New Christian Beach Reads for 2019

With the summer season upon us, you’re probably ready to hit the beach and get away from it all. Whether you’re going alone or with all of the family, having some great reading material is ideal for any getaway. Murder mysteries, historical romances, and solid books on Christian living, we’ve got plenty of new Christian beach reads for your vacation this year. From well-established authors to first-time writers, here are some of our recommendations for new Christian beach reads.

“Justice Delivered” - Patricia Bradley

When you’re reading on vacation, it’s hard to beat a good mystery. Author Patricia Bradley has written several under her Memphis Cold Case series. “Justice Delivered” is the fourth book in the collection of murder mysteries taking place in the South. This time the plot follows a victim of sex trafficking who is out for justice when she finds out a relative has been abducted by the same violent men she escaped. Other stories in the series focus on museum robberies, dead Elvis impersonators, and just about anything else you can imagine.

“Ever Faithful” - Karen Barnett

Traveling to any national parks this summer? Then maybe you’ll want to read this selection from the Vintage National Parks series. Karen Barnett puts together a fun mystery that takes place in Yellowstone National Park. When a series of unexplained fires plague the park, it’s up to an unlikely pair from the local conservation group to figure out the culprit without revealing their own secrets. After reading this book or one of the similar titles from Barnett, you won’t be able to contain your excitement for visiting national parks.

“The Persian Gamble” - Joel C. Rosenberg

Many of our new Christian beach reads are romantic tales or lighthearted mysteries, but you may also want some hard-hitting international espionage. Joel C. Rosenberg has developed a specialty for writing thrillers ripped straight from the headlines. Much of his work revolves around US/Russia relations, the Middle East, and other modern areas filled with tension. “The Persian Gamble” continues this method with a tale of nuclear weapons and dark alliances.

“Ripple Effects” - Pam Tebow

One of the few nonfiction books on our list of new Christian beach reads for 2019 is “Ripple Effects” by Pam Tebow. The mother of famous athlete Tim Tebow, the author wishes to share her tips for successful relationship building and how to leave a legacy. Whether you are an athlete pulling in millions of dollars, a single mom, or a college student, we all have the potential to create ripple effects for good in our lives. Learn how you can influence others in positive ways to change lives, churches, communities, and so on.

“Two Weeks” - Karen Kingsbury

It’s hard to put together a list of fun Christian books without mentioning Karen Kingsbury. The prolific author is back at it again with “Two Weeks.” Following up with the Baxter family that has populated so many of her books, the author promises a tale of young romance and tough decisions when young student must pick between love and a more comfortable future. If you’ve read some of the Baxter family novels by Kingsbury, you’ll want to add “Two Weeks” to your summer reading list.

“The Soul of an American President” - Alan Sears and Craig Osten with Ryan Cole

For those who want to read an engaging biography at the beach, may we suggest “The Soul of an American President” by Alan Sears, Craig Osten, and Ryan Cole? Dwight D. Eisenhower was one of the most respected men to run for office during his career. From his military service to his days in Washington, Eisenhower was a man of principle and faith, one which we don’t often examine today. Enjoy this quick biography of the 34th US president and learn something new this vacation season.

“Summer by the Tides” - Denise Hunter

Jumping back into the realm of fiction, “Summer by the Tides” by Denise Hunter is a drama and mystery about three sisters reuniting at the family summer home after their grandmother has gone missing. It’s a complex but enjoyable tale of old wounds resurfacing and new friendships being forged. Why not crack open a book set on the beach during your summer free time?

“The Memory House” - Rachel Hauck

A running theme found in the work of Rachel Hauck is two storylines taking place decades apart that are connected by loss, shared property, and other things. “The Memory House” weaves together two women’s lives as they each experience the ups and downs of life through the prism of a house in Florida. Hauck’s work is highly touted in the contemporary fiction world, with books like “The Wedding Dress” and “The Writing Desk” among the list celebrated novels.

“The Next Right Thing” - Emily P. Freeman

Another nonfiction choice on our list of new Christian beach reads is “The Next Right Thing” by Emily P. Freeman. The summer, and any vacation in general, is a great time to reexamine life, clear your head, and let go of whatever has been troubling you. This book helps us to become better decision makers by finding simple solutions that make the most sense. If you have trouble with tough choices, this could be a very important read for you.

“Whose Waves These Are” - Amanda Dykes

Do you enjoy an intriguing family mystery, one where the answers lie decades in the past? Amanda Dykes’ “Whose Waves These Are” tells the story of a woman who makes an interesting discovery upon visiting the home of her ailing great-uncle. Years earlier her uncle was hoping to build something important and healing for those who had lost purpose or loved ones during the second World War, but he was never able to finish. The coastline of Maine makes for a beautiful destination for this family drama.

“The Pink Bonnet” - Liz Tolsma - New Christian Beach Reads for 2019

Blending together historical fiction and true crime, “The Pink Bonnet” looks at the unthinkable crimes which took place at a children’s home in Tennessee during the Great Depression. The story is told from the perspective of a mother who wants to know what happened to her child after she was sent to the home. Without looking at the real story this might seem like a fictional tale of neglect and evil, but the truth is much harsher. If you’re a fan of true crime podcasts, TV shows, or books, check out the other entries in the True Colors: Historical Stories of American Crime series like “The White City” and “The Yellow Lantern.”

“The Pages of Her Life” - James L. Rubart

Some of our new Christian beach reads steer away from anything too supernatural but there are certainly some fantastical elements in “The Pages of Her Life.” After a woman’s world has come crashing down in a number of ways, from personal losses to career mistakes, she finds that the words she has written in her diary are beginning to change right in front of her eyes. What could this mystery mean and does it hold the key to all of her problems?

“Run the Mile You’re In” - Ryan Hall

Profiles of athletes can be an incredible well of inspiration and encouragement. From Nick Foles of the Philadelphia Eagles to Olympic star Gabrielle Douglas, Christian athletes have plenty of stories to tell. “Run the Mile You’re In” comes from record-holding runner and Olympian Ryan Hall, who shares his wisdom from a decades-long career in athletics. If you need personal motivation to conquer whatever obstacle is in front of you, Hall’s book is a breath of fresh air. With 200+ pages of coaching and equipping, you’ll be more than ready to get back home to face the day-to-day grind.

These are just some of the exciting new Christian beach reads for 2019. Of course there are plenty of classic Christian books you can check out during your next vacation or even on your lunch break. Reading is an excellent hobby to pursue, even if you’re not perusing the most theologically heavy books. 

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