New Christian Albums and Singles from January 2018

A new year means it’s time for new music. Now that you’ve put away those Christmas decorations (please tell us you have) and settled into a new season, you’re going to need the perfect soundtrack. Whether you’re using this season to start new healthy habits or not, it never hurts to mix things up. This month’s batch of new Christian albums features many new and emerging artists but you’ll also see a few familiar faces who are releasing exciting new material. Check out these new Christian albums as well as some great singles below.

Nicole C. Mullen - “Like Never Before”

Some Christian artists burst onto the scene as a teenager and experience immediate success while others put in years of hard work both on the stage and away from the spotlight. By the time Nicole C. Mullen shot to fame with her 2001 song “Redeemer” she had already worked as a backup singer for Michael W. Smith, worked as a choreographer and songwriter with other talented acts, and recorded several albums of her own. Since those days she has still been making music, delivering a variety of different albums every three or so years. “Like Never Before” is her first full-length album since 2013. Mullen isn’t afraid to explore different sounds and try a little of everything here. We especially like “Greater Still” and “One,” a song that features Jeremy Camp and other great singers.

Rend Collective - “Good News”

Has your morning commute been missing that dose of plucky Irish joy that only Rend Collective can provide? Well then we’ve got “Good News” for you! Forgive the pun, but we’re excited to have brand new music from the group behind hits like “My Lighthouse” and “Build Your Kingdom Here.” Rend Collective debuted the album’s first hit song, “Rescuer (Good News),” back in 2017 causing plenty of buzz. “Good News” hit the No. 1 spot on the Top Christian Albums chart its first week in circulation, so we’re anxious to see what it’s able to accomplish. Here’s another track from the album, “Counting Every Blessing.”





For All Seasons - “Clarity”

For All Seasons is a pop/rock worship band that mixes heartfelt lyrics with a catchy modern sound. The group hasn’t released a full-length album since a self-titled project in 2014, but For All Seasons has plenty of EPs over that period. The most recent EP is the 7-song “Clarity.” With strong female vocals that recall Kim Walker-Smith or Kari Jobe, the band delivers an atmosphere of worship that is downright contagious. Some of the project’s highlights are “Bigger Than” and “No Other.”

Forerunner Music - “Fully Alive” - New Christian Albums

Prayer is an essential part of the worship process, so it isn’t any real surprise to know that Forerunner Music is based out of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. “Fully Alive” is the group’s sixth album in five years, which goes to show how well the collective of worship leaders writes and creates together. The album has a modern stadium kind of sound to it but it retains an intimate feel throughout. One of the album’s strengths is that, like other large worship projects, it features a variety of voices and songs that range in emotion and focus. Songs like “Grateful Love” instill a more tranquil period of worship while much of the rest of “Fully Alive” delivers upbeat tracks that will get you moving.

Cory Asbury - “Reckless Love”

Bethel Music has been behind so many new Christian albums in recent years. Aside from the group’s namesake band, the worship collective has also released work from Josh Baldwin, Jeremy Riddle, and Amanda Cook. “Reckless Love” has been a long time coming for Cory Asbury. Not only is it his first solo album with Bethel, it’s his first solo album in nearly a decade. The project’s title track has been spreading like wildfire lately and it’s sure to become one of the top Christian songs in no time. “Reckless Love” as a whole is an emotional and powerful worship record that listeners around the country will know soon enough. Here’s an acoustic take on the title song.





Leanna Crawford - “Crazy Beautiful You”

It’s not every day we get an artist’s debut project on the list of new Christian albums. Leanna Crawford has toured and performed with acts like Matthew West, but this is the first time the world has been able to enjoy her music at home. “Crazy Beautiful You” is a six-song pop record that sounds like a mix of Jamie Grace and early Britt Nicole. For those who enjoy lighthearted music with Godly lyrics, this might be a nice one to check out.

Cory Voss - “Songs of Heaven and Earth (LIVE)”

One of the most natural things in Christian music is for worship pastors to create music of their own and venture into the world of artistry. Cory Voss is one of the many worship leaders to do just that, putting out his first full-length solo album. Though he has recorded with All About Worship in the past, the musician takes center stage for “Songs of Heaven and Earth.” Some of the best worship music is live and the format pays off with this recording. The sound isn’t overproduced nor the music too flashy. It’s a simple worship album that has a lot of heart. “God Who Moves the Mountains” is our personal favorite.

Singles - New Christian Albums from January 2018

Not only do we have new Christian albums this month, but several great artists debuted new singles as well. First up is “Fool’s Gold” from the JJ Weeks Band. This track is a blend of Southern rock and gospel that will get your toe tapping in no time. It’s one of the funnest new songs we’ve heard in a while. January also brought us a fresh title from Chris Tomlin called “Resurrection Power.” Like you’d expect from the veteran worship leader, it’s another hit song that solidifies his place among the best in the business. Lastly, we have a collaboration between Social Club Misfits and Tauren Wells titled “War Cry.” To save you from breaking any furniture or wrecking your car, we’ll go ahead and warn you that it’s fantastic. Both artists have been doing great in recent years, so the song’s likability makes perfect sense.

This is a great first chapter in the story of Christian music in 2018. We’re looking forward to new Christian albums each month that will impact the believing community and push the industry forward. At the K-LOVE Fan Awards, we love to celebrate the musicians, filmmakers, athletes, and authors who are encouraging the Christian world and excelling at their crafts. We bring all of these people together for the ultimate fan experience. Find out how you and your family can be a part of it all by clicking on the link below.


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