Exciting New Christian Books From 2020: January Thru June

Have you been missing out on the exciting new Christian books from 2020? With the year being more than half over, it’s time to review the biggest new releases that have impacted the Christian community. Here are some books to consider, ranging from Christian living to fiction to biographies and current issues. There’s something for everyone when we look at the year’s new Christian books.

“A Gentle Answer” - Scott Sauls

As divisive as our world is today, it’s a revolutionary concept to choose kindness over wrath. “A Gentle Answer” is an instruction manual on how to take the high road through every hot-button conversation of which we may be a part and choose to reflect the love of Jesus.

“Character Still Counts” - James Merritt

Every Christian knows people who claim to follow Christ, but they lack the character and commitment to fully pursue His calling. Here you can read all about the aspects of character we should emulate on a daily basis. Don’t just be a surface-level Christian. Choose to go deep on Godly principles.

“Someone Like You” - Karen Kingsbury

Our collection of new Christian books is incomplete without a few works of fiction. Karen Kingsbury is one of the most famous writers in the genre of Christian fiction and here she continues her highly lauded story of the Baxter family. Whether you’ve read all of the series or you’re just diving in, “Someone Like You” is one to add to your reading list.

“Dream Big” - Bob Goff - New Christian Books From 2020

In need of inspiration to accomplish the goal you’ve always aspired to? Let Bob Goff give you the encouragement and tools you need to get the job done. Readers who have enjoyed “Everybody Always” and “Love Does” will want to take the next step with the author and find out how to make their life goals a reality.

“Jesus: The God Who Knows Your Name” - Max Lucado

Max Lucado’s books have impacted tens of millions of readers over several generations. His latest work seeks to connect us with the personal nature of Jesus Christ. It’s easy to read the Bible and learn God’s laws, however, we can miss who Jesus was in His earthly life and how He conducted Himself. Discover the truth for yourself in this book.

“The Good Life” - Dr. Derwin L. Gray

Whether you’re chasing the American Dream or just trying to find your place in the world, it doesn’t take much for our pursuit to turn into a nightmare. If you’re feeling burnt out, disappointed, or spiritually deserted, Derwin Gray’s “The Good Life” can help reinvigorate your daily routine and find a new purpose.

“The Fight to Flourish” - Jennie Lusko

Written in a similar vein to Gray’s book is “The Fight to Flourish” from Jennie Lusko. Pain and disappointment are trials we all must walk through. For this author and her husband, Levi Lusko, one of the lowest points came through the death of a child. Walking through her own grieving process and adopting Biblical truth, Lusko shares with us how to work toward a fuller life.

“Coronavirus and Christ” - John Piper

2020 has been a doozy for all of us. Social issues and the coronavirus have led to upheaval, open wounds, and more. To make sense of the moment, check out John Piper’s “Coronavirus and Christ,” or look for other books on the topic from Ed Young and N.T. Wright.

“The Truth About Us” - Brant Hansen

While the rest of the world touts vanity and self-righteousness, Christians are called to reflect upon their sinful natures. Brant Hansen teaches us to accept and come to terms with our misdeeds and failures in “The Truth About Us.” Don’t let your lack of humility keep you from greater growth down the road.

“Praying Women” - Sheila Walsh - New Christian Books From 2020

A vital part of the Christian experience we can’t ignore is prayer. Talking with God relieves stress, helps us to understand Him better, and teaches us to trust Him. So why don’t we strive harder to make it a natural part of our day? Sheila Walsh jumps into the reasons why we avoid prayer and how we can fix the problem in “Praying Women.”

“The Water Keeper” - Charles Martin

The next work of fiction on our list of new Christian books from 2020 is “The Water Keeper” from Charles Martin. Following a reclusive groundskeeper on a mission to say farewell to his closest friend, the story takes a series of twists and turns and in a lyrical way only managed by the great writer Charles Martin.

“The Gathering Storm” - Albert Mohler

Our culture is constantly shifting in dangerous and unpredictable ways. Religious freedom and the world we’ve always taken for granted could be a passing memory soon enough. In “The Gathering Storm,” Albert Mohler looks to prepare us for a coming fight before it’s too late.

“One Woman Can Change the World” - Ronne Rock

The world has changed in dramatic ways over the last few decades, among which has been womankind’s relationship with business, government, the family, and leadership. Read Ronne Rock’s journey across multiple continents as she speaks with women of different backgrounds and learns what drives them.

“Becoming a King” - Morgan Snyder

On the male side of things, it’s grown difficult to understand our place in the world. Is manhood just about camping, sports, and tinkering in the garage? Morgan Snyder unpacks the desires and fears of a man’s heart in “Becoming a King.”

“Seeing Jesus From the East” - Ravi Zacharias and Abdu Murray

Sadly, Ravi Zacharias is no longer with us, but his work lives on. Here he partners up with Abdu Murray for an unique perspective on who Jesus is and was. We often look at the life of God’s Son through a Western lens, but what if we’re missing out on important context just because we take His story at surface level?

“When I Lay My Isaac Down” - Carol Kent

In this memoir, Carol Kent recounts her family’s harrowing ordeal that began with the news of her son having committed a murder. As she reflects on the years of loss and heartache, eight principles from the story of Abraham and Isaac stand out. 

“Get Out of Your Head” - Jennie Allen

The first Christian bestseller of 2020 was this self-help book from author Jennie Allen. From doubts and insecurities to the mistakes we replay over and over again in our heads, there are all kinds of unhealthy thoughts which can separate us from a fulfilling life of faith. Learn to take control of your thoughts today!

“Gentle and Lowly” - Dane C. Ortlund

If you want to learn more about how God looks at us in spite of our sins, pick up this book from Dane C. Ortlund. Thinking of the story of the shepherd who went searching for the one lost sheep, what kind of heart must Jesus have? How does He view our condition? It’s a thought-provoking and humbling perspective.

The new Christian books from 2020 cater to our needs, teach us new things, and remind us of Biblical truth of which we have unfortunately lost sight. We encourage you to pick up one of the books listed above or another like them today. Of course, even beyond these helpful books, we hope you will commit to reading the Bible on a consistent basis.

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