Modern Christian Wedding Hymns: Recommendations for Your Big Day

When you think about modern Christian wedding hymns, what songs spring to mind? There are many classic hymns which are beloved choices for countless ceremonies, but there’s no reason why you can’t pick something more recent for the big day. From newer hymns to hits from Christian contemporary music, we have some of the best modern Christian wedding hymns for your consideration.

“The Day Before You” - Matthew West

Matthew West has been behind a number of modern Christian wedding hymns over the years. The singer even went so far as to partner with K-LOVE for a “Next Great Love Song” contest where a lucky couple was awarded a personalized song. “When I Say I Do”, and “Jesus & You” are two other great songs to think about including on your wedding day. Each of these three Matthew West songs creates a fun, Christ-filled, and romantic contribution to your ceremony or reception.



“Soon” - Hillsong United - Modern Christian Wedding Hymns

Jesus alluded to His second coming being like a groom coming for his bride. Likewise those in the Christian faith often see marriage as a representation of Christ and the Church. Therefore, this song from Hillsong United is a great addition to a marriage ceremony. “Soon” is very pleasant on the ears and serves as a strong allegory for what is to come. You can probably find several versions of this song floating around, but this is certainly one of the best.



“Hundred More Years” - Francesca Battistelli

Francesca Battistelli has encouraged fans with songs like “Free to Be Me” and “He Knows My Name,” but now she has just the right song for your wedding playlist. “Hundred More Years” is a celebration of the moments and relationships God gives us over the course of a lifetime, from weddings to the birth of children. We know this song can be a real blessing for all of the lives touched by a wedding.



“In Christ Alone”

This is one of the few songs on our list of modern Christian wedding hymns that is truly classified as a hymn. Written by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend at the turn of the 21st century, “In Christ Alone” has quickly become one of the most popular modern hymns in existence. There are many versions available from bands like Shane and Shane, Newsboys, and others. You could also consider an instrumental version to play for the prelude or entrance music.



“God Gave Me You” - Dave Barnes

One of the most popular singer/songwriters in the Christian genre is Dave Barnes. He has several worthy additions to our list of modern Christian wedding hymns, including “Good Day for Marrying You,” but we especially like “God Gave Me You.” The song was so popular it was even chosen to be re-recorded by country artist Blake Shelton. This is a fun track to play during your reception, but you could also opt for an acoustic or stringed version for the ceremony.



“Multiplied” - Needtobreathe - Modern Christian Wedding Hymns

“Multiplied” is not one of the most obvious choices for a list of modern Christian wedding hymns, but upon looking at the lyrics, you’ll see why we love it. Needtobreathe’s hit song from “Rivers in the Wasteland” is all about the love of God and its infectious nature. There are also lyrics about surrendering to God’s plan and accepting His will for our lives. On top of being a moving track, “Multiplied” has a message that is a great way to kick off your nuptials.



“Love is Not a Fight” - Warren Barfield

Warren Barfield has one of our favorite modern Christian wedding hymns because “Love is Not a Fight” gets serious about the commitment of marriage. We can sometimes stroll right through those wedding vows and not consider the difficulties inherent in a lifetime together. The song specifically calls out those who flippantly “fall out of love,” reminding us that love is something worth fighting for, even when things aren’t going our way.



“When God Made You” - NewSong

If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic on your wedding day, we might suggest this throwback from the 90s. NewSong had plenty of big hits back in the day, but “When God Made You” has stood the test of time for many. The song is a special way of looking at your wedding day as the culmination of years of planning and personal creativity from the Creator.



“How Deep the Father’s Love for Us”

Getting back to more hymn-like music, “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” is another song by Stuart Townend. We’ve already mentioned the ways in which Scripture compares romantic love with the love of God. In this modern hymn, we contemplate the depth of God’s love as His Son makes the ultimate sacrifice for the people of this earth. This is a powerful song for your wedding day that lacks a few of the “thous” and “ebenezers” you get from older hymns.



“I Will Be Here” - Steven Curtis Chapman

The oldest of our modern Christian wedding hymns comes from the third album of one Steven Curtis Chapman. The 1989 song appeared on “More to This Life,” which quickly converted listeners who hadn’t quite caught up with the bandwagon following “Real Life Conversations.” It’s a sentimental number perfect for your first dance or for just about any other use on the big day.



“Love Never Fails” - Brandon Heath

2008’s “What If We” did wonders for Brandon Heath’s career, one of which was delivering the beautiful “Love Never Fails.” The song takes much of its themes from 1 Corinthians 13, stating “Love is not proud / Love does not boast / Love after all matters the most.” The rest of the song goes on to share the many ways in which love fills in the cracks of your relationship where two people would otherwise drift apart.



“Whatever Comes” - Rend Collective

The last of our modern Christian wedding hymns is a product of the 2016 Rend Collective album “Campfire II: Simplicity.” This song is a prayer unto God asking for His guidance and protection through whatever may come. Depending on the vibe you’re going for with your wedding, this could be a great choice for a time of prayer or reflection.



Whether you end up choosing one of these modern Christian wedding hymns or something totally different, we hope you are satisfied with the selections for your wedding. Music can be a great addition to the festivities, but don’t get too bogged down by a simple choice.

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