• September 5, 2018
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Christian Fiction Books to Read this Fall

You might associate reading books with the summer, but the fall is also a great time to enjoy an engaging page-turner. As the weather cools down, we hit the perfect time of year where we can sit on the patio with a warm drink and read through a few chapters of our favorite Christian fiction books. Even if the season’s temperatures are too cold to enjoy the outdoors, you can always curl up on the couch and let your preferred author keep you company. For parents, you might also need a quick reading vacation while you wait for your children to finish their practice or after school group. Whatever your reading needs, we want to give you a few Christian fiction books, both old and new, for you to dig into this season. Here are some of our favorites.

“The Masterpiece” - Francine Rivers

Readers of Christian fictions books have probably already loved Francine Rivers’ “Redeeming Love,” so now’s as good a time as any to dive into her most recent novel. If there are two things the New York TImes bestselling author knows, it’s romance and building solid characters. “The Masterpiece” follows an influential artist and his female assistant as they both struggle with issues of worth and finding the things that truly matter in life.

The Christian Fiction Books of C.S. Lewis

We know there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of the Chronicles of Narnia (If not, where have you been?), but you may not know that author C.S. Lewis penned a number of other Christian fiction books during his lifetime. If you are burnt out on “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” we suggest you try out “The Screwtape Letters” or, perhaps, “Till We Have Faces.” Lewis provided far more than “Mere Christianity” over the years.

“In Places Hidden” - Tracie Peterson

Some of the best Christian fiction books are those that travel to a different time or place. Tracie Peterson’s series, titled “Golden Gate Secrets,” is one that does this just right. Each book in the series examines the life of one woman within a trio of friends who is experiencing some form of existential crisis in early 20th century San Francisco. “In Places Hidden” follows a woman named Camri who investigates the disappearance of her attorney brother with the help of one of his former clients.

“The House on Foster Hill” - Jamie Jo Wright

When tragedy strikes and you’re forced to make a new start, sometimes you buy an old house full of mystery. Such is the story of the protagonist in “The House on Foster Hill.” As she uncovers the story of the house, the book also follows a much older storyline involving another young woman desperately trying to solve a mystery. “The House on Foster Hill” is an exciting debut novel from author Jamie Jo Wright.

“This Present Darkness” - Frank Peretti

In the 90s and 00s, Frank Peretti was seen as the Christian answer to Stephen King. The author wrote several horror stories that often served as parables. One of his biggest hits, “This Present Darkness,” is a story about a small town that is under attack from unseen forces. The book bounces back and forth between spiritual warfare being engaged by angels and demons and the residents of the town as they uncover a conspiracy. If you like what you read, there’s also a sequel titled “PIercing the Darkness.”

“The View from Rainshadow Bay” - Colleen Coble

If you’re someone who enjoys reading Christian fiction books full of mystery, you may already know the name Colleen Coble. Her Rock Harbor series is full of suspenseful tales that keep you guessing. The author’s latest work is the Lavender Tides series which begins with “The View from Rainshadow Bay.” Follow along with protagonist Shauna as she tries to find the truth behind the death of her business partner in the scenic location of Washington State.

“The Third Target” - Joel C. Rosenberg

Although many of us read to get away from the news of the world, sometimes it can be nice to hear a fictionalized take on current events. Author Joel C. Rosenberg weaves today’s headlines with engaging tales of espionage and investigation. In “The Third Target,” journalist J.B. Collins tracks down chemical weapons in Syria that ISIS may be planning to use during an upcoming visit by the US President.

“Even Now” - Karen Kingsbury

What Beth Moore is to women’s bible studies, Karen Kingsbury is to Christian fiction. Her heartwarming tales of young romance and respectable families have been enjoyed by millions of readers. For those who’ve already read “Angels Walking” or the Baxter Family series, “Even Now” is a stirring tale of love lost and the search for meaning. Read along as two lovers who took different paths think over their past mistakes and a daughter searches for her birth mother.

“A.D. 30” - Ted Dekker - Christian Fiction Books to Read This Fall

Like Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker was a horror/science fiction master of the Christian genre for a time. Although he has plenty of great work in that area (including the recent release of “The 49th Mystic”), the book we’re suggesting today is “A.D. 30.” If you like swashbuckling adventure, epic tales of faraway places and Christian fiction books set in Biblical times, this should be right up your alley. Journey along with our characters as they encounter several people we already know from the Bible.

“The Secret” - Beverly Lewis

Every author has their comfort zone when it comes to writing. For Beverly Lewis, two wells she often returns to in her stories are the communities of the Amish and Mennonites. The first book in the Seasons of Grace series, “The Secret,” follows the family issues of Grace Byler. Her Amish life is fulfilling but strange happenings within her family leave her asking questions she isn’t sure she wants the answers to. The story continues in two sequels titled “The Missing” and “The Telling.”

“With Every Letter” - Sarah Sundin

Sarah Sundin’s work is a jackpot for readers who enjoy romance and the WWII era. Mixing together service to country, the heartbreak of war, and questions of faith, her novels have much to offer. “With Every Letter” is the story of two pen pals, a nurse and a soldier, communicating through the events of WWII. The book is the first in a series titled Wings of the Nightingale which tells the story of three women serving as flight nurses during the war.

From historical tales of heroism to contemporary romance, these Christian fiction books give you everything you could wish for this fall. Whether you read these selections or some great fiction from other Christian authors, we hope you find stories that speak to you. Books are just one of the many ways in which we can grow closer with God or advance in our spiritual journey. For many people, this is a role that Christian music certainly plays. That’s why the K-LOVE Fan Awards is such an amazing experience. We bring together the most popular names in Christian entertainment for a night full of encouragement and breathtaking performances. Find out how you can be part of it all by clicking on the link below.

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