Music Conferences for Aspiring Worship Leaders

Have you ever wanted to lead worship in your church but felt you weren't ready for the task? Each and every Christian has been given special skills intended to help them affect their local church and reach the world for Christ. No matter what calling God has given you, it would be a shame to see that potential left untapped simply because we never took the next step. When it comes to leading worship, there are actually music conferences around the country that can help musicians of all ages and skill levels better use their talents.

Some music conferences are simply meant to be a celebration for worship teams from around the country to come together and fellowship. Others have hands-on training and workshops to help you improve your worship leading. No matter what reasons you have for attending, there’s likely a conference just right for you. Here’s a good selection of some of your best options.

Experience Conference

Experience is one of the biggest music conferences out there for people who lead worship or serve on tech teams. Featuring some of the biggest names in Christian music, it’s a great conference to go to for both valuable information and a good time. The event is also held in Orlando, FL, which never sounds like a bad place to visit.

On top of special performances and appearances, the conference also has dozens of breakout groups that cover a variety of topics. Want to learn more about copyright law? There’s a class for you. Need to foster discipleship among the members of your worship team? You’ll likely have a space for that. Workshops change from year to year, but we think you get the idea.

Getty Music Worship Conference

Worship takes many forms these days. While the stadium tours from Hillsong may be exciting, there are also a lot of churches that create a very different atmosphere on Sunday mornings.

At the Sing! Getty Music Worship Conference, conference attendees examine topics like the importance of congregational singing and how to write hymns that are rich in Scriptural context. Located in Nashville, TN, this event helps worship leaders write music more effectively and face the challenges of traditional Sunday services.

Worship Together

Another music conference in the Nashville area is Worship Together. The simplicity of this event is that the name kind of says it all. Gathering together for 2 days, this conference brings together a talented group of speakers and singers like Chris Tomlin and Kari Jobe.

Worship Together is essentially a conference of revitalization for pastors, worship leaders, and laypeople. It’s easy to get burned out by weekly church activities, so this event helps to renew a spark and send people back to their churches refreshed.

National Worship Leader Conference

You may be looking at a few of these music conferences and thinking “What if I don’t live nearby?” Travel can certainly be an issue for any aspiring worship leaders, especially if you’re wanting your whole worship team to come along.

The National Worship Leader Conference travels around the country to bring their resources to you. With events in a state near you, there should be an opportunity within driving distance for you and your friends. The National Worship Leader Conference lets you experience music from a big artists like Rend Collective, Vertical Church Band and others depending on location.

Worship 4:24

If you’ve been wanting to go back to college, the Worship 4:24 Conference is your big chance to set foot on the campus of Cedarville University. Put together by the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio and the Cedarville University Department of Music and Worship, this is a great event for learning how to be a better worship leader.

Focusing on educating worship teams, this conference covers everything from recording music to tech tips for planning a service. Worship 4:24 is a conference for musicians looking to improve their effectiveness and become more than just a group of people on stage.


For anyone familiar with the modern worship movement, having a music conference at Passion City Church probably just makes sense. Pastored by Louie Giglio, the church follows the same vision set forth by the Passion conferences.

With LIFT, you’ll get a similar worship environment as Passion but on a much more intimate scale. Instead of filling the Georgia Dome with 60,000 college students, you’ll have a few thousand worship leaders, pastors, and tech guys getting together in search of the heart of worship. Here’s a brief promo for the 2015 conference.



Vineyard Worship Events

If you're looking for another series of traveling conferences, we've got your back. Vineyard Worship sponsors a series of boot camps, retreats, and summits throughout the U.S. You can find an event in many places from Oregon to North Carolina.

If you want to brush up on your songwriting, check out the Song Summit. This one-day course is an intensive study in how to better write and create music. There are also regional retreats for those needing a time to rest and share your burdens with other worship ministers, leaders, and more.

WorshipGod Music Conferences

Regional conferences are also available for those hoping to attend the WorshipGod conferences. These music conferences are another one of the getaways designed to let worship teams and church leadership get together and worship God away from work.

With strong preaching and great worship music, these events are a great time to sit back and hear a word from the Lord. You can sometimes find workshops and tutorials before the conferences begin. This lets you have whatever kind of weekend you like.

Music Conferences for Aspiring Worship Leaders

Camp Electric

How about something for the kids? Camp Electric isn’t so much a conference as it is a summer camp for kids who are interested in becoming worship leaders in their churches. Located in Nashville, TN, this experience is great for kids who want to learn how to use their musical talents in concert with others.

Along with being an educational week with professional musicians, kids can also expect special concerts and more. There’s even a learning track for filmmakers. Not a bad break from the usual summer camp.


If you’re looking for music conferences that seem more technical or hands-on, you may want to consider the WFX Conference in Dallas, TX. Come early for the boot camps or not. Whatever your schedule allows.

What makes WFX a little different is that there are actually separate conferences happening at the same time for people of different specialties. While you’re taking part in the conference for worship leaders, other people from your church can attend workshops and lectures about church communications, security, and more. This conference can be a one-stop shop for your church’s needs.

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