New Christian Albums and Singles from April 2018

Things are really starting to take shape over here at the K-LOVE Fan Awards. As we get nearer to the year’s ultimate fan experience, we think about the many amazing songs and artists who have given us such inspiring work in the past year. But for most listeners, April is simply a time when they cry in a corner recovering from the headaches of tax season. Regardless of how you’re spending your time these days, you could probably use some new Christian albums to pass the time. This month brought us several live worship records and exciting new chapters for a few familiar bands. Here are some of the new Christian albums we think you should take a look at this month.

“Changed” - Sanctus Real

Lead singer Matt Hammitt may have left the group for a solo career, but that hasn’t stopped Sanctus Real from continuing a 20+ year career in music. “Changed” is the group’s first full-length album since the 2015 departure. There’s no denying that fans will hear a different sound, but the album has a lot for listeners both old and new to enjoy. Some of the more popular songs on the album include “Confidence,” “Your Love is Loud,” and the album’s title track.

“Unexpected” - Jason Crabb - New Christian Albums

We currently find ourselves in a music climate that focuses on pop music and hip hop beats, but there are plenty of great artists who haven’t lost their classic sound. Jason Crabb is a southern gospel singer who once was part of the group known as the Crabb Family. Once his vocal group called it quits about ten years back, Crabb started a solo career that has brought him a Grammy and several Dove Awards. His most recent album, “Unexpected,” is a collection of music that ranges from country to classic gospel. Among the album’s highlights is the “Washed by the Water.”

“Bright Faith Bold Future” - Vertical Worship

This month’s new Christian albums have a lot to offer fans of live worship, starting with this new record from Vertical Worship. The Chicago-based group has been a prolific source of praise and worship, producing five albums since the start of 2015. Vertical Worship, like Elevation and Hillsong, is an outpouring of the worship ministry from its home church, Harvest Bible Chapel. With “Bright Faith Bold Future,” the band has assembled another stellar album that inspires worship with a number of great songs. The slow building “Over All I Know” is an anthem worthy of more than just a few listens. Some more good tracks the album can boast of is “Real Thing” featuring Sean Curran and “Yes I Will.”



“No Matter What” - Ryan Stevenson

The last few years have been good for Ryan Stevenson. After appearing on TobyMac’s “This is Not a Test” album with the song “Lift You Up,” Stevenson saw a meteoric rise in popularity and released his own hit song. The singer took home a Dove Award and earned two K-LOVE Fan Awards nominations for “Eye of the Storm” and now he’s back with one of this month’s new Christian albums. “No Matter What” features Stevenson’s other popular song, “The Gospel,” as well as a collaboration with Bart Millard of MercyMe that is definitely worth checking out. The album debuted at #35 on the Top Christian Albums chart and we look forward to seeing where it goes from there.

“There is More (Live)” - Hillsong Worship

We know it can be hard to keep track of which Hillsong group is which, but suffice to say that any time you see that brand name, it’s probably one of the new Christian albums you need to hear. Hillsong Worship went by Hillsong Live for about 25 years but adopted its present name with 2014’s “No Other Name.” The group’s newest live worship album is titled “There is More” and it delivers a solid 17 tracks comprised of new music as well as recent Hillsong favorites like “So Will I (100 Billion X).” The album stopped just shy of the top of the Top Christian Albums chart in its first week and we imagine it won’t be fading anytime soon.

“Miracles” - Hawk Nelson - New Christian Albums

Jumping to another group of foreign musicians (this time it’s Canada), Hawk Nelson just released its eighth studio album. “Miracles” is the latest chapter for a band that changed directions with a new vocalist only a few years back. Jumping from punk rock to a more mainstream sound, the group now focuses on uplifting lyrics and pleasant melodies. The album’s first big single, “He Still Does (Miracles),” has spent about four months on the Hot Christian Songs chart, joining the ranks of Hawk Nelson’s other hits over the past 14 years.



New Singles and EPs for April 2018

We don’t know if it’s due to the Easter holiday or simply a natural dip in the calendar, but April didn’t have too many big singles to drop. One exception is “Heaven on Earth” by Stars Go Dim. The song is a call to a higher life with Christ that rejects the priorities of this world for something better. It’s an upbeat track that will get you moving while also appreciating a set of Godly lyrics. Two other records we can talk about are more along the lines of EPs, but still worth your time. Kim Walker-Smith made waves with last year’s “On My Side,” and now she’s back with a live version of the album. The eight-track recording shares some of that album’s top songs, including “Throne Room.” Lastly, we’ve documented a few Sarah Reeves singles that have been released in recent months, among which are “Feel the Waters” and “Something About You.” Now the singer is putting together some of these singles and some new material for a seven-song EP titled “Easy Never Needed You.”

Whether you prefer live worship or more of a pop/rock sound, these new Christian albums for April 2018 will give you plenty to listen to and enjoy. Remember, if you find something you really love, feel free to request it on K-LOVE. After all, who doesn’t like recommending new music?

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