If you love Christian music as much as we do (and we’re guessing you do since you’re here), you’ve probably asked yourself before, “How can I support my favorite K-LOVE station?” As you may already know, K-LOVE is a network of over 400 Christian radio stations across the country. While each of these stations is part of the greater umbrella, there are ways to support both your local station as well as K-LOVE in general. Here are a few suggestions we have when it comes to supporting your favorite K-LOVE station.

By Listening on the Radio

Let’s start with the obvious. The easiest way to support your local and/or favorite K-LOVE station is by listening to it. We say this is the easiest because, if you really do like the station, you’re already doing this. Radio stations have a good understanding of just how many people are listening. This is used by most radio stations to determine how much they can charge for advertising as well as for other business purposes. Since K-LOVE is funded by donors (more on that later) and ministry partners, advertising rates aren’t the main mission. However, by listening to your local station, you are letting K-LOVE know just what kind of impact it is making in your city. If you’ve ever been part of a live performance or business event, you know just how much it can bless your heart when the community shows a great level of interest in what you are doing. We know you are already doing your best to sing along with artists like Matthew West and for KING & COUNTRY on the morning commute, so just keep doing what you’re doing!

Be Active on the K-LOVE App and on Social Media

Beyond merely listening to your favorite K-LOVE station, there are a number of other ways you can support the ministry and work conducted at K-LOVE. One way you can be supportive is by engaging on social media. We all spend at least a little time on Facebook, Twitter, or something similar these days. If you haven’t already, you can easily follow K-LOVE on one of these platforms today. As of this writing there are around 230,000 people following the station on Twitter and just over 2.5 million on Facebook. By joining the community on social media, you can find out about a number of special events, receive inspiration from daily verses and so much more. It’s a great way to stay connected and go throughout your day maintaining a positive outlook.

Speaking of apps like Facebook, did you know K-LOVE has an app of its own? First and foremost, this app allows for you to listen to K-LOVE whenever you want. You can also find out more about your favorite artists, send a voice message sharing what K-LOVE means to you, and see the Bible verses shared on social media. Another way to enjoy K-LOVE is through the website where you can get many of these same features.

Make a Financial Contribution to K-LOVE

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. We mentioned before that K-LOVE doesn’t pay the bills through selling advertisement space. So how do the lights stay on? Through donations made by people like you! Similar to ministries, churches, and non-profits around the world, K-LOVE does what it does because there are people willing to financially support them. When the time for a pledge drive comes around, we would encourage you to think about contributing to the mission of your favorite K-LOVE station. While the music and encouragement you enjoy from K-LOVE is free, at some point you should think about giving back in some way. The organization would be happy to receive a monthly commitment from you, but maybe a small, one-time gift is more in line with your current finances. Whatever you decide to do, know that this is a great way to support K-LOVE stations.

Pray for K-LOVE, Its Employees, and Listeners Like You

Prayer is an absolute game changer when it comes to supporting others and spreading the message of the gospel. We as Christians have a bottomless well of power available to us when we call on the name of the Lord. Remember that K-LOVE is made up people just like you who experience bad days, disappointments, and struggles all the time. They could use your support through prayers as much as in any other way. Not only do these individuals need your prayers, but the whole of K-LOVE as well. As a radio station, a ministry, and perhaps even a movement, K-LOVE needs the Lord’s direction in order to fulfill its mission effectively. Could the organization experience success without your prayer? Perhaps, but wouldn’t you want K-LOVE to be as prayed over as possible? You can also include the many listeners of K-LOVE when you pray. People all across the country are tuning in for encouragement, faithful direction, or just something to help them get the kids to school. Pray that God would use K-LOVE to impact these listeners’ day for the better and bring them closer to Christ.

Follow Your Favorite Artists on K-LOVE

While we often think of supporting K-LOVE as simply helping the radio station, you can also be supportive by following your favorite artists. From Rend Collective to Hillsong to Danny Gokey, there are so many great Christian musicians to be found on your favorite K-LOVE station. We love how so many listeners are actively involved with the work of their favorite acts, buying albums, concert tickets, and merchandise. On top of any support you provide these musicians monetarily, you can request their music on K-LOVE, learn more about them and/or their music on the K-LOVE website, and see them live at the K-LOVE Fan Awards or on the K-LOVE Cruise. When you invest in artists featured on K-LOVE, you are by extension supporting the radio stations as well.

Tell Your Friends and Family About Your Favorite K-LOVE Station

Beyond personally supporting your favorite K-LOVE station, one of the best things you can do is spread the message these stations are trying to broadcast. Being your own positive and encouraging self, tell your friends and family how K-LOVE has made a difference in your life. Share on social media why you enjoy the work your favorite K-LOVE station is doing. By doing this, you are helping others find a source of Godly music and inspiring faith-based messages. Maybe your friends will even want to help support their local K-LOVE station too!

The year’s biggest event for Christian music, film, books, and sports is the K-LOVE Fan Awards. Each year we bring together the biggest names and the fans who love their work most. Join us for an amazing time of unique performances, meet and greets, and so much more. Find out how you can be a part of the K-LOVE Fan Awards by clicking on the link below.

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