Hot Christian Songs of Summer 2020: Listen to Radio Favorites

Looking for the season’s biggest songs? Summer is an excellent time to find new music and enjoy it in a variety of ways. You can drive around town with the windows down, sit in the park with your headphones on, or just listen to an album while you work in the garden. If you’re wanting the best of the season, we have the hot Christian songs of Summer 2020 you can’t pass up.

“There Was Jesus” - Zach Williams featuring Dolly Parton

Combining one of the biggest names in Christian music with one of the most famous female pioneers in the business just makes sense. “There Was Jesus” comes from Zach Williams’ sophomore album, “Rescue Story.” It’s a warm reminder of the presence of God and how He is always there for us through the trials.



“Graves Into Gardens” - Elevation Worship

For the worship music lovers out there, Elevation Worship’s latest album, “Graves Into Garden,” is a purchase to make. The title song speaks to the greatness of God and His ability to make beauty out of ashes. Don’t expect from the world what only God can give.



“Revolutionary” - Josh Wilson - Hot Christian Songs of Summer 2020

From the title you may expect this song by Josh Wilson is calling for something really difficult, but it’s actually quite the opposite. In a world bent on separation and anger, “Revolutionary” calls us to love our neighbor and seek kindness in all of our dealings with others. Who knew such a simple concept could spark a revolution?



“Keep Me in the Moment” - Jeremy Camp

Whether we’re facing difficult circumstances or looking toward a brighter day, we can often catch ourselves wishing away our lives. Jeremy Camp’s “Keep Me in the Moment” is a prayer to God asking for more recognition of the time as it passes by. If we don’t appreciate today, what chance is there we’ll have the right attitude about tomorrow either?



“The Father’s House” - Cory Asbury

You can lose your place in the world, but it’s easy to get back on track by checking in with your Heavenly Father. “The Father’s House,” according to Cory Asbury, is a place where you can rest in the peace of God and better understand your identity in Him. Our burdens become weightless when we plug into God’s strength.



“Let Love Lead” - Terrian - Hot Christian Songs of Summer 2020

A relatively new artist on the scene is Terrian, whose song “Let Love Lead” has been a guiding light for many during a chaotic season. Similar to Josh Wilson’s “Revolutionary,” the song encourages us to bypass our more worldly attitudes and choose to love another in spite of the issues we face. 



“Hurry Up and Wait” - MercyMe

Life moves at an incredible pace. That’s why MercyMe wants to help you enjoy each day with their latest song, “Hurry Up and Wait.” If you like the song, you’ll really enjoy the music video found below. Everything was filmed during social distancing so the guys had to get pretty creative with the concept. We think they knocked it out of the park.



“Peace Be Still” - Hope Darst - Hot Christian Songs of Summer 2020

Calm and soothing are the lyrics of “Peace Be Still” from Hope Darst. An emerging artist on the Christian scene, her song is the perfect remedy for those who are suffering through the chaos. There’s a lot of work being done by the forces of fear today, but you can reject their call and choose to live in the restful arms of Jesus. “Peace Be Still” was previously recorded by The Belonging Co, from whom Hope Darst comes.



“Together” - for KING & COUNTRY, Tori Kelly, and Kirk Franklin

One of the biggest collaborations of the year comes in the trifecta of for KING & COUNTRY, Tori Kelly, and Kirk Franklin. “Together” is a song about community and joining up with your fellow believers to overcome your wounds and mistakes, stepping into a new life of faith in Jesus Christ.



“Alive and Breathing” - Matt Maher featuring Elle Limebear

The work of a Christian is never finished. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out on your spiritual walk or you’re feeling jaded after decades of church life, we are still called to worship Him and seek the kingdom of God. Matt Maher reminds us in “Alive and Breathing” His promises are still true.



“The Blessing” - Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, and Elevation Worship

Easily one of the hot Christian songs of Summer 2020 is “The Blessing.” Based on the priestly blessing described in Numbers 6, the song is meant as a promise from God to watch over us and our families for generations to come. Watch the live video recorded with Elevation Worship below and see just how powerful a work it is.



“Who You Are to Me” - Chris Tomlin and Lady A

Another collaboration to make our list is “Who You Are to Me.” Chris Tomlin is long known for worship anthems but the artist has been working on a new project pairing him up with country groups like Thomas Rhett, Lady A, and Florida Georgia Line. This particular song speaks to the personal aspects of God we can come to know over a lifelong relationship.



“I Know” - Big Daddy Weave

The second single to come from Big Daddy Weave’s 2019 album, “When the Light Comes,” is this song of reassurance over who God is. It’s only natural for us to face doubts and lament over prayers seemingly unanswered. At the end of the day, we have to remember who it is we serve and trust in what we know to be true.



“Love” - We Are Messengers - Hot Christian Songs of Summer 2020

A fun song to enjoy on one of those long car rides is “Love” from We Are Messengers. While the song holds an important message, the beats carrying it are too good to waste sitting perfectly still. It’s a solid song of summer teaching you to not get lost in loneliness but enjoy the love of God.



“Famous For (I Believe)” - Tauren Wells featuring Jenn Johnson

We’ve all heard the stories of God rescuing His people and asserting His dominance throughout the Bible. Why don't we trust in miracles today? “Famous For (I Believe)” is a song by Tauren Wells asking God to accomplish His will in creative ways, just as He has done in the past.



“Truth Be Told” - Matthew West

Yearning for authenticity, Matthew West’s “Truth Be Told” imagines a world where we are unafraid of our flaws and joyfully walking in grace. There hasn’t been a person born yet who has had everything under control, so don’t lose sight of the path God has given you just because you’re having a bad day or facing tough questions.



“Chosen” - Sidewalk Prophets

How often do you feel like your life is aimless or random? Whatever attitude has us down, the truth is we are children of God whom He has purchased at a costly price. “Chosen” by Sidewalk Prophets means to enlighten you on your spiritual worth, pointing you back to the Father who loves you.



We hope you enjoy these hot Christian songs of summer and continue to seek out new Christian music as it comes along. Whether or not your favorite made the list, there’s plenty to love about the songs listed above. To see artists like these and more together on the same stage, your best opportunity is the K-LOVE Fan Awards. Between the Songwriters Showcase, our Kick-Off Concert, and a number of special performances, it’s the ultimate fan experience. To find out more, click on the banner below.

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