Spring Break Ideas for Christian Families

Writing from the adult perspective, we know how much we miss Spring Break and what it means to students who are still in school. Although the week allows only a taste of what summer offers in ready supply, Spring Break can be a great time for kids to learn, rest, explore, and gain new experiences. The week can also serve as an important time for Christian families who want to spend time together. So what are the best Spring Break ideas for Christian families? It really depends on what your arrangement allows. Some parents take off from work during the week and there are more than a few stay at home moms out there. We also know, however, that this does not reflect reality for families where both parents have to work while the kids enjoy a week of freedom. Whatever your situation is, check out our Spring Break ideas for Christian families and see if you aren’t inspired to plan ahead for the big week.

The Ultimate Staycation

Who says you have to go to the beach during Spring Break? Spoiler alert: it’s probably not that warm anyway. You can have an amazing time exploring your hometown and probably save time and money along the way. For those who live in a big city, look into free or discounted museums, put together a local scavenger hunt, or just get lunch at that neighborhood place you’ve been wanting to try. The point of a staycation is to treat your usual surroundings as if they were an exotic or otherwise foreign destination. This may sound harder to do if both parents are working, but you can manage to have a little homegrown fun regardless. If you cannot get off of work (even for one day), just use your non-working hours wisely. Make a fort of pillows and blankets in the living room and watch a movie or cook meals inspired by other cultures for dinner. If you’re wanting to be more spiritual with the week, you could even use the time to hold a mini-VBS by giving your kids a few craft ideas or a book of the Bible to explore with guided questions. There’s no wrong way to go on a staycation.

Take Part in Organized Volunteer Opportunities at Church or in the Community

Churches take part in all kinds of ministry opportunities throughout the week. Depending on the size of your church, there might be an event every day where kids of a certain age can help out. Perhaps one day you and your family can serve at a soup kitchen, help create a community garden, or visit homebound members of your church. No matter how old your students are, there’s some kind of selfless activity they can engage with at church or in the community. If you have to work and don’t trust your kids to go out on their own, they could always write cards for people in nursing homes or troops serving overseas. See what kind of service opportunities there are around you and make use of the time you have available.

Visit Extended Family

Traveling to Grandma’s house may not be the most exciting of spring break ideas for Christian families, but it is a good one. Thanks to social media, we’ve come to rely upon our smartphones and Alexa devices to help us keep in touch with extended family. This is wonderful, but what about seeing family face to face? Technology is supposed to help the gap between gatherings feel better, not fully replace them. If you have the ability, we recommend a family visit to see the grandparents (Or maybe the cousins who live by the beach. Know what we mean?) Let your kids know what their extended family is like and take the time for yourself to look back on your own childhood memories.

Go On an Adventure

Exotic locations and once-in-a-lifetime experiences are often what we think of when we see the word “adventure.” The truth is that an adventure is whatever you make of it. If have the money and resources to travel across the world, we’re certainly not going to stop you, but a passport isn’t required for Christian families to go on an adventure this Spring Break. In the first section of this piece we talked about exploring your own hometown for a staycation. These can sometimes be the best adventures! If you do want to get away from the city, find a national park in your area or take a trip to an amusement park where you can ride roller coasters and see live music. The best Spring Break ideas for Christian families come from knowing your area and what your family needs or loves. Your family may not even need to cross state lines to have the best Spring Break ever.

See Christian Concerts

There are easy ways to incorporate Christian learning, debate, or atmosphere in just about any of our Spring Break ideas for Christian families, but why not go somewhere that will make that even easier? You can find all kinds of artists touring throughout the year. Even Winter Jam tours through the end of March and that show offers several great artists at a low price. Christian music is inspiring, entertaining, and 100% family friendly. Check on social media or your favorite artists’ sites to see if they might be coming through during Spring Break. Music has the power to bring people together and your family is no exception.

Get an Education - Spring Break Ideas for Christian Families

Just because school is out for the week, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a little education. Spring Break can be an informative time to do some learning outside of the classroom. There are a number of ways this can be done at home, in your hometown, or by taking a simple day trip. Parents can recommend a little outside reading, even something that is clearly for fun. You can also visit your local zoo or a museum to learn something new. History buffs can take their kids to a Civil War battlefield or to see monuments in Philadelphia, San Antonio, or Washington, D.C.. One important note we would like to add is that this is simply about the pleasure of learning, so don’t feel like you need to grill your kids or misguidedly ask for a book report. Just knowing your kids want to learn about the outside world is reward enough.

This may not be the most fun of our Spring Break ideas for Christian families, but you can make use of this time away from school to teach your kids life skills around the house. Show them how to mow the lawn, do laundry, or make a simple meal. Understanding these tasks will make the eventual transition to adulthood that much easier.

Do Something Positive for Friends (or Even Strangers)

“Didn’t you guys already talk about volunteer opportunities?” Well, yes and no. Our earlier recommendation was to find something organized at church or in the community where you can volunteer. But we all know that people are capable of kindness even if someone isn’t standing around with a clipboard giving directions. Maybe you and your family can use this week to do something positive yourselves. Help a friend who is moving or offer to take your friends’ kids out together to the movies, just so they can have some time to themselves. If you haven’t planned a trip or a week full of activities, then simply go about your week looking for ways in which you and your family can be a blessing to those around you.

These Spring Break ideas for Christian families are intended to help you and your family enjoy this special time of year, growing together and making memories that will last for a lifetime. Only you know exactly what is right for you and your family, so we recommend you take these ideas and create something unique for your family.

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