New Christian Albums, Singles, and Films from June 2018

Summer of 2018 is off to a roaring start! We hope that you are enjoying some fun in the sun and visiting with friends and family. As you hang out at the beach or take a family road trip, we encourage you to check out some of the new Christian albums that arrived in June. Worship, pop, and hip-hop are all part of this month’s delivery of new Christian albums. Take a look at some of our suggestions below and see for yourself what’s in store.

New Christian Albums

“Fearless” - Jasmine Murray

One of the biggest rising stars of Christian music last year was Jasmine Murray. The singer released the very popular “Fearless” in the spring of 2017 and followed up months later with an EP and a new track in “No Other Love.” Murray’s music is focused on a personal level of faith, with songs like “Fearless” and “Closer” proclaiming the need to be more intimate with the Lord. While most of the songs on her debut album have a dance/pop feel, the singer also slows things down with the softer “Into Words” and “Every Step.”



“Beautifully Broken” - Plumb

Jumping from a new artist’s debut album, we now go to a seasoned veteran’s latest. Plumb has been on the scene in Christian music for right around two decades. Her latest album, “Beautifully Broken,” is Plumb’s eighth album during that timespan. The album draws its name from a sentiment that Plumb often explores with her music. That theme is that we are damaged individuals who only God can save. “Beautifully Broken” picks up this idea with 11 songs that deliver the message that there is hope, even though we ourselves are hopeless, because of Christ.

“Breakthrough” - Chris McClarney - New Christian Albums June 2018

We always hope to bring listeners new Christian albums that focus on worship and Chris McClarney’s “Breakthrough” is a welcome addition to June’s lineup. The worship leader has been making music for about 10 years now, first as an independent musician and later with Jesus Culture and at Sparrow Records. “Breakthrough” is McClarney’s second consecutive live worship album, following 2015’s “Everything and Nothing Less.” The song “Hallelujah for the Cross” is among the new album’s many highlights. Hollyn fans may also want to hear “I’m Listening,” as the song features the young singer.

“III” - Hillsong Young & Free

Sticking with the worship theme, Hillsong Young & Free also put out a new record this month. For the uninitiated, the group is an extension of the Hillsong brand that seeks to inspire worship using a more youthful sound than other Hillsong bands. At the end of June, Young & Free released a 17-song album that is sure to keep fans busy for a while. “Let Go” and “Just Jesus” are two of the several early released songs from the album, all of which show that the band hasn’t lost its flair for dance/pop worship music.

“Let the Trap Say Amen” - Lecrae & Zaytoven

We don’t know how Lecrae fans are able to keep up with all of the new Christian albums the rapper keeps dropping. It seems like every week there is a new single, video, EP, or record. Lecrae, like many artists in hip hop, is known to collaborate with just about anyone who can drop a beat. In “Let the Trap Say Amen,” Lecrae teams up with producer/DJ Zaytoven who is known for working with many artists in the rap community. The album’s first track, “Get Back Right,” has already been resonating with the artist’s fans.

“Seasons” - Chris August - New Christian Albums June 2018

Along with Jonny Diaz’s “Sweetness and Sorrow,” one of the EPs we’re most excited about this month is “Seasons” from Chris August. When the singer put out “No Far Away” in 2010, August was considered one of the best up-and-comers in the genre. With “Seasons” the musician has completely changed his sound to something more jazz-infused that really works. The 8-song record is a great intro to the singer for those who don’t have his earlier work, as you’ll get to hear his full talents in a shortened recording.

New Singles in Christian Music

In addition to a few new Christian albums from June, we also wanted to share new singles from some of your favorite artists. First up is Francesca Battistelli with “The Breakup Song.” Much like Zach Williams’ “Fear is a Liar,” this new tune from Battistelli is all about rejecting fear and breaking away from a life of limitations. Fans will be thrilled to have a new single from the singer for the first time since 2016.



If you like simplicity in your music, Unspoken hits the nail on the head with “Just Give Me Jesus.” The new track has an old church vibe complete with a choir and all. It’s a moving ballad that will get your soul into a spirit of worship. Picking up speed is Austin French, whose “Good Feeling” is a worthy follow-up to last winter’s “Freedom Hymn.” His newest is an exciting jam that lives up to its name. Stars Go Dim is another band that has released multiple singles in the last few months. Following “Heaven on Earth” and “I Look to You” is “Pieces.” The single is a slower pop song that examines how little we are in the scheme of it all. Last up on our list of new singles is a pair of songs from Phil Wickham. “Great Things” and “Song in My Soul” were both released in the month of June. The two songs are the latest from Wickham to seamlessly merge pop and worship.

New Christian Films

Finally, this June also had the release date for two Christian films coming to DVD and Blu Ray. “Paul, Apostle of Christ” tells the story of Paul’s life as the events of Acts draw closer to his final chapter in Rome. The film stars Jim Caviezel as the Apostle Luke and notably highlights a section of the Bible we don’t often get to see on the silver screen. Another Christian movie to be released in June was “I Can Only Imagine.” The film depicts the early life of MercyMe singer Bart Millard and the journey he undertook to find the inspiration for the hit song of the same name. "I Can Only Imagine" earned over $83 million at the box office, making the film one of the highest grossing Christian films of all time.

These are just some of the new Christian albums and singles that have been released in the past month or so. We always recommend you step outside of your listening bubble and find a new artist whose work inspires you. We have been blessed with so many talented musicians and entertainers who seek to use their gifts to give God glory. At the K-LOVE Fan Awards, we want to honor these artists and thank God for blessing us with their music and for all of the other work He is accomplishing. We do this by bringing together all of the hottest acts for what can only be described as the ultimate fan experience. Find out how you can be a part of the year's biggest show by clicking on the link below.

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