Back to School: 7 Ways for the Christian Family to Start Fresh

Change can be a difficult process for us all. Families, churches, companies, and organizations can all be affected by changing dynamics that upset the status quo. Even something as small as a new school year beginning has the ability to leave you reeling for days, if not weeks. As we approach this time of year, we want to help your Christian family enjoy the smoothest transition possible. Don’t let the new year leave you in a haze. Here are seven ways for your family to conquer the back to school process using faith and relationships.

Embrace Prayer

No matter the situation, prayer is always one of your best options. For everything between scary medical diagnoses and the stress of an average day, communicating with your Heavenly Father is a solid idea. Too often, though, we only think of prayer as an answer to a problem we can’t otherwise handle on our own. We should instead view this spiritual discipline as a necessary routine in our daily lives. Speaking with God is a constant and calming resource to enjoy through thick and thin. Let prayer become a bedrock characteristic of your family. The results will make a new school year sound much easier to handle. You can model this practice in the home at dinner tables, during the commute to school, and just about anywhere in between. Invest in the art of prayer today so that you and your children will have an established relationship with the Lord when things really get tough.

Be Involved with Each Other’s Lives

Summer is often viewed as a great bonding time for families. When the school year starts back, it’s easy for each member of the family to start going his/her own way. It might happen thanks to bad influences at school, but usually it’s just due to everyone being involved in unique groups or sports. Even though you can’t be physically with each other throughout the day, try to be involved with what is happening in each other’s lives. Don’t go too far, as this may seem like prying, but ask questions when you can. Show up to ballgames and recitals. Take an interest in what everyone has going on. This way, each person can live his own life while still being part of the family unit.

Take in Christian Books, Music, and More

Media and entertainment are huge in western culture these days. Thanks to Netflix and social media, it seems as though young people (and, sadly, “adults” as well) are constantly taking in television shows, books, movies, and video games. Is there anything wrong with these things in a vacuum? No. But some of the subject matter and themes are questionable at best. Kids will undoubtedly find interest in many secular art forms, so parents should make an effort to also introduce Christ-honoring alternatives. In between watching the latest superhero film or playing the newest video games, let kids find faith-based books, movies, and music they can enjoy. Not only are we competing with the entertainment culture of the day, but different philosophical questions and belief systems kids are exposed to each day. With all of the information and images out there, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have Biblical messaging making an appearance from time to time.

Know What You Believe in Your Christian Family

Whether it’s through talking with their friends or encountering new ideas in school, your kids are going to hear questions they don’t know how to answer. As we are training up young people to know how to solve math equations, we should also pass down a set of beliefs through the Christian family. You don’t have to fully explain every detail from the Book of Revelations, but we should discuss within our families why we believe in the Bible and the common themes found within it. Kids from different backgrounds will ask your children why they go to church and engage in matters of faith. Be clear about why you believe what you believe and model those truths throughout the home. Not everyone has to be in exact agreement on every question of faith, but let your children know where the family stands and why.

Prioritize the Bible Over Activities

Continuing the trend of communicating the Christian faith to your children, we encourage the reading of the Bible throughout the school year. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in math homework, projects, and sports. We want our young students to be well-rounded individuals who complete their schoolwork and get involved in the community. However, that doesn’t have to come at the expense of the Bible. Your Christian family should be taking in the Bible, either through corporate reading or personal devotions. This goes for young people as well as adults. We can’t let our new daily routines wipe out the spiritual disciplines we desire in our lives.

Set Aside Family Time

This is one of the biggest necessities for a Christian family to pursue during the school year. You’ll find it easy to become complacent with just putting dinner on the table each night, but being a family can’t just mean that everyone sleeps under the same roof. While allowing each person in your family the opportunity to enjoy their own passions and have their own friends, it’s  a good idea for an established amount of family time to be understood throughout the year. This can take on a number of different forms based on what works for your family. You could establish three family dinners at the dining room table each week, a weekly Bible study at night, or a big Saturday morning breakfast where everyone talks about the past week. As the kids grow older, make sure you have the ability to mold them and enjoy time together.

Find the New Normal

Although we may each have a similar set of beliefs as a Christian family, there is a crazy amount of variation from person to person and family unit to family unit. Through in the chaos of school, especially with multiple children attending different schools, and you’ll find that there are many ways to raise a Christian family. As a new scholastic year begins, try to stay ahead of the problems and find your new normal once everyone settles in. A lot of this comes naturally, but being mindful of the challenges and prioritizing faith will set you up for a smoother run than simply playing everything by ear.

As your Christian family prepares to go back to school, we think these tips will help you navigate the change inherent to a new scholastic year. Use your faith and common sense to build loving relationships within the home and you’ll find the process easier and your family better off.

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