Why Should I Support Christian Businesses?

In our day-to-day lives, we make a number of decisions that impact the economy. When we fill up our cars with gasoline, grab lunch with a friend, or decide to buy a new washing machine, we are making choices with our money that affect a variety of businesses. Of course, we don’t think about it that way. Most of the time we’re just trying to make it through the day, picking businesses to support either through convenience or in keeping with our budgets. No one can argue with those decision-making methods, but do Christians do enough to support Christian businesses?

First, we need to establish what it means to be a Christian business. The first part of that comes down to who is running the business. Christian businesses tend to have Christian owners after all. Secondly, does the business operate in a way that is respectful to Biblical values? This part can be a little harder to put your finger on, but you know it when you see it.

Since the go-to example for many people will be Chick-fil-A, let’s talk about them for a moment. Like some other Christian businesses, Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays. This allows its employees the opportunity to take a day off and go to church, if they wish. Anyone who has worked in a restaurant knows how important that can be. Also, the business prides itself on a level of customer service that is hard to find in any of its fast food counterparts. Basically, Christian businesses should be known for how they treat their employees and customers and how they conduct business overall.

Now that we know how to identify Christian businesses, why should we support them?

Christian Businesses Don’t Have It Easy

In case you’ve never had to run a business, allow us to let you in on a trade secret: it’s not exactly easy. Starting one requires many sleepless nights and a lot of them fail in the first couple of years. To build a successful business, you typically need a good product, great customer service, and some kind of special hook that differentiates you from your competitors.

With all the man hours that go into starting a business, owners will also face complications from issues like healthcare, taxes, bad employees, and several other issues. So far, everything that we’ve talked about has been true of both Christian businesses and not. What’s the difference for  establishments that are owned by Christians?

First, think about what kind of effect running a business could have on your spiritual life. It can be hard to give your business the kind of attention it needs while also taking care of a family and making sure to be disciplined in your faith, especially when first starting out. By giving your money to Christian businesses, you can help them grow, hire more people, and be more effective at what they do. This of course brings up the counterpoint of “Should I give money to a bad business just because it’s owned by Christians?”

Not necessarily. When it comes to a Christian business that isn’t good at what they do, we suggest you give them a chance (Maybe two, as everyone has bad days.). If you feel unsatisfied or think your investment would be better managed at a different Christian business, feel free to move along. If there’s a specific issue that you think needs to be fixed, most businesses will provide you with a way to offer feedback. Take advantage of that and let them know how they can improve, but be kind about it.

Also, it’s not uncommon for Christian businesses to get wrapped up in a controversy over their beliefs. From same-sex weddings to Supreme Court cases, Christian businesses have had to explain their beliefs in the public eye over a number of issues. Supporting these businesses lets the owners and employees know that their customers and the community are behind them.

Why Should I Support Christian Businesses?

You Don’t Always Know Where Your Money Is Going

Even if we make a conscious decision about where we spend our money, we likely don’t think about where our money ends up. If you were to decide to buy a new outfit at Macy’s, you probably don’t think about the fact that a small amount of your money could end up at Planned Parenthood. At least, it might have until the company nixed the policy in December 2016.

We know that everyone’s life is moving too fast to always know exactly what money goes where, but it never hurts to look into the companies that you frequent and see what kind of causes and organizations they support.

If you decide to support Christian businesses, there’s a very good chance that your money will only go to organizations that you like as well. However, even when shopping with those companies, you might want to learn about what kind of work they do with charities and find out how they are helping others. It might encourage you to invest in Christian businesses even more.

Successful Businesses Have an Impact on Their Communities

Since we’re talking about the charitable footprint of Christian businesses, it’s good to remember that successful businesses are usually ones who get involved in their communities. When you go to ballgames, fairs, community service projects, and more, you’re likely to see sponsorship from popular businesses.

It stands to reason that failing businesses don’t have the resources to invest in these opportunities. There is no community impact for a business that struggles to keep the lights on. While there are some big non-religious businesses that do great work throughout the country, successful Christian businesses are able to invest in special events, work with churches and charities, and make an impact for their community that can lead to the spread of the gospel.

Again, we know that many people have limited options when it comes to their purchasing decisions. It’s a luxury to be able to pick and choose where you spend your money. If you can afford it and there are good options in your area, you should think about supporting Christian businesses. See how they use that money for the community. Business partnerships can really help when it comes to putting on events, starting a club, or raising funds.

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