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The internet is a huge undertaking where we can find both the best and worst of humanity. Like other forms of media, there are many places on the web where you can find Christian content. These websites can serve purposes of all kinds, from instructional to just downright fun. It’s true that you can find great information on both secular and religious sites, but you may prefer to filter your information through a Christian lens. You may also be thinking “How am I supposed to know if the places I’m visiting are Christian websites or not?” That’s a fair question we feel can typically be answered by examining the site's content and the way in which it is voiced. You can’t always know for sure, but some websites are more obvious than others. Here are six reasons why you should make Christian websites part of your browsing routine.

Finding a Christian Perspective in a Busy World

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by just how big the world is today? Thanks to smartphones and more, we never seem to catch a break from the constant onslaught of information. Trying to stay in the know when it comes to news and entertainment while also living a Christian life and taking care of our daily responsibilities can seem impossible. Making priorities in life is a regular part of being and adult, but it can be exhausting nonetheless. By visiting Christian websites for news, cultural commentary, and entertainment, you can crack through the busyness and maintain a Christian worldview. By trying out media entities like Christianity Today or World Magazine, you can get both a Christian perspective on current news as well as updates and commentary on happenings within Christianity.

Support for Christian Companies and Writers

Each time you click a link or watch a video online, you are supporting the person or company who created the content. We often don’t make those connections when we are simply browsing our social media news feeds or bouncing around different sites online. We’ve already listed some ways in which Christian websites can be an asset to you (and we’ve got several more benefits to go), but we are also helping those companies when we visit their sites. We know it isn’t the responsibility of each individual to prop up these companies, however, know that when you choose to get your information from these sites you are helping Christian writers and media professionals. Christians should be welcome in every field, but it is harder to ensure that when everyday folks don’t support their efforts and instead opt for secular sources.

Content That Meets Your Needs

Different websites are catered to different groups of people. If you need a recipe for dinner, you wouldn’t go through the ESPN site to try and find something. Likewise, Netflix doesn’t offer anything for someone looking for a way to unclog a drain. Christian websites offer content that is important to the religious community, whether it is a Christian commentary on politics or daily devotionals in subjects that people love. There is a ridiculous number of secular sites out there for you to get a worldly perspective, which can also be beneficial. When you take the time to find websites that reflect your values, though, it can be a total game-changer.

Christian Websites Help You Communicate with Others

Depending on where you work and live, you may feel as a Christian that you are always behind enemy lines. The outside world can be a dark place if you do not have Christian influences and community nearby. You should always lean on your local church for fellowship and communicating with other believers. That being said, Christian websites can also help you to keep a Biblical worldview and maintain perspective. Some of these websites also have message boards, comment sections, and other ways for random users to talk with one another. With the advantages of technology, we must also practice caution and discernment when it comes to speaking from behind a keyboard. If you do use Christian websites, or something like Facebook, to communicate with others, do so in a Christ-honoring way.

Christian Websites Let You Know What God is Doing Worldwide

Along with feeling cut off from the fellowship with other Christians, the busy world we live in can also make us a little selfish with our lives. If we spend too much time worried about our own issues, we can lose track of all that God is doing around the world. America may feel like it is a dark place when you watch the news at night, but there is a lot of good being done in the name of the Lord.

Check out missions-minded websites like Campus Crusade for Christ or the International Mission Board to find out how the gospel is being spread throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world. If you want to learn more about the fight against human trafficking, organizations like International Justice Mission can keep you updated on current projects. Once you find out all of the different ways in which the world is being reached for Christ, you’ll always want to stay tuned for Christian websites like these.

Give, Speak, and Pray with More Information

We have a responsibility as believers in Christ to stay active in our world. Taking part in evangelism, praying for both our friends and enemies, and being an overall beacon of light are all part of the journey. It can be difficult to fulfill that calling if we never venture out from our daily routine. By visiting Christian websites, you can find helpful information pertaining to how you can get more involved. “But I’m already tapped out financially, so there’s no way I can support all of these different causes!” That’s fine. Follow this simple thought process and see where you can help out: Can you physically go somewhere and assist the cause of Christ through whatever skills He has given you? If so, that’s a great option to consider. If not, perhaps you should think about giving financially. All of these wonderful projects in evangelism and humanitarian aid cost money. Not able to afford giving? Then pray, and pray, and pray some more. Christians have an amazing, unlimited resource when it comes to prayer. You will never know this side of eternity just how much of an impact your prayer life can leave.

Christian websites allow us to hear about great organizations, ministries, and movements around the world. The more information you have, the better you can help them as they spread the gospel all over the world.

Christian businesses are certainly worth supporting, especially those who seek to share the truth of the Bible with everyone they can. While the purpose of spreading the gospel is more than admirable, there are also plenty of ways in which Christian websites and businesses meet basic needs like feeding us, making us laugh, or inspiring us.

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