What is a Devotional?: Purpose and Methods

What is a Devotional?: Purpose and Methods
  • August 19, 2018
  • Christian Living

If you are new to the Christian faith or returning after a long absence, you may be asking yourself “What is a devotional?” Even some church members who have grown up in the faith may be unsure why they are supposed to take time each day for a quiet time with God. We’ll look into that question and others concerning the practice here in this post. The basic understanding for what is a devotional is a time set aside for thinking about spiritual matters, reading the Bible, and praying to God. We all do things a little different, but before we get into that, let’s talk about why we do devotionals.

Christian Board Games to Play With Your Family

Christian Family Board Games
  • August 16, 2018
  • Christian Entertainment

Have you ever been at home with your family on Friday night and wished you had some fun Christian games to play? People eventually get too “mature” for Twister and Go Fish loses its fun after a while. There are some beloved classics out there that are fun for the whole family, but why not try out Christian board games that teach kids about the Bible while also providing a good time? Some of these games have been more successful than others over the years, but we wanted to let you know about some of the most popular Christian board games to ever be made. Here are a few names you should know.

How Much Do Christian Concerts Cost?

Jordan Feliz Christian Concerts
  • August 15, 2018
  • Music

No matter how many times you burn through a studio recording, it’s never quite the same as seeing your favorite band perform live. A hindrance for many when it comes to Christian concerts is the price of a ticket, but not every show is the same. These days a lot of people might be more interested in staying in and watching something on Netflix than traveling downtown or further. While we can’t help you with the motivation to get off of your coach, let’s look at how much Christian concerts cost and what you can expect to pay.

Single Women in the Bible: Called to God's Purpose

Single Women
  • August 13, 2018
  • Christian Living

For a long time, single people have felt somewhat displaced in the modern church where families are typically given top priority. There have been many wonderful things written about marriage and what it means to a Christian, but the truth is that God has a plan for single people as well. Whether that relationship status is temporary or not, God wants to be a part of our stories in the single adult years as much as any other time in our lives. If you don’t believe us, look at all of the references to single women in the Bible. From leaders in the church to those who play a small part in a larger story, God used single women in the Bible very similar to their married counterparts. Let’s look at some of the most iconic women of the Bible.

Bible Verses About Going to Church: 9 of the Best

Bible Verses About Going to Church: 9 of the Best
  • August 7, 2018
  • Bible Verses

For many Americans, Sunday mornings are all about visiting the local church. The positive view of a physical church location is difficult for some to wrap their heads around, either because they were hurt by someone in the church or because they view corporate worship negatively. The truth is that there are many Bible verses about going to church. While the ways in which we worship have changed dramatically over the years, the Bible verses about going to church clearly show that it is a benefit in many ways. The church teaches us how to serve, gives us opportunity for fellowship, and so much else. Here are some of the best Bible verses about going to church.