What Drive-In Theaters Offer Christian Families

Christian families are always looking for new ways to connect with one another, enjoy a positive, faith-filled environment, and get out into the world. Over the decades, many of us have gotten used to watching movies exclusively in theaters or our living rooms. What about the other options? Drive-in theaters have recently enjoyed something of a resurgence for a number of reasons. If your family has been thinking about packing up the car to hit the nearest drive-in, here are nine reasons why you should take the plunge.

A Night of Entertainment

Here’s the most obvious answer to what drive-in theaters offer Christian families. Who doesn’t love going to the movies with the whole family? You can watch superheroes battle evil, cartoon animals go on adventures, or even see a story from the Bible come to life. We all know it’s important for families to bond, but we often think of these opportunities in terms of a family dinner or Bible study. Those are excellent uses of time, we just also need to learn to have fun together. This is something with which drive-in theaters can help.

The Ability to Gather with Friends and Family

Life moves at a million miles per hour. If we just go with the flow, it’s easy to let routines overtake relationships. Needing some community and wouldn’t mind taking in a movie at the same time? Drive-ins give you the convenience to gather on your own terms. We do recommend you park away from the main thoroughfare if you plan to prioritize conversation over the film, however. Whether you’re seeking a double date night with some friends or a big family outing, you can easily go at your own pace at the drive-in.

Bang for Your Buck

When it comes to entertainment for Christian families, value is often an important feature. If you’re rolling into a traditional theater with your spouse and four kids, there’s a near certainty you’ll be dropping over $50 before you even hit the concession stand. Many drive-in theaters counter this with lower prices, either on a person-by-person basis or by charging admission per vehicle. You may even find the snacks to be cheaper because you are able to bring in some food of your own. (If you do plan on bringing some food from home, maybe buy your drink from the theater so the establishment isn’t totally losing out.)

Drive-In Theaters Offer Christian Families the Opportunity to Take Family Movie Night Outdoors

We have always been in favor of family movie nights. It’s an opportunity to kick back and relax with your loved ones. You can even use the film as a chance to discuss difficult topics with your kids. The beauty of drive-in theaters is that you don’t have to worry about the setup beforehand or the cleanup afterward. In addition to that convenience, you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors with an excellent venue in nature. Worried about the heat during summer? Remember to pack plenty of cool drinks and/or a fan and make sure the car is gassed up.

You Can Find More Than Movies at Drive-In Theaters

Did you know what drive-in theaters offer Christian families can extend beyond the latest offerings from Hollywood? Like any auditorium dedicated to local fun, many drive-ins have been utilized in recent years to host special screenings of concerts and more. In fact, 2020 has seen popular Christian musicians like Newsboys and TobyMac touring the country and playing their music live in front of a drive-in crowd. One popular act who decided to stream his concerts via simulcast to a number of drive-in theaters around the country is Garth Brooks. Sometimes these concerts happen because of health issues like coronavirus have made traditional venues difficult to control, but that’s not the only reason why they’re a lot of fun.

Drive-Ins Are Safer During Health Emergencies

It may not be the most fun point to bring up, but part of the reason why drive-in theaters have risen in popularity is due to the COVID outbreak of 2020. Social distancing is so much easier at drive-in theaters compared to their four-walled counterparts. Once you most past the literal spacing between individuals, outdoor movie theaters also let Christian families enjoy clean air that isn’t being recycled through an A/C unit in a small theater room. Whether you’re looking to avoid the coronavirus, flu season, or something else, drive-ins can help you have fun at a distance.

A Meeting of Classic Movies and Family-Friendly Hits

These theaters aren’t only about the latest major releases. You can see retro screenings of cult classics, pop culture favorites and more. If you’ve always wanted to show your kids “Jurassic Park” on a big screen, now’s the time to do it. We encourage you to keep up with what movies are cycling through your local drive-in. You just might find the entertainment opportunity of the year hiding right under your nose.

Drive-In Theaters Feel More Relaxed

A huge benefit to the drive-in experience is the ability to lower your social inhibitions to an extent. If you’ve ever brought a young child to a normal theater and had them either get upset or not understand how loud they are, you know it doesn’t take long for people to start getting angry around you. Talking, eating loud food, being able to turn on a light, and other activities you would be confronted about in a traditional theater are all easier to do in drive-in theaters. For Christian families who have kids aged 5 and under, this is a blessing.

The Emerging Future of Drive-In Theaters

Who knows where theatergoing and the film business will be in twenty years? It’s entirely possible we’ll see drive-ins become more popular than normal theaters as people learn to live with YouTube, Netflix, and other entertainment options at home. The number of events and screenings held at drive-in theaters may also grow. If you’ve ever been to a Kirk Cameron simulcast through Fathom Events or some other kind of special showing, you know things are changing in the movie business. Christian families should enjoy the ride along the way.

We hope this list has helped you better understand what drive-in theaters offer Christian families. No matter what entertainment choices your family makes, we hope you’re growing together as a family and seeking first the kingdom of God. The years we have with our families are shorter than we think, so now’s the time to make lasting memories.

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