As the weather warms up and schools begin to let out, it’s time for you to make plans for the summer holiday. Sure, you may have one family vacation planned or maybe the kids are going off to camp for a week. That doesn’t mean your summer is already tapped out. You’ve got plenty of time for a few fun activities along the way. We think one of the best ways to enjoy your summer is by seeing Christian bands in concert. Outdoor festivals, concert tours, and stadium performances are common throughout the year’s warmer months and we think you should get in on the action. Here are a few reasons to see Christian bands in concert this summer.

Music is Fun, Encouraging, and Family Friendly

When you’re looking for fun things to do during the summer, your mind may go to amusement parks or trips to the beach. Although these could make for fun adventures, we believe music holds something for everyone. One thing which people of all backgrounds, classes, ethnicities, and countries of origin can agree on is a love for music. Christian music draws from a range of influences and genres to deliver a product which speaks to who we are at the core. These songs and lyrics are encouraging and family friendly and they point us closer to God. Not only that, but music can be fun and communal. Just because you prefer one artist over another, it still doesn’t change the appeal of live music.

You Can Take a Concert Road Trip

Many of us view the concert experience as simply leaving our home an hour before the show and coming back shortly after. This is a reality for many, but you can make the experience so much more. Some people will follow a band through several concert stops, enjoying the music they love in a variety of venues. If that idea sounds a bit too repetitive, maybe you can see who’s playing in an area you’d like to visit and make the concert part of your vacation there. Instead of waiting for Casting Crowns to swing by your local town, perhaps you could see what other stops they are making and find a place you’ve always wanted to see for yourself.

You Should Support Christian Bands in Concert

This is a big reason for seeing Christian bands in concert, no matter the season. All of the arts, from music to filmmaking and beyond, are meant to be appreciated and supported by patrons. A painting does not serve a practical purpose, yet people pay millions of dollars for certain pieces of canvas. This is due to the emotional or artistic impact each painting provides. In the same way, seeing Christian bands in concert is your way to support the musicians who have made an impact on your life through their music. We should also remember that concerts make up a large percentage of bands’ income these day, from the biggest acts to the small local groups. We’re sure your favorite artists would love for you to buy their new albums, but coming to a show is just as good, if not better. Support Christian bands in concert or else you might find fewer options in your area in the future.

Opportunity to Try Something New

Most people will buy a ticket to see their favorite band on a nearby stage, but have you ever checked out a concert put on by a band with whom you’re not that familiar? Imagine going to a show where you don’t know every single lyric and you don’t have a series of preconceived expectations built in. Trying out Christian bands for the first time might just open your eyes to a new sound you never knew you needed. Festivals and other big music events going on in the summer are the perfect time to see new bands. We understand this reason to see Christian bands in concert this summer may not appeal to everyone, but people who love music remember what it’s like to find something truly underappreciated.

You Can Meet the Christian Bands in Concert

Listening to an album at home or cruising to your favorite song on the radio is good, but what if you could actually meet the people behind the music you love? Aside from getting to hear live music, arguably the best part of seeing Christian bands in concert is the possibility of meeting the artist in person. Most Christian bands offer meet and greets at traditional stops along the concert tour. You may have to pay for a VIP ticket to make sure it happens, but some people are fortunate enough to see musicians just by being in the right place at the right time. Why not take the opportunity to thank your favorite band for all that they do? Just don’t be weird about it.

Christian Concert Tickets Aren’t Crazy Expensive

Like we said before, maybe you already have a big summer vacation set up for you and the family. To fill out the rest of your summer calendar, you’re going to need some less expensive options that work for the whole family. We’ve got good news for you: most Christian concert tickets aren’t all that expensive. For the price of taking your kids to the movies and getting snacks, you could probably buy everyone tickets to see Big Daddy Weave or Micah Tyler while they’re on tour. Even VIP seats for several Christian bands in concert are affordable for parents who want to enjoy a nice date night. Only you know how much you’re willing to spend, but getting in the door at Christian concerts won’t break the bank.

Summer Music Events Bring All the Artists to You

One of the many great things about the summer season is the number of wonderful music festivals put together all over the country. From Colorado to Florida to Michigan to California, all of your favorite bands are hitting the festival circuit. These special events are a good time to see the bands you love while also hearing from those you wouldn’t normally pay to see. If you want the best bang for your buck in Christian music, festivals are about as good as it gets. Just don’t forget the sunscreen and remember to drink plenty of water.

Concerts Bring to Life the Songs You Love

Seeing your favorite Christian bands in concert isn’t just about the possibility of meeting the group after the show. The concert experience brings to life all of the music you love. There’s something special about seeing the full display before your very eyes. What can make it even more engaging is that bands will often change things up for a live show. This means you might hear some mashups, acoustic renditions, or other exciting twists on songs you can’t get enough of.

Regardless of what genre you like best, there are probably more than a few great Christian bands in concert near your hometown. Why not plan for a fun night of faith-filled and family friendly music?

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