Save Money at the K-LOVE Fan Awards

Have you always wanted to be part of the K-LOVE Fan Awards, but you didn’t think you could afford the trip? For fans who are right on the edge of a decision as well as those who already plan to join us for the year’s biggest Christian music event, here are a few ways to save money at the K-LOVE Fan Awards.

Sign Up Early for the K-LOVE Fan Awards

One of the best strategies for saving money at the K-LOVE Fan Awards is to sign up early for the coming year. The very first group of people who can book their tickets for a new year are guests already attending the K-LOVE Fan Awards. So if you were to join us in 2020, you would be among the first to be able to apply for 2021, all while you’re with us onsite. Once one year’s event is completed, we will eventually open registration to the rest of the world.

Why is signing up early such a good idea? For starters, you get the most value for your purchase. Each year comes with special incentives for those who enroll at the beginning of the booking process. Better seats, exclusive meet and greets, and other fun opportunities are your reward for being among the first to take the plunge. Moving beyond overall value and toward easier costs, signing up early for the K-LOVE Fan Awards means you can pay monthly at lower rates than you’d be paying further down the road. Signing up a few months earlier can save you serious cash compared to booking at the last minute. Plus, like we just shared, you’ll get some great benefits as well.

What’s the Ticket Package for You?

Another way to save money at the K-LOVE Fan Awards is by finding the most appropriate ticket package for your group. There are three ways to be a part of the year’s hottest show. Choose between a three-night package, a two-night package, or the Event Only package. While we believe the three night package offers the best bang for your buck, you may decide to stay with us for only two nights or simply be present for the events. You can find out the difference between packages here. The cheaper the package, the more you’ll have to miss during the K-LOVE Fan Awards Weekend, but for some groups the sacrifice is worth it. Shop wisely and see what’s best for you.

Find the Best Room Breakdown for Your Group

Along with selecting a ticket package, you’re going to need to make decisions concerning your rooming situation if you plan to stay overnight at the Gaylord Opryland Resort. The price of your stay is partially dependent on how many adults and children will be sleeping in each room. If you’re coming with a large group, be sure to check the pricing chart found online or call us at 800-884-7525. In addition to knowing who is staying where, all overnight guests will need to pick the style of room where they would prefer to sleep. You can take the traditional approach, aim for a room with an indoor view or bump things up to a suite. If you want to save the most money, you’re probably going to want to go with a traditional room.

Scout the Resort’s Restaurants in Advance

The Gaylord Opryland Resort is an amazing place to stay, complete with attractions, restaurants, shopping, and more. When it comes to dining, some restaurants are more affordable than others. Before you find yourself barreling into the more expensive dining locations because you can’t wait to do impromptu research, know what to expect. If you’re looking to save money during your stay, review the available options and know where to find things like coffee and dessert. The same goes for the surrounding Nashville area if you plan on leaving the resort at any point.

Plan Your Outfit Ahead of the Weekend

It may seem like a minor point, but many people wish to dress up for the special occasion of the K-LOVE Fan Awards. As the weeks draw nearer to showtime, think about what you’d like to wear for the big awards show. When time starts to dwindle, so do your options. Next thing you know, you’ll be paying full price for that outfit at the mall. Plan ahead and you could easily save $100 or more by catching a sale or finding the perfect match to some clothing items you already own.

Set a Budget for Merchandise You’d Like to Purchase

When you come to the K-LOVE Fan Awards, you’re going to see lots of merchandise from today’s biggest Christian artists. Many of the items you’ll see are things only available at concerts or this one special event. Even if some of the t-shirts or albums can be found online, you’re going to pay an arm and a leg for shipping. This is a good opportunity for finding the best deal. Just be sure to set your own budget for merchandise so that you don’t feel like you spent too much later on down the road. (If you really want to pinch pennies, you can also create a dining or snack budget.)

Search for the Most Appropriate Travel Plans

Whether you’re booking a flight or finding some other way to travel, we all know transportation can be one of the biggest financial factors when it comes to taking a trip. Fans who plan on flying need to check airfare prices regularly and through different websites. Unless it’s an emergency, you should never settle on the very first price you see online. Cross reference with other travel sites so you know you’re getting the right deal. Once the desired tickets hit a price comfortable with you, pull the trigger. Search for the best and most appropriate travel deals to Nashville for the K-LOVE Fan Awards or you might cost yourself several hundreds of dollars.

Think Through the Add-Ons at the K-LOVE Fan Awards

Like with any other major event, the K-LOVE Fan Awards has a few add-on items to consider. These are matters of convenience or entertainment which may or may not be appealing to you, but you should think through them before choosing either way. One big item is shuttle service to the awards show on Sunday night. The Grand Ole Opry House is about half a mile from the resort. Most of us can make that walk just fine on our own, but some guests are older than others or have difficulty walking that far. At the same time, you’ll have to remember the possibility for rain as well as what you’ll be wearing. You may wish to pay $15 or more per person for the convenience of not sweating through your suit. Still, this could be a spot to save some money for guests who don’t mind a little physical exertion. This is just one of the add-on items to consider when traveling to the year’s hottest show.

We hope these points have helped you consider ways to save money at the K-LOVE Fan Awards. Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to things like travel and dining, so feel free to modify our suggestions to what makes the most sense for your group. However you plan to do so, we hope to see you next year for the biggest celebration of Christian music and more.

The K-LOVE Fan Awards brings together the biggest fans of Christian music, films, books, and athletes for an event full of spectacular performances and famous names. Find out how you can join us for the ultimate fan experience by clicking on the link below.

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