Adding Christian Music to My Week

Have you been wanting to add a little faith-based encouragement to your week? A great way to do this is through listening to Christian music whenever suits your schedule. On top of reading the Bible, prayer, and taking in some good Christian books, music that propels a message of hope and love through Christ can make a powerful impact on your life. You may be wondering how you can add Christian music to your daily schedule. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Get Recommendations From Friends Who Know You

Although most people can rattle off the names of a few Christian musicians or worship leaders, there is a wide and diverse group of artists out there who are proclaiming the gospel through each and every song they play. One way to find Christian music that reflects a full spectrum of faith is by asking friends in the know which artists have been making an impact on their lives. You can also get a well-informed friend to recommend some interesting new groups they think you’ll enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with listening to the few major artists who rise to the top within Christian culture, but you can’t fully enjoy the genre without getting out and exploring how deep it runs.

Look for Music You Love to Hear at Church

Christian music is routinely divided into two categories: worship and CCM (Contemporary Christian Music). A number of artists and songs jump back and forth over these boundaries, but most people know what a song is when they hear it. A good idea for finding worship artists to listen to is by searching out the music you hear and love at church. You may be familiar with names like Hillsong and Chris Tomlin, but you may not have as much knowledge on someone like Cody Carnes or Vertical Worship. Of course, you can also incorporate hymns from centuries past to your favorite playlist. Fanny Crosby, Isaac Watts, and Bill Gaither are just a few names you can review for a more traditional sound. If you’re able, you could even talk to your church’s worship pastor to see what kind of Christian music he recommends.

Bring Christian Music into the Home

We have no shortage of entertainment options these days. Many people like to leave the TV on for white noise when they’re home alone, while others want to take in an audiobook or a true crime podcast during their free time. You can listen to just about anything when you’re taking care of chores at home or playing with the kids in the backyard. Why not use this as an opportunity to enjoy Christian music? Whether you enjoy worship music, rap, rock, or pop, you can create whatever mood you want for the occasion.

Listen to Christian Music During the Commute

Another easy time to add Christian music to your week is when commuting. We imagine most of you reading this have a fair amount of time spent each day driving to work, school, church, or anywhere in between. The average commute to work in America is just over 26 minutes each way. Before adding any special trips along the way, that’s nearly one hour each day spent in the car. Think of how much encouragement you could receive piping in K-LOVE or listening to your favorite artist’s CD during that time. Over the course of a week, you’re looking at five hours of driving. That’s enough time to enjoy plenty of Christian music while still sneaking in a podcast or audiobook here and there. We could all use a little incentive to be nicer people while behind the wheel and Christian music is one way to accomplish that.

Play Christian Music at Work

In addition to the car, one place we can all appreciate Christian music is at work. A long, frustrating day can be made so much better when the right song comes on. If your workspace allows, you can use your phone, computer, or a personal radio to find Christ-honoring music that will bless your day. This can also be a gospel conversation-starter for you and a co-worker to discuss faith. Just make sure that everyone you work with is okay with the arrangement. You don’t want to be known as the office pest.

Learn to Play an Instrument

Most people’s love of music only exists within the confines of their radio or iTunes library, but there is one time honored method for you to go even deeper with Christian music. Learning to play an instrument is a wonderful skill to pursue and it will help you appreciate good music so much more. Has there always been an instrument or two you’ve wanted to pick up and play? If you have the means to do so, why not give it a go? It’s never too late. Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful Christian songs that are not too hard to play on instruments like the guitar or piano. Why let the professionals have all the fun?

Look for Concerts Playing in Your Area

In case you weren’t aware, music isn’t something you have to hear coming out of an electronic device. You can add Christian music to your week just by looking out for concerts in your area. Live performances can be an amazing worship experience and they are a lot of fun too. Do a little research to see if/when your favorite bands are coming to town. This can make for a good family night or even just a date with your significant other. Don’t forget that many of these Christian concerts have a pretty small price tag so long as you don’t mind sitting away from the stage. Even some bigger churches will host these bands and allow free admission. Find a concert in your area and get ready for a fun night of worship.

Find Christian Music That Works for Everyone

An important aspect to consider when playing music without headphones is to find something that works for everyone. When taking your kids to school, give them the chance to suggest an artist every now and then. Don’t just put it on some old material from your youth, but spice things up with some new Christian pop artists or rappers you approve of. At the office, you may need to switch things over to instrumental tracks to appease everyone. If you’re desperately needing some Christian music to get you through the day, be mindful of others and make do as best as you can.

Remember Why We Listen to Christian Music

What’s the point of Christian music? Why would we want to add more of it to our day? Music in general has been shown to improve the mood of the listener and can help pass the time when you’re a captive audience at work, in the car, or completing a project at home. Christian music takes these benefits even further by echoing back to us the promises of the Bible. Through a variety of genres, we hear in-depth explorations of God’s love, His power, the ways in which He moves through our lives, and how we should be living in reaction to all He has done for us. Christian music is an encouragement, a call to worship, and a reminder to live our lives in obedience to the Lord. The question is why would we not want to add more of it to our day?

We hope this helps you gain a better understanding of how you can incorporate Christian music into your daily lives. This is one of many ways to go deeper with your faith and bask in the richness of God’s love. Find artists whose work you enjoy and whose music is a full reflection of God’s word. You can’t go wrong with that.

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