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As the month of July comes to a close, it’s time for us to look at the new Christian albums that have been released. July was a fairly quiet month when it came to new albums, but we still have a few exciting options to enjoy. Remixes, EPs, and promising debuts make up the majority of this month’s new Christian albums. While you’re getting ready to send the kids back to school and enjoy the last few days of summer, here are the new Christian albums we recommend.

“Unstoppable” - Koryn Hawthorne

The first of our new Christian albums for the month is “Unstoppable” by Koryn Hawthorne. For the last decade or so, many of the best artists in both Christian and secular music have come from reality singing competitions on TV. In Christian music alone there’s Lauren Daigle, Hollyn, Mandisa, Jasmine Murray, and Danny Gokey, and that’s just from “American Idol.” Koryn Hawthorne started receiving attention thanks to an impressive run on season eight of “The Voice.” After releasing an EP back in August 2017, the singer is now back with a full length album. The record starts out pretty R&B/pop heavy, but later on slows down with “You Still Love Me” and “Speak the Name” (featuring Natalie Grant). Overall it’s a solid debut for a singer who will only be celebrating her 21st birthday later this year.

“Forever On Your Side” - Needtobreathe

We now jump from a newcomer to some of the genre’s most recognized names. Needtobreathe hasn’t released any new Christian albums since July 2016, but the group has been hard at work with a number of singles and EPs lighting up the airwaves. This month the band released “Forever On Your Side,” an EP that is fairly different from recent songs like “Happiness” and “Hard Love,” but still very much in the Needtobreathe wheelhouse. “Forever On Your Side” features a more stripped down version of the band’s sound with “Bridges Burn” and “Darling.” The EP also has a guest appearance by Johnnyswim, a band that Needtobreathe is touring with this fall. The title track of the EP (in which Johnnyswim appears) should excite Needtobreathe’s many fans as it feels like a love letter to the past days of “The Reckoning” and “River in the Wasteland.”

“There Is More: Studio Sessions” - Hillsong Worship

In April of this year, Hillsong Worship put out its first non-holiday album since 2016’s “Let There Be Light.” Like that album, “There Is More” was a collection of live worship songs, including “Who You Say I Am” and previous Hillsong United hit “So Will I (100 Billion X).” Now fans of the group who prefer studio recordings can experience some of the highlights from “There Is More” in their preferred style. It’s all thanks to the new EP dropped into this month’s list of new Christian albums. The record includes six songs, among which the ultra popular “Who You Say I Am” can be found. Other highlights from the new EP are a studio version of “New Wine” and a reimagining of “Touch of Heaven.”

“The Worship Initiative, Vol. 16” - Shane and Shane

Speaking of worship music, it’s hard to believe that Shane and Shane have now released 16 volumes of songs with the Worship Initiative. Over the last few years the duo has been pouring into the next generation of worship leaders with a subscription service that equips musicians with the necessary materials for their performances. A benefit to listeners has been the subsequent worship albums the band has put out, each covering some of the biggest songs of the day. This new album features ten worship hits, including “This We Know” and “Chain Breaker.”

“Pat Barrett” - Pat Barrett - New Christian Albums

Koryn Hawthorne isn’t the only artist making a debut in this month’s batch of new Christian albums. Singer Pat Barrett also released his first full-length album in July, after producing an EP last month. Barrett is a new face for most listeners in the Christian music scene, but his first album will win people over in no time. A self-titled work, the new record is an hourlong collection of songs both new and old. The first big song from the album is “The Way (New Horizon),” a clear favorite that brings together the best elements of worship, gospel, and folksy CCM.

New Singles from July 2018

Although the month may have been light on new Christian albums, there’s no shortage of singles from many of today’s biggest artists. In case you didn’t know, Lauren Daigle’s long-awaited sophomore album will be dropping in September. The first single, “You Say,” was just released and it already has a video (found below). The song captures just what fans first loved about the artist and doesn’t try to overproduce the sound to make the song similar to modern pop singers.



Stars Go Dim has been busy over the last few months, releasing a slew of singles over the last three months. In July the group doubled down with a pair of singles in “Never Enough” and “You Know Me Better.” Fans of “The Greatest Showman” will remember the former as it is a cover from the 2017 film. Fans may prefer the original, but singer Chris Cleveland definitely gives it his all. The second song gets back to the band’s original work and provides listeners with a wonderful reminder that God looks on us with love and acceptance that we could never fathom.

Like Stars Go Dim, singer Sarah Reeves has also put out a number of singles in the last year. In July she released “Just Want You,” a song that echoes the call for Christians to seek God first. Lyrics like “I don’t want it if you’re not in it / I just want you” remind us that our plans and ways are not best if God is absent from them. Another female singer with a new single this month is JJ Heller, whose “God is Still Here” is a cathartic release for parents and just about anyone else with a pulse. The song is a calming ballad about accepting that God is in control no matter what fears you have or what dangers linger around the corner.

Around the same time the world receives Lauren Daigle’s new album, Austin French will be releasing his debut record, “Wide Open.” One of the first singles from that album is “Born Again,” a song making its first appearance in July 2018. Mixing pop with some rock and hip hop influences, the single gives the listener a Danny Gokey vibe. Our last hit-maker in this batch of new Christian albums and singles also likes to play with a little hip hop. TobyMac is back on the scene with “Everything.” The song is an upbeat jam proclaiming that God is in everything.

We think these new Christian albums and singles are more than enough to hold you over for the coming month. Be sure to look out for these albums and other works from Christian artists you enjoy and support what they are doing. At the K-LOVE Fan Awards, we know just how important the fans are to the whole music process. That’s why we bring together the biggest acts and the biggest fans for the ultimate fan experience. Find out how you can join us for the year’s hottest show by clicking on the banner below.

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