New Christian Albums, Singles, and Movies of August 2017

It’s time once again to look at the latest releases in Christian entertainment. August has been a solid month in delivering new music from old favorites as well as a few remixes and greatest hits. On top of these new Christian albums, we have some exciting songs making their debut and a couple of Christian films to check out. No matter what you’re into, these new Christian albums and movies will give you something new to enjoy and share with your family.

Finding Favour - “Farewell Fear”

For their second full-length album, Finding Favour has put together an album that is infused with pop variations that range from a country sound (“Get Down”) to more worshipful anthems (“Mountains Must Move”). Coming from the band that has released past hits with “Cast My Cares” and “Say Amen,” the album’s first single, “It is Well,” is off to a promising start. The song has already spent 13 weeks on the charts for Christian Airplay, giving “Farewell Fear” a solid boost.

Third Day - “Revival”

With over 20 years in the business, Third Day has been one of the biggest bands in Christian music. Winning four Grammys and around two dozen Dove Awards goes a long way in establishing the amazing career that the Mac Powell-led band has experienced. Their latest album, “Revival,” feels like a return to the roots for a band that has always been proud of its Southern rock sound. The album is true to its title in that it feels like an old-school music experience best enjoyed with a room (or tent) full of believers. “Revival” debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart, showing that Third Day fans are always up for some new tracks from their favorite band.



Mark Lowry - “What’s Not to Love?” - New Christian Albums

Mark Lowry has been known over the years for both his singing ability and his sense of humor. Performing for years with Bill Gaither, the singer has a penchant for old gospel songs. “What’s Not to Love?” is an album that preaches love and understanding from the Biblical perspective, an appropriate subject given what we see on the nightly news. Full of heartfelt solos as well as songs with a little more glitz and glamour, the album is a good addition for Lowry fans.

New Christian Albums, Singles, and Movies of August 2017


Jesus Culture - “Love Has a Name”

Band members Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Quilala, and others have enjoyed new Christian albums of their own lately, but the band is back together with new music this month. As one of the most popular worship acts out there, Jesus Culture is known for building a powerful atmosphere of music with each album. “Love Has a Name” is the latest project to achieve this goal. The album has several great worship songs including its title track and “Flood the Earth.” With a running time around 90 minutes, Jesus Culture’s album promises an immersive experience.

Vertical Worship - Self-titled

Another popular worship group over the last few years has been Vertical Worship. One of many Christian bands to form out of a church’s worship team, the band has released about a half dozen worship albums in the last five years. Though many of the band’s projects have been recorded live, this self-titled work is a studio production of many of its greatest hits. There are certainly different qualities to live and studio recording, but the songs from this album are just as powerful as their live counterparts. “Spirit of the Living God,” “The Rock Won’t Move,” and “Do What You Want To” are just a few of the worship favorites that make the cut for this collection.

Point of Grace - “Our Recollections: 25th Anniversary”

There have been very few female acts in Christian music to have made as much of an impact as Point of Grace. That’s why it’s so important for the group’s fans to have a suitable greatest hits collection. This 25th anniversary album brings together 30 of the biggest hits ever made by Point of Grace. While “Our Recollections” doesn’t include some of the group’s great Christmas songs, it does have just about every other track you could hope for in a greatest hits collection.

Citizens & Saints - “In Part” EP

In the last four years Citizens & Saints have made six recordings (three EPs, three full length) and made one name change. That’s a lot for any one band, but the group has been very productive with their time. Something of a rock/worship band, Citizens & Saints latest EP is a five-song set that is the perfect soundtrack for a rainy day or a good choice for the end of the day. The laid-back tunes are a new mix to a few of the songs from the band's previous album, "A Mirror Dimly."



Needtobreathe - “Hard Cuts” EP

We talked last month about a couple of new Needtobreathe tracks that didn’t make it onto last year’s “Hard Love” album. Now those two songs, “Waiting” and “Count on Me,” are part of this month’s batch of new Christian albums as part of an EP called “Hard Cuts. The recording comes with two other new tracks as well as two alternate takes on the 2016 album’s title track. Although remixes aren’t always as exciting as new music, both new versions add a little something to their original counterpart.

Koryn Hawthorne - Self-titled EP

You may know her from “The Voice,” but it’s time to hear her voice when it has original music behind it. With her first official release, new artist Koryn Hawthorne showcases her range through a number of different styles. In only four songs Hawthorne goes from pop anthem to worship song to R&B and beyond. With range like that, it shows why the young singer is one of the rising Christian musicians in today’s market.

New Singles of August 2017

Getting beyond the new Christian albums for this month, we’ve got a nice mix of singles that feature some young talent in Christian music. First up is Blanca and the moving “Real Love.” The song is all about how our personal relationship with Christ is more powerful than the cold tradition of religion that we sometimes find ourselves caught up in. While there is a reason for tradition, we shouldn’t forget that personal connection. Next up is Capital Kings with “Don’t Wanna Wake Up.” The song has a fun club beat with lyrics that are about staying in the moment with the Lord. “Love Won’t Let Me Down” by Hillsong Young & Free is another single that has a good beat and lyrics that proclaim God’s faithfulness. JJ Heller has a knack for writing inspirational songs that feel light as a feather. “Paving the Runway (You’re Gonna Fly)” is the latest track from the singer/songwriter that clearly fits the bill.

New Christian Movies of August 2017

Not only do we have new Christian albums to keep us entertained this week, but there are a couple of movie options as well. In theaters, your family can enjoy “All Saints.” The film follows an Anglican pastor who comes into a new church that is soon to be closed down. Though the congregation is small, the pastor comes up with a plan to revitalize his church while also better serving the community. August also sees the DVD release of “The Case for Christ.” This 2017 winner of the K-LOVE Fan Awards Film Impact Award chronicles author Lee Strobel’s journey to disprove God’s existence. Whether you’ve read Strobel’s books on the subject or not, it’s a well-made film that boasts the Christian message in a way that all families can enjoy.



That does it for the exciting new Christian albums, singles, and films of August 2017. We hope you find something fun to listen to and/or watch with your family and friends. Everybody has their favorite musicians, but it’s nice to step outside of the box once in a while. Maybe there’s something from this list of new Christian albums that will soon become your new favorite on the daily commute. Only one way to find out…

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