15 Great Devotionals for Fathers to Read Daily

As the head of the household, fathers have a responsibility to be in consistent pursuit of righteousness. When the man of the house is not staying in the word, praying over his family, and discovering ways to better himself, it opens up the rest of the family for failure. Daily devotions are an important way to spend time with the Lord. Some people use this time to simply read a portion of Scripture and pray over the needs present in their lives, which is a great way to do things. Other people like to add in a special devotional that gives extra encouragement for the day’s tasks. Here are a few great devotionals for fathers to read daily.

“Two Minutes in the Bible for Men”

When it come to devotionals for men, you will often find that one of the common themes is simplicity. We should never aim for the bare minimum when it comes to our daily scripture reading, but we live in a world that moves at a brisk pace. Assuming that men are sticking to a consistent reading plan outside of their devotionals, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going for something quick and easy. This 90-day devotional from Boyd Bailey is a great start for men who have had trouble with the discipline of Bible reading. There are actually many different options in this “Two Minutes in…” series that allow the reader to focus on different areas.

“The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge”

Former football player and NFL coach Tony Dungy has written several inspiring books in recent years on subjects like leadership, manhood, and the story of his own life. This daily devotional, co-written by Nathan Whitaker, is a great read for sports enthusiasts who want a yearlong exploration of what the uncommon life looks like.

“The Business of Heaven: Daily Readings”

A lot of the great devotionals for fathers are easy to read and offer practical tips for daily life. If you want something a little more challenging, though, might we suggest this collection of C.S. Lewis? The famous theologian has more than enough wisdom to share on a variety of topics that will start your day off with a few minutes of deep thinking. This is a great way to enjoy Lewis’ writing because it is broken up into a year’s worth of small ideas with big implications.

15 Great Devotionals for Fathers to Read Daily

“The Duck Commander Devotional”

No list of great devotionals for fathers would be complete without a few options that speak to all the sportsmen out there. Coming from the guys on “Duck Dynasty,” this book is full of old fashioned wisdom and a few gems for outdoor enthusiasts. Made up of a year’s worth of entries from several different members of the Robertson clan, this book is a good read for any fans of the show. You can also check out the “Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible” or Willie Robertson’s newest book on fishing, “The American Fisherman.”

“A Look at Life From the Deer Stand”

Another great choice for fans of hunting and fishing is the devotional format to Steve Chapman’s famous book. Drawing analogies for everyday life from the experience of hunting, Chapman provides a fresh perspective on the truth of the Bible. The author also has a new book on praying for your kids that you might want to look at.

“My Daily Pursuit” - Great Devotionals for Fathers

Though not explicitly written for men, this is one of the great devotionals for fathers who are looking for a heavy dose of theology in their daily reading. A. W. Tozer was one of the finest Christian minds to ever put pen to paper and now we can use excerpts from his teachings as part of a daily study of scripture. This year-long devotional might be the best choice for anyone who has already read and enjoyed the C.S. Lewis collection listed above.

“The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional”

While fathers are always the head of the household, they can’t overlook the intimate relationship there is to be had with their wives. Every close relationship needs nurturing, none more than that of a spouse. This quick devotional from Gary Chapman will give you the opportunity to strengthen your marriage every day over the course of a year.

“15 Minutes Alone with God for Men”

Have you ever wanted to truly get alone with God? That’s why it’s so important to spend time in scripture and have a healthy prayer life. When we push out the rest of the world and communicate with him, it is both peaceful and invigorating. Author Bob Barnes has written several devotionals over the years, including a few specifically for men. This book provides men with a short, but thorough, reading plan that will start the day off on the right foot.

“Men of the Bible: A One-Year Devotional Study of Men in Scripture”

Perhaps you’re looking for a devotional that offers more than an anecdotal story, but not an entire course on theology. Somewhere in the middle is the “Men of the Bible” study. Focusing on a new Biblical man each week, the book allows you to dive deep into what made each man special and how it relates to us today.

“Strength for Service to God and Country”

For those who have served in the U.S. military or have family/friends who did, you may already be familiar with the original “Strength for Service to God and Country” book published during WWII. Over the years, this devotional has been instrumental in ministering to soldiers around the world. After receiving a recent update, the book is full of even more great devotionals for fathers to read.

“With God on…” Series - Great Devotionals for Fathers

The Outdoor Insight Pocket Devotional Series provides men with several devotional books that combine scripture with the best of the outdoors. Through these 40-day reading plans, men draw spiritual analogies from their favorite activities like golf, hiking, hunting, and the open road. If the idea of staying with the same devotional for a year sounds like a bit much, one of these might be a better option.

“Men of Integrity: A Daily Guide to the Bible and Prayer”

What makes this one of the great devotionals for fathers is that the book was put together by the people at Promise Keepers. More than just checking off a daily box, this devotional is aimed at challenging its reader with practical applications as well as a daily dose of faith-building. Whether or not you have ever been able to catch one of the many Promise Keepers conferences, this is a great choice for a daily devotional.

“#staymarried: A Couple's Devotional”

Maybe you already have one of these great devotionals for fathers or something similar, but you want a devotional that brings you and your wife closer together. Author Michelle Peterson put together this book after building a following with her blog and podcast of the same name. Instead of daily devotionals, this book allows you and your spouse to have weekly devotions that work on different parts of your marriage. This is just one of the great ways in which you can inspire intimacy in your relationship.

“A Minute of Vision for Men”

If you’re already engaged in a One Year Bible reading plan or you’re tackling God’s word chronologically, you may want a devotional book that is quick to the point. With “A Minute Vision for Men,” you are ending your daily time with the Lord with one final parting shot that will send you out the door on a good note. This could also be something that you do at a different time in the day, like at lunch or right before bed. Whatever works best for your situation.

“Devotions for the Man in the Mirror”

Nearly 30 years after its initial release, Patrick Morley’s “The Man in the Mirror” is still helping men with the problems they face. This updated devotional version of the book includes 75 daily readings that will teach you how to be a man of God’s choosing rather than one consumed by the priorities of the world.

Whether or not you choose to go with one of these great devotionals for fathers, we hope that you invest time and thought in your daily devotions. It can be hard to schedule a quiet time, but you’ll find that it’s an investment worth making. No one can doubt the importance of a consistent Bible reading plan, but there are many Christian books that allow us to improve our understanding of what it means to pursue the Lord. That’s why the K-LOVE Fan Awards celebrate the books that are making the biggest impact each and every year. Bringing together the biggest names in Christian entertainment, this event is the ultimate fan experience. Find out how you can attend by clicking on the link below.


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