Christian Books for College Students to Explore

College is a place where young people congregate to learn, debate ideas, and grow into the young adults they need to be to survive in this world. Why let the reading and discussion end with topics like biology and history when faith plays an integral role in how we develop and view the world? Here are a few of the best Christian books for college students to explore what they believe and learn from intelligent Christians throughout history.

“The Road Back to You” - Ian Morgan Cron & Suzanne Stabile

What a shame it would be for a young person to complete four years of college without ever understanding who they are as an individual. Although there are a number of personality assessment tests available, one of the most popular metrics today is the enneagram. “The Road Back to You” examines the nine personalities by which we more or less are defined. Not only will this encourage young people to know themselves, it will even shed light on why other people are the way they are. Another book on this subject from Suzanne Stabile is “The Path Between Us.”

“Woke Church” - Eric Mason

Looking at the world today, we can see how race and social justice are part of an escalating conversation. Why not try to understand what’s going on? In “Woke Church,” Eric Mason tries to let us know how we got to the point where we are at in race relations, how the church has been involved and what we can do better. If you like what he has to say, guys may also be interested in reading “Manhood Restored,” which details how Jesus and the Gospel can make us whole.

“Mere Christianity” - C.S. Lewis

Some of the best Christian books for college students are those written by C.S. Lewis. From his inspiring allegories (“The Chronicles of Narnia,” “The Great Divorce”) to more straightforward works, Lewis has become one of the most widely recognized Christian voices. “Mere Christianity” is a basic collection of the writer’s thoughts on Christian beliefs and why they matter. The book has been influential in helping millions of young people better grasp what they have learned in years of Sunday School and worship services. It’s also a solid crash course for a new believer.

“The Case for Christ” - Lee Strobel

We don’t want to solely focus on works of apologetics, but writings like “The Case for Christ” are among the most powerful Christian books for college students. Now a major motion picture, Lee Strobel’s book details his investigation of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. The firsthand account gives a strong testimony of the Bible’s validity and is an encouraging read for college-aged believers who may need a little confidence boost.





“The Reason for God” - Timothy Keller

While it may not be part of the plan, college often brings young people to question what they truly believe. Perhaps it’s because they are away from home or it’s simply the result of taking in a multitude of new perspectives. No matter the cause, college students often need reassurance for why they believe what they believe. “The Reason for God” is a bestselling defense of the Biblical God which takes into account many of today’s arguments from skeptics and atheists. Other Christian books for college students from Timothy Keller are “The Meaning of Marriage” and “The Prodigal God.”

“The 5 Love Languages” - Gary Chapman

This book often finds its way onto lists of influential Christian books and for good reason. Gary Chapman has put together one of the most timeless and beneficial books on understanding relationships and communication. Another book which has the ability to help young singles in college is “The Sacred Search” by Gary Thomas. These books allow young adults the ability to better handle relationships and invoke wisdom into their search for a lifelong mate.

“Uninvited” - Lysa TerKeurst - Christian Books for College Students

High school and college can be detrimental on the psyche of students as they encounter rejection, doubts, and personal attacks from a variety of social situations. Lysa TerKeurst writes to those who feel forgotten, hurt, and “Uninvited.” Even a college student with a strong personality will deal with these feelings from time to time and this book is one of many that can speak truth and healing into those wounds. “Uninvited” is a great reading choice for those who are feeling unsure of themselves while in school.

“Letters to the Church” - Francis Chan

College is likely the first time young Christians are faced with the question of what church is supposed to look like. Many will have prejudices from past encounters in youth group or will never have had a second thought about why his or her church did things the way it did. Francis Chan wants us to rethink how a church should look and answer for mistakes made in the church’s past. “Letters to the Church” will help young people understand their role in the local house of worship and how they can take part. If that doesn’t sound on-brand for the college student you know, we also suggest “Crazy Love” and “Multiply” as worthwhile reads.

“Lies Women Believe” - Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

When young Christians head out into the culture, they can often fall prey to certain falsehoods that will forever shape their beliefs, relationships, and more. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth wants to help us identify the lies which target women of all ages so that they can walk in the light of truth and experience a better life. Not to leave the guys out, you can also find a copy of “Lies Men Believe” written by the author’s husband.

“Meet Generation Z” - James Emery White

Kids who are in college now have no doubt heard plenty about millennials and baby boomers, but how much do they know about their own generation? James Emery White has written multiple books about people in this age range, from what they believe about God to how they understand the world. “Meet Generation Z” is a good way to figure out one’s peers so that you can better relate with others and navigate the world from a Christian perspective.

“When Helping Hurts” - Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert

There are a number of Christian books for college students which challenge them to engage in missions and evangelism. This period in life is one where many young Christians feel a burning for the Lord and want to do work for His kingdom. Even if your heart is in the right place, sometimes we do more damage than we could possibly imagine. “When Helping Hurts” is a responsible look at short-term mission projects that shows us where the larger Church is doing well and where it is failing those it intends to aid.

“Jesus Among Other Gods” - Ravi Zacharias

If we’re talking about Christian books for college students, we need to have a few works from intellectuals like Ravi Zacharias. The famous speaker and Christian apologist has several exciting books for young people to read, but “Jesus Among Other Gods” is an exceptional choice for how it relates Christianity with a world full of alternate religious options. Knowing why we believe in Jesus and how He is set apart from so many other cultures will help a college student gain a firm grasp on his or her faith.

We know some of you can think of a few Christian books for college students not mentioned here but this is a great start for young believers who are looking to grow in faith and learn all about the Bible during their time in school. The college years are a vital period in the education process where students become adults and have to think for themselves. We believe these are some of the best books to assist in the process.

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