaming services like Spotify pay an artist $0.006 to $0.0084 every time their song is played. And by “pay an artist,” we mean record labels and all that other red tape as well. So if you play a Casting Crowns song 100 times each year, you’re probably only giving them about 60 cents at best. No one’s saying you have to buy every Christian album that comes out, but maybe splurge on the whole record when it comes to a handful of your favorite artists.

Buying albums isn’t just good news for the musicians, though. As we’ve already established, most Christian songs never make it to the radio. When you buy these albums, you’re discovering nearly 10 new songs that you otherwise wouldn’t have heard. Talk about getting the most out of your Christian music!

Share Christian Music With Others

Like most things in life, we get the most out of our music when we share it with others. Have you found the perfect song to help you through the day? Share it with your friends on social media. Is there a new Christian song that you want your daughter to hear as she heads off to college? Buy her the CD so she can listen to it on the way to class. No matter how or with whom you share your music, it’s always better when we share the things we love. Who knows, maybe the other person can introduce you to something new as well.

Christian music can have a big impact on the life of a believer. That’s why the K-LOVE Fan Awards gives listeners a chance to vote on their favorite artists and see them performing live in the ultimate fan experience. Find out more about how you can attend this annual event by clicking on the link below.


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