Top Christian Songs of Spring 2017: What to Listen For

Each year, Christian music fans can look forward to a new slate of music from their favorite artists. Spring 2017 saw the release of several new albums and singles that are quickly becoming new favorites for listeners. Featuring new music from Mandisa, Colton Dixon, and others, here are some of the top Christian songs of Spring 2017.

“Even If” - MercyMe

There are very few Christian bands that have been able to consistently make hits that touch our hearts quite like MercyMe. Over the last 16 years, the group has had a lot of success with songs like “I Can Only Imagine,” “Flawless,” and “Greater.” With their new album, the band builds on this history with the new single “Even If.” MercyMe has a long history of singing inspiring and uplifting songs, which is why “Even If” rings so true. It’s easy to praise God when things are going your way, but what about when life really hurts? The lyrics recognize that God is able to do all things, but sometimes things don’t go our way. In spite of this, we can trust that God is in control.

“I Have This Hope” - Tenth Avenue North

Tenth Avenue North became popular newcomers with their first two albums “Over and Underneath” and “The Light Meets the Dark.” Singing on a range of topics like self-worth, dealing with those around us, and coming to terms with God’s plan for our lives, the group has been a powerful voice for listeners of all ages. Coming from the album “Followers,” this song shares that no matter where we are or what we’re struggling with, God is by our side. Every situation may not go our way, but we have a God who cares and is there for us through it all.



“Home” - Chris Tomlin

As sure as death and taxes, Chris Tomlin’s latest album, “Never Lose Sight,” brings with it a number of top Christian songs. The worship leader’s newest effort features the upbeat “Home,” which sings of our heavenly destination to come. There’s no denying that we can experience joy on earth, but how much more complete will that joy be when we are in heaven with the one who created us? It’s a wonderful thing to think about and the song is just as joyful as its subject matter.

“Unfinished” - Mandisa

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a new Mandisa jam, so we’re happy to hear “Unfinished” making waves with listeners. The tune comes across as both a comeback song and a sequel to earlier songs like “Overcomer.” Mandisa has always been a motivating force for Christian listeners and this song is no different. No matter how hard we try to live out the Christian life, there are always areas where we can improve or where God is still writing our story. “Unfinished” is a song of encouragement that reminds us that God is still at work in our lives, even if we struggle from time to time.



“Oh My Soul” - Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns is another one of those bands like MercyMe which has poured out top Christian songs over a long career. “Oh My Soul” is yet another song on this list that is about facing tough circumstances. Again, we know that we are not alone in these trials, even if it feels that way. There is an incredible lyric in the chorus of “Oh My Soul” that goes “There’s a place where your fear has to face the God you know.” That’s really what it comes down to when we are living in fear. Are you going to succumb to your doubts or trust in the God who has gotten you this far?

“I Wanna Go Back” - David Dunn

We covered David Dunn’s latest album, “Yellow Balloons,” in February. One of the album's songs that has really taken off is “I Wanna Go Back.” The song talks about how much easier faith, and life in general, seemed to be when we were kids. Before we were warped by the daily struggles of adulthood and the effects of living in a fallen world, things were simpler. “I Wanna Go Back” is a nostalgic song that yearns for the faith of a child.

“Beloved” - Jordan Feliz - Top Christian Songs

“Beloved” is the latest single from Feliz’s album to chart well on the Christian music scene, following “The River” and “Never Too Far Gone.” The new song is a reminder that we are cared for by God and that our lives have purpose. It can be difficult to remember those things when we allow our worries to take center stage over our beliefs. You didn’t happen by accident. You are loved and God has a plan for your life.



Top Christian Songs of Spring 2017: What to Listen For

“All That Matters” - Colton Dixon

The new track from Colton Dixon serves as a good companion piece to Jordan Feliz’s “Beloved” as it echoes the same sentiment of how much God cares for us. We can get lost in the many disappointments that life has to offer us if we don’t keep in mind that this world is not our final home. We are living for a greater purpose because the Creator of the universe has called us to something better. We can overcome our situations because of the strength God provides, but even if things don’t go our way, He is still there for us.

“The Cure” - Unspoken

Unspoken’s newest single has a simple message to follow: Jesus is the cure. Whether you’re struggling to find meaning, looking for help in a dark time, or facing an impossible decision, there is one you can turn to for help. “The Cure” follows the group’s other top Christian songs like “Start a Fire” and “Call It Grace.” The latest song is upbeat and hopeful, giving listeners some positive motivation for the day.



“King of My Heart” - Kutless

Christian rock band Kutless has turned to the worship scene in recent years. Their latest single, “King of My Heart,” shows that they plan to stay on that course. Covering a powerful song from John Mark and Sarah McMillan, Kutless shows some more of their worship chops that have been featured in the “Strong Tower” and “It Is Well” albums. The song centers on the idea that God is our one hope when it comes to finding direction and strength.

“Fearless” - Jasmine Murray

Featured on our Christian workout playlist, Jasmine Murray’s “Fearless is one of the top Christian songs to come out this spring. Murray is a new artist who has only released two singles to date, one of which was featured on the “God’s Not Dead 2” soundtrack. “Fearless” is an exceptional pop song that will give your morning the boost that it needs. We look forward to seeing a full-length album one day.

“What A Beautiful Name” - Hillsong Worship

Hillsong has been responsible for a number of top Christian songs over the years, so it’s no surprise that their latest album, “Let There Be Light,” contains a new popular worship song. “What A Beautiful Name” is a song of pure adoration to Jesus. When we think about who Jesus is, what He did for us on the cross, and what our response should be, this song is just the right thing to listen to. Like most Hillsong hits, it starts out slow and introspective before turning into a full celebration near the end.

We’re only a few months into 2017, but these are some of the new songs that have already made waves. No matter if you’re new to the Christian music genre or someone who has listened for decades, there are always top Christian songs released each week for your enjoyment.

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