Pure Flix and Other Streaming Options for Christian Families

When it comes to family entertainment, everyone has their favorite activity. For some that is board games and puzzles, while others enjoy going out to dinner or visiting with extended family. In today’s world, streaming services have become some of the quickest and easiest ways to enjoy free time. While you and your family may have a favorite cable TV show, many people are looking at streaming options to cut the cord and find a better way to enjoy the programming of their choice. The longer this trend continues, the more options there are coming available. Pure Flix is one of several Christian or socially conservative streaming choices to pop up from this market. Let’s look at some of the details on this popular service and what other choices are out there for Christian families.

Pure Flix

Even if you’ve never heard of the streaming aspect of this company, you’ve likely seen the name attached to a film that you watched with your family. The production side of Pure Flix has been involved with films like “The Case for Christ,” “I’m Not Ashamed,” and “Do You Believe?” just in the last few years. Not only concerned with putting Godly films on the big screen, Pure Flix has also launched a streaming service for you and your family to enjoy at home.

As you might suspect, the films that Pure Flix helped bring to theaters are among the many titles available to watch through the program. On top of these well known box office hits, you can also find exciting documentaries, family sitcoms, and inspirational short films for your enjoyment and education. The company also recently announced a partnership with AMI Kids, an organization that benefits at-risk children, so supporting Pure Flix also helps that group. The Pure Flix streaming service is available for $10.99/month or an annual subscription at $99.99. If you want to take the site for a test drive, you can also enjoy a free trial month. Films and other programs can be streamed through your computer, tablet, smartphone, and many TV extensions like Roku, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast.

Dove Channel

If you watch a fair amount of Christian entertainment, you’ve probably seen the Dove seal of approval on many popular movies or documentaries. The people behind the Dove Channel have spent a long time rating films for family friendliness so you can rely on their expert opinion when it comes to streaming content for your family. In fact, they even have a handy guide to help you see what kind of content a movie or TV show will have. Beyond that, you can also screen options for different age ranges.

Your choices on Dove Channel are focused more on documentaries, TV shows, and kids programming, but there are plenty of movies to check out as well. If price is a concern for you, it’s hard to top the Dove Channel. Their monthly price is around $5, but they often run specials that will knock even more off of that price tag. This streaming option is available to watch on your computer, some tablets and smartphones, and through a Roku device.


UP Faith and Family

If you like the price tag offered by the Dove Channel, you might also be interested in UP Faith and Family. Also coming in at $4.99, this streaming option offers your family many great TV shows like “Heartland” and “Bringing Up Bates” that will entertain while promoting wholesome values. There are two ways to sign up for this popular family streaming service. The first is for Comcast/Xfinity customers. If you are already getting your cable service through Xfinity, you can simply add the channel to your package. If you’d prefer to go a different route, Amazon Prime customers can subscribe to UP Faith and Family through the Amazon Channels program. This way you can watch the service’s programming through any of the same ways you watch the content on Amazon Video.


One of the newer streaming options for Christian families, Parables is both an On Demand site and a live channel. While many of the choices on this list feature teaching from a number of well-known pastors and other religious figures, Parables is a company that focuses on stories and...well, parables. Seeing as how Jesus enjoyed delivering truth through allegorical stories, it makes sense for a Christian streaming network to take the same approach.

Consisting mainly of documentaries, feature films, as well as a few TV shows, Parables is a growing option should be one to look out for in the near future. Just like Pure Flix and other choices from this list, Parables has a 30-day trial period where you can take everything in and see if their product is something you would want to purchase. Once the trial ends, you can subscribe monthly for $5.99, quarterly for $15.99, or annually for $57.99. There are a few different ways to watch Parables, including smartphone, computer, tablet, Apple TV, and Roku.

Christian Cinema

We all remember the days of going to the local video store to pick up a couple of movies for the weekend. The folks over at Christian Cinema do too, as they started their online business for Christian movie rentals years ago. With the changing times, the site has become a place to buy and stream Christian films on demand. You can pick from their online library or purchase a physical copy of your favorite Christian film.

Maybe you don’t see the need for a monthly subscription service and would rather have the ability to buy or rent Christian films and TV shows one at a time. With Christian Cinema, you don’t have to worry about browsing through an endless screen of programs you’ve never heard of because you can find most of the biggest Christian movies available to rent. Stream the recommendation of a friend and get your family hooked on their new favorite addition to movie night. Christian Cinema can be enjoyed through Amazon Channels, Chromecast, Roku, and your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Most rentals are in the $3-5 range while you can purchase digital copies of the film for a little more.

These are some of your best bets for streaming options that will suit your Christian family. Pure Flix or one of the other companies on this list may be perfect for you, but you can also find Christian movies on Netflix and other popular sites like YouTube.

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