• December 22, 2020
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Biggest Christian Music Videos of 2020: Watching the Year's Best

It’s been a memorable year (or maybe one one we’d like to have our memories wiped of), but among the good things we enjoyed were a number of Christian songs with great music videos which inspired us along the way. From live worship sessions to choreographed dancing and futuristic sci-fi themes, here are some of the biggest Christian music videos of 2020 for your enjoyment.

“Citizen of Heaven” - Tauren Wells

Why do only the secular hits get to have highly produced music videos? Tauren Wells wants to fight that stereotype with a top-notch production for “Citizen of Heaven.” As we consider our eternal home and remember that earth is not our final resting place, it really does seem like we are foreign, perhaps even alien. Taking a sci-fi twist, this video is full of choreography and set designs to bring home the point of how set apart we are from this world. Wells had a few other videos go big this year, including “Millionaire” with Kirk Franklin and “Famous For (I Believe)” with Jenn Johnson.





“There Was Jesus” - Zach Williams and Dolly Parton

This inspiring hit brought together country music royalty and one of the most popular names in the Christian genre today. “There Was Jesus” gives audiences a beautiful rural setting to tell its story of God’s omnipresence. The video also excellently frames its two performers in a rustic barn in the middle of winter to further sell the harshness of life’s circumstances which God helps us walk through. See below for one of the year’s biggest Christian music videos.





“My Weapon” - Natalie Grant - Biggest Christian Music Videos of 2020

Though it was released before lockdowns ever hit the United States, Natalie Grant’s soul-stirring video for “My Weapon” seems primed for the situation to come. The video was filmed with an orchestra and shot in black and white for a timeless feel with a serious tone. Reading through the lyrics, you’ll find the song is an encouragement to rest on the promises of God and constantly seek His presence. Another music video from Natalie Grant premiering later in the year was “Face to Face.”





“Together” - For KING & COUNTRY feat. Tori Kelly and Kirk Franklin

Speaking of black and white photography, the video for “Together” also plays on these color patterns for a minimalistic approach which capitalizes on the DIY process many musicians had to learn over the course of 2020. The song is a collaboration between the Smallbone brothers in For KING & COUNTRY and Tori Kelly and Kirk Franklin in a united message of Christian community. When the world collides with Godly truth, we all need to be there for one another and share each other’s burdens.





“Unraveling” - Cory Asbury - Biggest Christian Music Videos of 2020

2020 was a year of resurgence for artist Cory Asbury. The “Reckless Love” singer opened a new chapter this year and made moves all over the place with Bethel Music and as a solo act. His music video for “Unraveling” is a moving portrait of what many people have experienced in times of spiritual struggle. Asbury also had some nice performance videos this year between “Sparrows” and “The Father’s House.”





“Truth Be Told” - Matthew West

Another song dealing with the honesty required in dealing with personal turmoil is “Truth Be Told” by Matthew West. Coming from West’s album, “Brand New,” the single is a popular realization of how we often try to “fake it til we make it,” whether that’s in social circles at church or in the business world. The message communicated by “Truth Be Told” is that we don’t have to feel shame for the rough patches in our lives because God is there through it all.





“Healing” - Riley Clemmons

Next up on our list of the biggest Christian music videos of 2020 is “Healing” by Riley Clemmons. The song follows what feels like a theme this year in Christian music of mental health and recovering from trauma. There are plenty of encouraging words in music about withstanding a trial, but “Healing” takes on the next step once that ordeal is over. How do you pick up the pieces and start over?





“Graves Into Gardens” - Elevation Worship

Though we’ve focused more on traditional music videos on our 2020 list, we can’t pass by one of the year’s biggest live performance videos from Elevation Worship. “Graves Into Gardens” was the title track on the group’s popular new album this year. It’s all about contrasting the path of this world and the power of God. Nothing on earth can satisfy you or deliver hope quite like God.





“Keep Me in the Moment” - Jeremy Camp

The pandemic might have tried to put a damper on Jeremy Camp’s year, but the long-running artist was able to make the most of it in 2020. The first quarter of the year brought the release of “I Still Believe,” a film about his life titled after one of the singer’s most famous songs. In addition to a cool, new video for that fan favorite, Camp also put out a music video for “Keep Me in the Moment” which reminds us all to enjoy every day.





“Battle Belongs” - Phil Wickham - Biggest Christian Music Videos of 2020

One of the more straightforward videos of the year comes courtesy of Phil Wickham and his new hit, “Battle Belongs.” The worship song is one highlighting the dominant power of God, something capable of fighting our battles better than we ever could on our own. Thanks to some solid camerawork and a passionate performance from Wickham and the rest of the band, the video helps pull us into an energetic session of worship from thousands of miles away.





“The Blessing” - Kari Jobe

When talking about the biggest music videos of 2020, one song we can’t skip is “The Blessing” by Kari Jobe. The original performance video of the song taken at Elevation Church has racked up nearly 40 million views over the course of the year. Lyrics from the song are taken from scripture and designed to serve as a “blessing” for Christian families for generations to come.





“Truth I’m Standing On” - Leanna Crawford

Leanna Crawford made a splash this year with the surprising single “Truth I’m Standing On.” The song led the way for the young singer to release her second EP in 2020. “Truth I’m Standing On” acknowledges how we all go through times where we feel helpless and all that can be done is rest on the Lord. See the music video for yourself just below.





We hope you have enjoyed our collection of the biggest Christian music videos of 2020. What was your favorite video of the year? Did it not make our list? Although music videos don’t get the same level of attention they did between the 80s and 00s, we always want to celebrate the efforts made by artists who still value this medium.

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