4 Reasons to Be Thankful for Christian Entertainment

As we roll into the holiday season, it’s time to reflect on the things in life that make us thankful. While the top of that list should probably consist of important friendships, family connections, and our personal relationship with the Lord, there are many other things for us to be thankful for this fall. Pumpkin pie, cooler weather, and the changing leaves are popular aspects of the season, but we can also be thankful for things that we enjoy year round. Christian entertainment plays an important part in the lives of believers, be it through books, movies, music, or other content. Here are four reasons why we should all be thankful for Christian entertainment.

Safe Family Entertainment

Entertainment is important for everyone. If you’ve ever been around children, we know you’ve heard your fair share of the phrase “I’m bored.” Christian entertainment isn’t just about keeping the kids happy, though. We all need to find ways to blow off a little steam, whether that’s a round of golf, renting a movie, or talking with friends. Our bodies can only handle so much business and stress, so we should look for ways to alleviate that pressure. The trouble comes when we need entertainment that is safe for our families and reflects our biblical values.

When we decide to have a movie night with our spouse or kids, we shouldn’t have to worry about being bombarded with graphic images and offensive language. That’s why we enjoy Christian movies and services like Pure Flix that take away the possibility for an awkward moment. Another time when Christian entertainment is a life-saver is on morning commutes. A lot of the secular songs that are popular today contain beliefs and promote lifestyles that we wouldn’t want our kids to adopt as their own views. Everyone knows that it only takes a time or two of hearing a catchy song before you’re singing it yourself, regardless of the lyrics’ meaning. Instead of letting the local pop station dictate what your child (or you yourself) listens to, why not turn over to K-LOVE and enjoy uplifting music that is clean and honoring to the Lord?

This same thought process can be applied to the worlds of books and sports. Series like “The Chronicles of Narnia” and professional athletes like Tim Tebow and Benjamin Watson can inspire us as believers as well as our kids. You can never overestimate the convenience and reliability of Christian entertainment.

Christian Entertainment Builds Up Our Faith

Music can have an amazing effect on our attitude. Have you ever had a rough day at work only for the perfect Christian song to come on the radio during the drive home? There is no doubting that the bedrock of our faith is found in the Bible, through prayer, and by living out the Christian life. On the other hand, sometimes we can read something new or listen to a challenging song that unlocks something from scripture for us for the first time. Take for instance the latest hit song from MercyMe, “Even If.” Many of us go through the easier years of life thinking “If I just pray enough, God will give me what I want.” Those of us who have walked through a tough situation know that sometimes God’s answer is the exact opposite of what we were anticipating. This song reminds us that God is the source of our hope and He is all powerful, but His ways are not our ways. We often have to praise God in spite of not giving us our heart’s desire. In the end, His path is better than ours could ever be.

We can also watch Christian movies like “Fireproof” and “Courageous” and take the lessons that we see depicted there and apply them to our own families and marriages. Our beliefs are not only to exist when we walk through the doors of the church, but they should be evident by how we conduct ourselves each and every day. Films like these can be an encouragement that help us to keep the important things at the top of our priorities rather than being distracted by material wealth or lesser desires.

Reveals Biblical Truth in Parables

We think it’s okay to acknowledge that sometimes the Christian faith can be confusing and difficult to walk. For many whom have joined the faith as an adult, it might be hard to grasp terms like “propitiation” or “transfiguration.” Without even diving into some of the tougher theological questions that exist, joining a church might feel like walking into a foreign country. Maybe it’s difficult for you to grasp some of the themes from the Bible, but seeing an allegorical story like “The Lord of the Rings” helps you to better understand it all.

Jesus used parables throughout His ministry by likening people to sheep, grace and mercy to pardoning financial debts, the coming of Christ to a wedding party, and so on. Even though we have 2,000 years of wisdom on the people of Jesus’ time, parables are still an important way for us to grasp the truth of scripture. We can even go further back in history to find examples of allegories that shine a light on the Christian experience. John Bunyan’s “The Pilgrim’s Progress” was written in the late 17th century and is, to this day, one of the best fictional accounts in Christianity.

Christian Entertainment Boosts Our Creativity

No matter what kind of entertainment you like to enjoy in your free time, we can all agree that humanity is a creative group of people. Masters of industry, artists, and tech geniuses have all found ways to change the world in their areas of expertise. Each of us has a specific area where we feel that our individual senses of creativity are best used. Some of us like to paint while others enjoy playing guitar or performing in a local theater group. These ambitions give our lives a little extra flavor while also reflecting the creativity of a God who made the wonders of the  highest peaks and the complexities of the ocean’s depths all from scratch.

We serve a God who is all powerful and holy, but also One who loves to laugh, tell stories, and create. Christian entertainment gives us the opportunity to feed our creative minds either by consuming or creating a rich tapestry of work that reflects the wonder of our Lord. Through the last decade we have seen an emerging Christian film market that is sharing the story of God through Biblical depictions as well as fictional tales. Thanks to the internet, amazing worship songs are racing around the world and impacting millions of lives in a flash. We can be thankful for the opportunity to create as well as the ability to enjoy art that proudly declares the love of the Lord and the joy with which He fills our hearts.

These are just a few of the reasons why we should be thankful for Christian entertainment and seek to enjoy it whenever we can. At the K-LOVE Fan Awards, we are all about connecting fans with the music, films, books, and athletes that they admire. Each year we bring together the biggest names in Christian entertainment for a show unlike any other in Christian music. Find out how you and your family can enjoy the ultimate fan experience by clicking below.


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