Top Christian Books of 2017: 12 Non-fiction New Releases

With another year of publications having passed us by, we’ve been fortunate enough to receive a great collection of new books in 2017. Ranging from autobiographies to self-help and dating advice, these top Christian books cover all the bases to meet your reading needs. We’ve got plenty of options that were penned by today’s most talented musicians, speakers, pastors, and thinkers. Scroll through and find the next book for your reading list.

“Anxious for Nothing” - Max Lucado

Max Lucado has written some of the top Christian books when it comes to comfort, forgiveness, and finding peace. The author has a penchant for making complex ideas simple enough for a child to understand. Not only does Lucado write for children, but he has also made a career out of helping adult believers to better understand grace, the Christmas story, and how to live a Christian life without regrets. His latest is all about releasing anxiety and finding a spiritual cure for everyday stress.

“Martin Luther” - Eric Metaxas

If you enjoy biographies or want to learn more about America’s Christian roots, a good writer to follow would be Eric Metaxas. Among the author’s most celebrated works are a biography of the pastor who stood up to Hitler’s Third Reich, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. In 2017, Metaxas made our list of top Christian books with the biography of another well-known believer, Martin Luther. Most Christians are aware of a few highlights from Luther’s involvement with the Protestant Reformation, but this book is full of all kinds of exciting details that will engross today’s readers.

“Goliath Must Fall” - Louie Giglio

As the founder of the Passion movement, Louie Giglio knows plenty about speaking to diverse groups of people and motivating them to action. One of the first things we have to do when it comes to starting a new life or making a change is to defeat the fear that is standing between us and God’s promises. Giglio’s book is a call to overcome fear and claim the victory that God has already delivered. We never know just how far God is going to take us until we answer His call.

“Before You Hit Send” - Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

One of the biggest sources for confusion and chaos in the world today is miscommunication. It affects everything from relationships to world events. What makes this especially frustrating is that we live in a world today where it’s never been easier or faster to say something that could destroy someone’s life. In “Before You Hit Send,” Dr. Emerson Eggerichs tells us how to think before speaking and to consider the impact of our words. We never know how a simple statement could change the world.

“Between Heaven and the Real World” - Steven Curtis Chapman

One of the top Christian books of 2017 is the autobiography of one of the biggest Christian musicians of all time. Steven Curtis Chapman has had a string of hits and major awards over his three decades in Christian music, but this is the first time he’s reflected on his full career in print. Readers will experience everything from his time on the road to family struggles as Chapman shares his life story thus far.

“Daring to Hope” - Katie Davis Majors

The world first learned the story of Katie Davis in 2011 after reading “Kisses From Katie.” The book was an account of the young woman’s decision to move from Nashville to Uganda in order to minister full time and start an organization called Amazima Ministries. Since that time she has been married, adopted over a dozen Ugandan children, and continued her work in the African country. The first book was about opening up to a brave new world that God was showing Katie. This follow-up is about the next step. The one you take after going 12 rounds with the filth and hurt that life inevitably throws your way. Even in the face of unspeakable trials, you can dare to hope.

“Play the Man” - Mark Batterson - Top Christian Books of 2017

As one of the most prolific Christian authors writing today, it’s no surprise to have Mark Batterson’s work on the list of 2017’s top Christian books. His previous bestseller, “The Circle Maker,” is one of the most popular Christian books in recent memory and has spun off a number of related books. The author also penned the well-read “Chase the Lion” in 2016. Batterson narrows his audience with this year’s “Play the Man,” where he speaks to men who feel lost in a culture that seeks to minimize manhood.

“Single, Dating, Engaged, Married” - Ben Stuart

Relationships have changed drastically in the last 20 years. Between cellphones and the internet, we are communicating in ways that would have been thought insane only a short time ago. This has forever altered how we approach dating and marriage. Young people are also putting off marriage for longer than ever before. If we’re going to navigate the new normal, we’ll have to reevaluate how we do things. Enter Ben Stuart’s “Single, Dating, Engaged, Married.”

“How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge” - Clay Scroggins

Many of today’s top Christian books focus on leadership and communication. These can be especially hard to master when you yourself are not in a position of power. Clay Scroggins takes readers through ways to step up and lead while serving and working in smaller roles. Although being the boss makes leadership more applicable at times, we can all be leaders in our own way. Grab the book and find out how.

“Capital Gaines” - Chip Gaines

While most of the top Christian books are seeking to deepen your relationship with Christ and call you to action, “Capital Gaines” is more of a fun memoir from the “Fixer Upper” star that talks about his journey as an entrepreneur and family man. Sometimes we need to remember that reading doesn’t always have to be an intense study of theological topics. It’s okay to kick back and have a little fun too. If you like what you read, you might also want to check out last year’s “Magnolia Story.”

“All Things New” - John Eldredge

As the world seems to get crazier each day, Christians can set their eyes on our future home and have peace. Even though we talk about Heaven at church on Sundays, is it something that we consider throughout the week? John Eldredge is a cherished Christian author who has written famous books like “Wild at Heart” and “Captivating.” Here he gives us a short, but deep, look at heaven and all that we can hope for in it.

“Becoming MomStrong” - Heidi St. John

Heidi St. John is a popular Christian blogger, podcaster, and author who has become a beloved voice for women through the years. Her latest book, “Becoming MomStrong,” takes what the author has learned over years of parenting and speaking to women and uses it to bring mothers to a place of renewed strength and vision. Instead of relying on our own wisdom, we can call on a higher power to help us on the journey of raising children.

These are 12 of 2017’s best new Christian releases, ranging in topics from anxiety to dating to the coming joy of heaven. Of course, not all of the top Christian books of 2017 are non-fiction. For a few of the year’s best offerings in stories, head over to our earlier piece on New Christian Fiction Books. Whatever you’re looking to add to your reading list, you’ll get a good head start on great new books by checking out one or more of these titles.

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