New Christian Albums, Singles, and Films of February 2018

We’ve almost made it to the end of winter! Now that you’ve finished off those Valentine’s Day chocolates and the Super Bowl is over, it’s time to kick into gear with some new Christian albums. Whether you’re looking for something to add to your workout playlist, a catchy song to request on K-LOVE, or some worship music for your quiet time, we’ve put together a list of February’s top new Christian albums. This month brought us the return of some genre favorites as well as a few exciting remixes. Check out these new Christian albums and find your next purchase.

“Evergreen” - Audrey Assad

The last few recording years have been busy for Audrey Assad as she’s put out quite a few singles and covers, but we’re glad to have a new full-length project in “Evergreen.” The singer has an established style of soulful vocals that cut to the core. Her talent hit the mainstream market with 2010’s “The House You’re Building” and the success of songs like “For Love of You” and “Restless” made her a respected artist. The new album is just as intimate as much of her earlier work and the lyrics cover complex issues, showing the care and mental wrestling that Assad brings to her music.

“Whole Heart” - Passion

Where Audrey Assad’s “Evergreen” is one of the more deeply personal new Christian albums, “Whole Heart” is an epic celebration. Capturing the electric feeling that the Passion movement inspires each year, the annual project’s album for 2018 is another youthful exploration of what it means to follow Christ. One of the most interesting things about Passion is how the group has been able to maintain a collective with some of the biggest artists in Christian music. “Whole Heart” breaks that mold a little bit by featuring less Chris Tomlin types and focusing more on a core band. The album has some great worship hits like “Reckless Love” and “Great Are You Lord.”



“Surrounded” and “A Million Lights” - Michael W. Smith

Did you know that Michael W. Smith had a new album this month? If yes, then you were at least half right because the famous Christian musician actually put out TWO projects in February 2018. For most of the 21st century, Michael W. Smith has been making his living by putting on live worship experiences and recording said concerts. “Surrounded” is such an album as this that features popular worship songs like “King of My Heart” and Elevation Worship’s “Do It Again.” The other album, “A Million Lights” is a more original work that combines Smith’s signature voice with a more modern sound. Fans of the singer will be thrilled to have two brand new albums showing the artist’s different sides.

“Liberated” - Zealand Worship - New Christian Albums

Zealand is a relatively new band that has well established connections in the Christian music industry. Fronted by former Newsboys bassist Phil Joel, the group delivered its first album this month. Although the band, which sometimes just goes by “Zealand,” has a worship focus, the music is not like that which you’d find coming from the majority of worship groups today. “Liberated” has a pop/rock sound that resembles acts like Coldplay and other alternative rock bands from the last decade or so. It’s a strong first full-length outing for Zealand and certainly one of the most promising new Christian albums of the season.

“Into the Night” - Social Club Misfits

When we think about new Christian albums, we often go straight to worship albums or the music we’re most likely to hear on the radio, but there are some really talented Christian rappers out there. Social Club Misfits is one group that has consistently released good music over the last few years. Last month we heard the single “War Cry” featuring Tauren Wells and it looks like that was just a taste of what was to come with the full release. “Into the Night” follows Social Club Misfits’ 2017 album “The Misadventures of Fern & Marty.”

“Evidence” - Elevation Collective

We’ve seen a lot of inspiring worship acts form in recent years. One group that has really made an impact is Elevation Worship. “Here As in Heaven” and “There is a Cloud” are two of the best worship albums to be released in recent memory. Now Elevation has brought in famous Christian and gospel singers to cover some of the group’s most popular songs. “Evidence” gives us a rendition of “Here As in Heaven” with Tasha Cobbs Leonard as well as “O Come to the Altar” with Chris Brown and Israel Houghton. There are six other good songs on the album, but that should be enough to get you interested.



“Who Knew It Would Be so Hard to Be Myself” - Dave Barnes

Dave Barnes is one of the best writers of Christian love songs and his work is often used outside of the Christian realm for artists like country singer Blake Shelton. The singer/songwriter has been a mainstay on the scene for well over a decade putting together beloved songs like “God Gave Me You.” His latest album is his first since 2016’s “Carry On, San Vicente” and features a number of catchy tracks like “Remember That I Love You.”

New Christian Singles

2018 marks 20 years since the guys in Smalltown Poets released their popular sophomore album “Listen Closely.” Though the group has put out a few records since then, we haven’t heard much since a 2014 Christmas album. That’s why we’re so happy to have “You’re My Shepherd” among this month’s new singles. It’s a soft, moving track in which Mac Powell of Third Day makes an appearance. Let’s talk about a younger group, specifically Hillsong Young & Free. The worship group released a new single this month in “PEACE.” The song features an ethereal mix of vocals that really captures the tone that a song titled as such should have. If you’re looking for new Christian albums and songs that have a little edge to them, we suggest you look at a band like Fireflight. The rock band has a new single in February titled “I Won’t Look Back” that has just the kick you need. One last new single for February 2018 is Jonny Diaz’s “Define Me.” The song is an engaging track aimed at reminding us that the devil does not get to tell us who we are.

New Christian Movies

As much as we love new Christian albums, it’s always nice to have some faith-based films in theaters to discuss. “Samson” is a Pure Flix film that chronicles the life of the Biblical character. The film has made around $4 million at the box office so far, making it a modest success. What makes the film interesting for audiences is that it’s one of the few examples of a Christian action movie. While the violence is tame enough for younger viewers, the genre twist is a cool addition for people who don’t always want to watch a spiritual film that is pure drama. Speaking of which, February also saw the DVD release of 2017’s “Same Kind of Different As Me.” The film has a stellar cast in Greg Kinnear, Renee Zellweger, Djimon Hounsou, and Jon Voight so we recommend checking it out.

That wraps things up in this month’s edition of new Christian albums, films, and more. We hope you’ll look for these and all of the other new releases in Christian entertainment. With so many great artists creating quality work, the K-LOVE Fan Awards has never been such an exciting place to be. We’re bringing together the biggest names in music, film, sports, and books for the ultimate fan experience. Find out how you can join the festivities by clicking on the link below.


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